The Tour de France is composed of 21 stages, all in succession.  For the Tour de Dad I bounce between multiple stages, at the same time, with no apparent order.  I’m in my early 50’s which means I fall in the old-guy territory when it comes to my teenage daughters, …

29 July 2015  Parent and Kids

“When you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em ‘Certainly I can!’  Then get busy and find out how to do it.”
Teddy Roosevelt, 1858 to 1919 (26th President of the United States, 1901 to 1909)

30 June 2015  Words of wisdom

Hey kids, here’s a short and sweet Father’s Day list if you’re procrastinating.  The listed order is unimportant, except for #3.

Cam-buckles and tie straps. These range in length from 12 inches to 24 feet.  They’re handy to secure loads for camping or landfill trips.  Cam buckles eliminate the need for …

16 June 2015  Holidays

(This article originally appeared in Hockey Player Magazine, May 2015)
The line between frugality and nostalgia is not much wider than a skate blade.
Consider hockey tape, the adhesive that binds equipment, body parts, and adult recreation teams.  Players hoarding rolls of UHaul® tape to strap on shin guards are frugal.  They’re too …

14 May 2015  Sports

“I don’t like spiders and snakes, and that ain’t what it takes to love me, you fool, you fool.”
Jim Stafford, Comedian, musician and singer-songwriter
Maggie, my 9th grader, screamed louder than a jet engine.  Hun, my wife, shrieked “Get it out of there!”
Good thing the patio door was open or they …

10 April 2015  Home and Yard

We stood on the bleachers, eight of us squinting.  I was one of the eight, a volunteer  ”timer” for Maggie’s track meet.  I was more stressed out than the athletes. The officials assigned us stopwatches.  I got timer #7 thinking that I’d time Lane #7. Nope. I was to track runners …

31 March 2015  Sports

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.”
Reggie Leach, Philadelphia Flyers 1974-1982
Hey folks, I’ve been tied up with other writing projects but have these stories in development for Etc. Guy:

Adopting Old Men
Equipment Migration
The Guy Who Never Throws Stuff Away
School Fundraising Lasts Longer than School

Let’s …

26 February 2015  Words of wisdom

(Hockey Player Magazine, January 2015)
We lumbered inside the locker-room and grimaced as hockey bags slid down our shoulders.  I hadn’t seen my Blazer teammates for over a month.  Inside the guys slouched like dough-boys, suffering from extended tryptophan hangovers.  None admitted to exercising over the holiday break.  Crazy Eddie maintained …

26 January 2015  Sports

Don’t call the Sierra Club.  The wood we chop isn’t for building or heating.  We are Christmas tree hunters—amateur lumberjacks that thin the forest one tree at a time.  The permit costs $10 but getting lost is free.

23 December 2014  Holidays

Christmas is a week out and I’m in the same state of mind as I was 365 days ago. Hurried, disheveled and trying to jam fifteen minute errands into eight. We need a mega-blizzard in my fair town to slow things down, or at least slow down everyone else.

18 December 2014  The Humor Project
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