Tyler Breece leaps into the arms of his mom Jennifer Wheeler at Wildwood Park Saturday, in Chico, Calif. Tyler has been alive for 8 years, but is turning only 2-years-old because he was born on a leap year.
(Jason Halley/Staff PHoto)
Happy Leap Day! In contemplating the leapyness of this year, …

29 February 2012  World at large

While a doller makes me holler, something FREE makes me positively swoon (my mantra: where there’s free, there’s me.) And amazingly, free drinks can by found at World Market.
Do not be distracted by the hanging, brightly colored tchotchkes or the animals cleverly fashioned out of felt/twigs (how do they do …

26 February 2012  Food

Why yes, that is my sister’s dress.
Lord(ette) of the ring
The leaves are changing color, the air a little nippier. People are starting to bundle up. ‘Tis the season — for money leaving your pockets in vast quantities.
Recently, I went to a fundraiser for the Feather …

23 February 2012  Secret Shames

Dollar Makes You Holler! Sangria

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Yes, soda is evil and full of sugar and makes children and adults obese. But, soda can also calm a roiling stomach and fight nausea. Unfortunately, this sangria does not (you need to drink clear soda, and to only sip it to get those benefits). But, it tastes AWESOME.
With …

20 February 2012  Food

(Ty Barbour/Staff File Photo)
People wait for the train to arrive at the Chico train depot on Sept. 22, 2010.
Unexpected bumps in the road along life’s journey — Part III
Thanks to help from a man named John, and after one long and bumpy airport bus ride …

16 February 2012  Travels

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have decided to write on that master manipulator of emotions, “the world’s most beloved chronicler of the heart” (seriously, that’s what the book jacket said), the man who has women everywhere reaching for the tissue box, Mr. Nicholas Sparks. Or more specifically, his books.
I …

14 February 2012  World at large

Dollar Makes You Holler! Fantasy Scarf

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s the “Fantasy Scarf.”
My love of dollar stores comes partly from the myriad delights you can find in just the packaging of the items there. Take the “Fantasy Scarf.” Just looking at it brings more questions than answers. Whose fantasy is it? Someone …

12 February 2012  Dollar Makes You Holler

Photo via californiatreatmentcenters.org
This is Bakersfield.
Unexpected bumps in the road along life’s journey – Part II
Mettler is not a good place to have an accident.
To be fair, no place really is; but Mettler really is not. It seems to be a rather drab, middle-of-nowhere, depressing …

9 February 2012  Travels

Photo via brandonheath.net
I had the pleasure of attending a Brandon Heath concert on Feb. 4, in Oroville. I’m always surprised by the names that pass through this area. Heath was in town doing a fundraising benefit concert for the Axiom, a youth center in downtown Oroville. For those who don’t …

7 February 2012  Music

Dollar Makes You Holler! Police Play Set
Take a good look at this police play set. At first glance, it looks normal enough. There’s a walkie-talkie–indispensible, I’m sure, for any police officer. There’s even a headset for hands-free communication. A certificate to authenticate one is part of the “super police” …

5 February 2012  La vida Chico
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