2020 Trivia Bee Cancelled, Thanks COVID

Butte County Trivia Bee

The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more you learn, the more places you will go.“  Dr. Seuss

Ten years from now you may hear this question asked at the 2030 Butte County Trivia Bee,  “What global pandemic canceled the 2020 Butte Trivia Bee?”

Duh, if you didn’t get this right I hope you enjoyed your time on that deserted island.  Stupid COVID.

With regrets, Butte County Library Services and its Literacy Services Team sadly cancelled this year’s Trivia Bee.  October is typically the pre-holiday season to hold this fund raiser, a good one, to promote and support Adult Literacy Programs.

Sneaky Emcee

But….for now… the Literacy Team released this video to bide your time.  Watch this sneak peek and see how you fare.

I guard my time supporting organizations, whether in person or by sending money, but gladly  support the Butte County Literacy Services Team.  I love helping to emcee the event.  For information on how you can help promote adult literacy please visit Butte County Library Services or call 530-538-7198.

Hope the Bee is back in 2021 and that COVID, and 2020, are long lost in the rearview mirror.


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  1. Anderson says:

    See you next year!

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