Manpower Crunch Hit’s Paradise Police Hard

by Jack

Paradise may not be a liberal town, but the financial distress they are going through is certainly the result of bad liberal governance. The whole state has been suffering, because the liberals in Sacramento have overtaxed, overregulated and chased away jobs and businesses, now everybody, liberal or not, is suffering from their stupidity.

My daughter’s car burglary was the first hint we had that the Town of Paradise had a serious shortage of police officers.  Seems the department only has 16 officers and 4 sergeants and currently 6 positions are unfilled due to budget constraints, so there’s far, far more crooks on the street now than cops and the crime stats are headed up!

This burglary happened 4 days ago, at 2:20 in the morning.  Typical situation, a couple of punks wearing the black burglar clothes with hoodies and they busted into her locked car and a few others.   My daughters car was  parked right on a main street, under a street light, while she was working a few yards away inside a skilled nursing facility.  

She interrupted the burglary when she went outside to retrieve something.   That’s when she spotted the pair dressed in black at her car door.  They took off, but not before they got her cell phone and wallet.  I know….totally stupid to leave such things in the car.  We agree.  But, in her defense she’s also had things stolen inside the various care facilities she visits as a travelling nurse.   (You wouldn’t believe the thieves that work in such places!  Beware.)   In most cases, the facilities do not provide secure lockers for their staff.  So, my daughter is forced to lock her things in her car… out of sight.   She also had a dog in the car, another reason for going outside.  She wanted to check on him.  But, he’s a lovable young Golden lab.  He didn’t even bark when the bad guys started breaking in, in fact he was about to go with them when my daughter walked up.   Typical Golden Retriever…this is one time I wished she had a Pitbull.

Fortunately, we were able to do some detective work and we lucked out and discovered the names of the pair and even where they lived.   (This is a good story in itself, but one that can’t be told here.)   Unfortunately, when she tried to give this hot information to Paradise police detective division she discovered they didn’t really have one, just one poor guy who was buried in far more important cases.   So it was passed along to the patrol officer who took the original report.  This made no sense to me because  there was almost nothing a cop working the midnight shift could do, you can’t go out and knock on doors or make phone calls at 2 a.m.  You can’t call the probation department, parole office, etc.  So here’s a situation where two crooks have been identified and there’s nobody to catch them, isn’t that a fine mess?  A fine financial mess I should add.  It’s not the police department’s faults, nor even the Towne Council, they’ve been caught up in California’s mess.

As of this writing nobody in law enforcement has been able to contacted my daughter with a photo lineup, and to our knowledge the police never been able to find the cell phone by triangulation (common practice), the police were never even able contacted the suspect’s probation officer, and keep in mind these characters are believed responsible for many car breakin’s and narcotic violations (crank mostly).  Not blaming the officers, let’s be clear…this is how bad the manpower situation is!

My son (Stockton police) said he handles car burglary all the time, but short of a signed confessions, this one comes on a silver platter, one that is totally solvable!    Then again, when a little police department is cut to the bone, then the bone is chopped up, even a silver platter case may not get solved.  Think how frustrating this is for us and for the police!  They want to catch crooks, it’s why they are cops, but things are so bad they can barely keep up.    

Consider that right now, Paradise has patrol officers doing follow-up normally assigned to detectives and this is real difficult.   First, the hours in patrol don’t line up and they have different priorities.  The patrol officer doesn’t have both the time to suppress crime, check property and work traffic  and also do detective follow-up.  The latter is often delayed and that’s a shame because time is of the essence.   Again, it’s not the officer’s fault, it’s the condition of the local economy and ultimately, if you connect all the dots, it’s traceable right back to elected officials in the highest places of our state government…liberal democrats.

The liberals have misspent, and misprioritized the vast wealth of this extremely rich state at every level you care to examine!   We’ve shown you countless examples of that waste right here.   This is why we have the nation’s highest taxes.  This is why we have excessive regulations, and this is why there is so much waste, fraud and abuse in government.   Because this State is virtually in total control of liberal democrats.  They’re running the show and look at what they’ve done to us!   We’ve got a democrat governor and a democrat senate and democrat assembly, a democrat UC system, and together they have ruined the wealthiest State in the union…that’s not an easy job!  They’ve wreaked financial havoc on counties and cities and chased jobs out of the state until we’re all going under and still they get re-elected.  Go figure?

Paradise is in dire trouble, so is Oroville, Chico, Red Bluff, Marysville, and many more small town police departments caught short because of declining tax revenues coupled to bad City management. Almost all of the cities that have gone bankrupt or are near bankruptcy have been run by liberals…is that any surprise to anyone?

I imagine this current manpower problem must be state-wide involving hundreds of police departments. I think if we really knew the full extent of the problem and who did it to us, we may not be able to contain ourselves.

 Parting shot: 

Typical liberal response to the above:  “Well, I don’t want to hear you whine because for the mere addition of $94.60 in taxes a year, you could have your cops on the street!“    

My response:  We’ve been doing this raising of taxes over and over, year after year, and that dear friends is exactly how California got to where it is today!  We’ve got the highest taxes in the nation and it’s still not enough!  And if we do this and we come up short in tax money next year, well, we can just raise taxes even more.  And if this results in chasing more businesses away and costs us more jobs, and if our tax revenues continue to shrink, we can RAISE TAXES AGAIN!  AND IF THAT DOESN’T WORK, WE CAN RAISE TAXES AGAIN, AND AGAIN… UNTIL THERE’S NOTHING LEFT TO FREAKING TAKE!!!  And that my dear friends is the democrats plan, never address the spending, never face accountability, only address taxing and grow that government!  

 I don’t know about you, but I would sooner cash in what little I have left and move to state where liberalism is as despised as much as cancer.  That’s my kind of state.

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4 Responses to Manpower Crunch Hit’s Paradise Police Hard

  1. Harriet says:

    Probably why it is taking so long to investigate the death of Skylar, the young boy that was killed on Skyway, unless it is problematic since the driver is so well know.

  2. Tina says:

    A California company that moved to Florida about a year ago just hired 500 people. That’s 500 jobs California lost because of high taxes and lots of stupid regulation.

    I did hear that young people are turning away from the one…let’s hope enough of them are curious to want to know what will give them jobs and a brighter future.

  3. Jim says:

    Paradise is NOT a liberal town.

    • Post Scripts says:

      First thought…so what? And secondly, who said Paradise is a liberal town? Who said that Jim? Answer… nobody. It doesn’t matter if it is or isn’t anyway, what matters is how this state and so many of it’s cities got into this financial mess. It took a whole lot of government blunders to get here and when the dems are firmly in control they can take the heat. it’s pretty simple.

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