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*SUNDAY SPECIAL* – Jack Lee Art – The Black Bottle

You will be the first to see a new style.  I call this style neoimpressionism and the title of the painting is, Black Bottle.  On the other hand, I won’t be calling it anything if you don’t like it and … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – WW1 Plane and Balloon

First, a big thank you to Joe, Peggy, Pie, Hal, Chris, Libby, CJ, JS, DHB, Tina, Bud, Hank, everyone…. for your comments, helpful criticisms and encouragement on my art.  You all played a very important part in helping me bring … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – A Study in Perspective

Acrylic on canvas, 18X20, California Artist J. Lee, A Study in Perspective.   All comments welcome.  Will be taking part in a show at CSUC for Ollie starting July-Sept.  Theme:  Flights of Fancy.  This will feature of a number of … Continue reading

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Painting Pentes d’or et de lavande – Jack Lee

I’ve resisted doing much in the way of impressionism because I feel to be credible one must show you can paint in other mediums first like landscape realism or surrealism. Impressionism is about vivid colors to generate a feeling; impressionism … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – Focke Wulf 190, WWII Fighter

Posted by Jack Just finished another in my aviation series.  This is one of my smaller paintings, 16X20″, acrylic on canvas.  This is a scene of the FW190 making a low pass over a destroyed city.  Note the drifting smoke … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – P-40 Warhawk Painting

by Jack Just finished:  This is a 16X20 painting, acrylic on canvas.   It depicts a World War Two, American fighter called a P-40 Warhawk. The plane was armed with six 50 Cal. machine guns and sometimes it carried rockets mounted … Continue reading

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UPDATE – Changes Made to Painting

Unfortunately, the camera and the glare from lights takes away from the colors. Color is 100% better in person, especially the blacks on the sea wall. Notice the new bell tower? This made the tower taller and I took some … Continue reading

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