Dollar Makes You Holler! Fantasy Scarf

5620-fantasy scarf-thumb-450x601-5617.jpg

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s the “Fantasy Scarf.”

My love of dollar stores comes partly from the myriad delights you can find in just the packaging of the items there. Take the “Fantasy Scarf.” Just looking at it brings more questions than answers. Whose fantasy is it? Someone with a taste for the rococo with a dash of ’80s neon thrown in? Is it supposed to inspire fantasies? Are you supposed to create a fantasy with it? (I don’t even want to go there.) Does it make fantasies come true? Or are the makers of the scarf telling you this is what your fantasy should be? (Actually I think I could pull this off….as a belt….under a long coat.) What makes this a fantasy scarf??

And just like that, you’ve spent more time than you should have on this item. Fantasy Scarf packagers, you are good.

Jammie Karlman is the entertainment editor for the Chico Enterprise-Record. Contact her at Follow her on Twitter @JammieKarlman

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