In Hindsight: Hard to get

Recently, my husband went on a business trip for about 5 days (don’t feel too bad for him, he got to go to San Diego). I eagerly anticipated his arrival home. Upon seeing him, I was so happy and excited, I jumped into his arms. But I also experienced the oddest sensation: shyness.

My husband told me he didn’t feel it, he was just happy to be home. I felt so abashed, I couldn’t even look at him straight on, but would sneak glances at him from the corner of my eyes. (Bjorn and I seem to handle separation from loved ones in the exact opposite manner. He told me his dad was away on a trip for several weeks when he was very young. When his dad came back, Bjorn apparently couldn’t stop staring at him, according to his mother. I imagine it might have been the same look he’s giving the Legos below.)

6401-bjorn lego-thumb-450x653-6398.jpg

It’s especially weird to me considering our “courtship.” We spent the better part of 2 years in a looooong-distance relationship (think: “South Korea to Nor Cal” long.) Skype was our best friend. One might think I would be used to him being away.

I did experience the same shyness when we would finally get to be in each other’s presence physically. But that was back when we were dating, and had been separated by several hundred miles for months. This had only been a few days and we are no longer dating. I can understand the feeling when dating, considering how much time is spent agonizing over the “Does s/he really like me?” question regardless of the couple’s physical proximity. But Bjorn and I are married now. We have proven, in front of about 300 of our closest friends and family, that we like each other. So what is up?

I tried Googling it, but that great fount of knowledge was dry when it came to the topic. However, I have heard similar stories from other girls who were separated from their significant others for a time. Is it a girl thing? Am I just being overly coy?

The feeling I had reminds me of another story Bjorn told me: He once knew a little girl, let’s call her Ella, about age 3. She had a best friend, Jon, also about the same age. When they would see each other from across the park, they would excitedly shout each other’s names:
and so forth.

They would keep yelling each other’s name as they raced toward each other as fast their little legs could take them across the park. However, as soon they reached each other, they would stand in silence.

Were they dumbstruck by wonderment? Overwhelmed by joy? Winded from running so hard?

In any case, it sure was fun getting to know him again.

Jammie Karlman is the entertainment editor for the Chico Enterprise-Record. Contact her at Follow her on Twitter @JammieKarlman

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