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Posted by Jack Appeal-Democrat Yuba County supervisors weren’t quite ready to embrace the idea of supporting a state of Jefferson, but they are looking into the idea. With some 30 State of Jefferson supporters (the proposal is to have a … Continue reading

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State of Jefferson Meeting – Capacity Crowd

by Jack Lee This morning’s ER opened with… “CHICO — More than 300 proponents of a new U.S. state gathered Friday at Manzanita Place to discuss what they could do to form the State of Jefferson. The idea of a … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Town Hall Meeting to Split California

State of Jefferson meetings Friday, Saturday Staff Reports – ER Posted: 01/09/2014 09:08:50 AM PST Three meetings about the proposal to create a State of Jefferson are planned in Butte and Glenn counties. Mark Baird and Terry Rapoza will speak … Continue reading

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Special State of Jefferson Town Hall Event – Friday Jan 10th at 7 PM

Posted by Jack A free, open to the public town hall to discuss spitting CA into two states will take place this Friday, at Chico’s premier event center, 1705 Manzanita Place – it’s attached to the Elks Club.   The event … Continue reading

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Guest Editorial – State of Jefferson

State of Jefferson: California representation and the argument for statehood Kayla Nicole Brown, Guest Editorial In 1879, fewer than 1 million people inhabited the State of California. But that is the same year in which our cap of 120 representatives … Continue reading

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An Experiment in Idealism – State of Jefferson

by Jack Lee Recently several of our liberal commenters have publically opposed the State of Jefferson, saying it’s a waste of time because it’s never going to happen.   I would remind them that standing up for the same idealism on … Continue reading

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It’s the Statue of Liberty – Not the Statue of Equality

by Jack Lee Being involved with the State of Jefferson movement has been both a privilege and an eye opener. This is democracy at its best. But first, let me make it clear who the supporters for Statehood are. They … Continue reading

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Public Meeting for Statehood Held in Chico

First Public Meeting for a new State…     The State of Jefferson Constitutional Committee held it’s first public hearing in Chico last night at the Butte County library. It was attended by a capacity crowd of about 160 people. The … Continue reading

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Update: Splitting the State of California

by Jack Lee The Statehood committee in Butte County is bringing a [Split the State] vote before the Board of Supervisors (in the near future).    However, they first want to inform the public and gain voter support.     As a result, they are holding several meetings … Continue reading

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State of Jefferson Update

by Jack Lee Select committee members for the new State met yesterday with local businessmen, including a trucking company owner that is facing the prospect of going out of business if the CARB rules become anymore stringent. The committee heard … Continue reading

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