Pitfalls of being a pumpkin

I bet it’s hard being a pumpkin around this time of year. As soon as there’s a nip in the air, they must know some truly frightful things are going to happen.

7140-11-21 entpumpkin 20p bw-thumb-450x437-7131-thumb-450x437-7132.jpg

The torture devices come out: spoons, knives, forks.

Big and little kids alike come at them with fiendish glee in their eyes, performing some truly messy vivisections.

But it’s not only of kids they must live in fear; adults are out for their guts, too, especially the ones known as… THE BAKERS.

As soon as the scent of nutmeg and cinnamon hits the air, they must know their doom is certain.

7135-11-21 entpie 20p bw-thumb-450x450-7134.jpg

But I bet it beats being some other things today, though.

7138-11-21 enturkey 20p bw-thumb-450x342-7137.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Jammie Karlman is the entertainment editor for the Chico Enterprise-Record. Contact her at buzz@chicoer.com. Follow her on Twitter @JammieKarlman

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