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Update: Splitting the State of California

by Jack Lee The Statehood committee in Butte County is bringing a [Split the State] vote before the Board of Supervisors (in the near future).    However, they first want to inform the public and gain voter support.     As a result, they are holding several meetings … Continue reading

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State of Jefferson Update

by Jack Lee Select committee members for the new State met yesterday with local businessmen, including a trucking company owner that is facing the prospect of going out of business if the CARB rules become anymore stringent. The committee heard … Continue reading

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State of Jefferson Idea Gains Ground In Butte County

by Jack 24 Sep Oroville – Folks from around the county and beyond packed the Oroville Grange to hear comments from the organizers of the State of Jefferson movement. In attendance was Congressman Doug LaMalfa, as well as representatives from … Continue reading

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2010 Census – Residents in Butte County Older and Poorer

by Jack Lee As you probably know the U.S. Census for 2010 has just been released. Here are some fast facts gleaned from that report. California largest percentage gain in ethnic population is Hispanic. It’s expected that Hispanics will be … Continue reading

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