Eclipses, Baseball and the Dog Days of Summer

There sure is a lot of hype for a little bit of extra shade.

I received an email at work last week about Monday’s eclipse, alerting me to conserve energy.  The message was relayed from the California Independent Systems Operator, an organization that oversees the operations of our state’s bulk electric power system. Business Insider Magazine reports that the solar eclipse is expected to wipe out six gigawatts of solar electricity, 80% of California’s power.  Six gigawatts can power several million homes. Solar facilities, ranging from utility power plants to individual home solar panels, provide electricity for 4.8 million homes. Continue reading “Eclipses, Baseball and the Dog Days of Summer” »

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Political Comic, Will Durst, Returns to Chico

We stay in touch because we want to.

A few years ago I interviewed Will Durst, an award winning funny guy, as part of my Humor Project (see “Baby Boomer Will Durst is a Comedy Innovator“).  The dude cracked me up for over an hour.  I could barely gulp my coffee.  A performer, political comic and humor writer, Durst fires shots across political aisles.  Continue reading “Political Comic, Will Durst, Returns to Chico” »

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Alexa, a Parent’s Assistant

My parents bought into the virtual assistant world.  Their assistant, Alexa, connects to music, games, or anything cerebral.  Alexa answers nearly any question, whether it’s the weather in Missouri or the capitol of Romania.

I challenged Alexa to see how smart she is.

“Alexa, what is the Etc.Guy blog?” Continue reading “Alexa, a Parent’s Assistant” »

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Kid’s Quitting is Father’s Dilemma

She lasted 90 hours over three seasons.  Maggie was not an outlier.  Not in soccer.

In Outliers author Malcolm Gladwell explains the “10,000 Hour Rule” which claims that the key to success is a matter of practicing a specific task for around 10,000 hours.  Consider Bill Gates, Wayne Gretzky or Mozart…former prodigies that hit 10,000 hours by their late teens.  Maggie will never become an outlier soccer player.  She quit 9,910 hours short. Continue reading “Kid’s Quitting is Father’s Dilemma” »

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Happy Memorial Day 2017

With my Air Force mom and dad

Just a quick note of appreciation to the men and women I know who’ve served in the military.  My dad (a physician) served twice in Vietnam, first in 1970 and again in 1972-73(?).  Dr.  J.B. Miller (retired colonel, USAF) was stationed in Cameron Bay.  In third grade I recall my classmates recording messages on a reel to reel tape recorder to our dads who were sent overseas.  Our teacher, Miss De la Cruz, set that up.  Continue reading “Happy Memorial Day 2017” »

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Andy Rooney (and fine print)

The one thing you can be certain of: Nothing in fine print is good news.”

Andy Rooney, American writer and  humorist, 1919-2011

Andy Rooney was a real smart guy, but his cranky observations made him a funny guy too. Among my present reads is “Years of Minutes, The Best of Rooney from 60 Minutes.”

Definitely worth your time.

In the meanwhile, catch up with me at the Etc.Guy Facebook page.  Lots happening there.  That’s all for now, more projects in the works…

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Young Referee Whistles While He Works

(Hockey Player Magazine, April 2017)

“You can’t applaud a referee.” Alex Ferguson, Coach, Manchester United

They are jeered, never cheered.  It’s black and white.

Great referees are invisible to the general fan but invincible to the general jerk.  Officiating is not for the faint hearted.  Hockey refs need thick skin—crocodile skin–beneath the stripes. Continue reading “Young Referee Whistles While He Works” »

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Paradise Author’s Night (and Casual Conversations)

Hey folks…coming soon…join me and my friends as we celebrate An Evening with the Authors at Paradise Library on Thursday evening April 13, 2017.  We’ll hold workshops, discuss our craft, and have casual conversations.  It’s a great opportunity for readers to meet with writers and vice versa.  Sponsored by the Paradise Friends of the Library, the event will be held from 6 PM to 9 PM at the Butte County Library-Paradise Branch, 5922 Clark Road.  No charge.  We’ll bring books to sell too.  If Thursday is a slow TV night for you come out and visit.

Until then here are a few casual conversations from the Etc. Guy Facebook page.  You can follow me by LIKING it.  See you in print. Continue reading “Paradise Author’s Night (and Casual Conversations)” »

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Erma Bombeck-Never Serious

Humorists can never start to take themselves seriously.  It’s literary suicide.

Erma Bomeck, American humorist, writer and columnist (1927-1996)

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‘Tis Always the Season to Read…and Laugh

Etc Guy book frontA lousy marketer I am.  If I was smarter, and I wish I was, I’d have written this post last month as a shameless ploy to sell my book Let Me Tell You a Story.  Oh, I’ll still plug the book [BUY MY BOOK] but let’s be realistic.  Earth is full of funny story tellers whether you’re with friends gathered around a campfire or chatting next to a stranger in coach.  For your amusement I’ve listed several of my favorite writers [BUY MY BOOK] who I’ve listed alphabetically by height.  I’m sure they’ll still be funny in 2017. Continue reading “‘Tis Always the Season to Read…and Laugh” »

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