Obama Kerry Stand Alone – Egypt Posts Evil Photo

Posted by Tina

A popular Egyptian paper has posted a picture of President Obama portrayed as Satan citing, according to PJ Media, his “staunch and unwavering support for Islamists and jihadiis — whether in Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, or Syria — even as they terrorize, murder, rape, and burn down Christian churches”.

The President isn’t fairing elsewhere of late as the EU sides with Putin:

Europe’s top officials warned against a military response in Syria on Thursday, aligning themselves more closely with Russian President Vladimir Putin than President Barack Obama in how best to respond to the chemical attack in the Syrian civil war.

And his liberal base has accused the President and Kerry of Lying:

President Obama’s liberal activist base is adamantly opposed to military strikes in Syria, according to a new survey the Progressive Change Campaign Committee released Wednesday.

PCCC says more than 57,000 of its activists weighed in, and 73 percent of them opposed the U.S. taking action in Syria. Just 18 percent supported strikes, and just 14 percent said the U.S. should go ahead unilaterally if it can’t find any allies.

Indeed, a majority of the activists don’t believe Mr. Obama and Secretary of State John F. Kerry are being honest when they lay out their justifications for taking military action.

So far this president has managed to step in “it” and come out smelling like a rose. His base may be expressing a bit of anger now but I doubt they will abandon him for long. If they can defend the lousy economy with a straight face for five years they can find a way to bail the President out on the Red Line lie. It will be amusing to watch how they eventually spin it but the ugly truth is this administration lies about everything!

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6 Responses to Obama Kerry Stand Alone – Egypt Posts Evil Photo

  1. Dewey_Bueno says:

    Why all the Hate?

    Congress is the reason nothing has been done. I am an Independent. Stop the hate.

    The republican Primaries were all about war in Syria and Iran! The Hate Obama machine called him weak cause he did not want to attack? Can not have it both ways!

    Syria is a no, Patriot Act needs to be revised, NSA is out of line and none of this matters who is President.

    Wall Street, The Banks, and a few global corporations own our gov, run the country, and Citizens United was the last straw Democracy could take.

    Hate will get us no where.
    Democracy is gone and we must all act together.
    One party changing laws to dictate forever sounds allot like the Middle east!

    The media is owned by 6 companies and ya think it is not controlled much like Egypt?

    Democracy is not a spectator sport nor does it mean everybody has to do what a few want them to. Compromise is part of Democracy.

    Funny we screw up the Middle east then allow their politics to be law here

  2. Tina says:

    Well sir you are quite the busy drive by commenter this morning aren’t you…12 comments if I counted correctly. that’s got to be a record at Post Scripts and we thank you for the attention.

    I have a question, though. What hate are you talking about?

    Disagreement and disapproval are not hate.

    Given a quick perusal of your many comments I have to say I sincerely doubt your alleged independent status. For instance an open minded independent would know that the Republican primary was not “all about Syria and Iran”.

    If you are sincerely interested in discussion of the issues, however, you couldn’t fins a better place than Post scripts. We welcome all points of view.

  3. Dewey_Bueno says:

    I watched all the primary debates. I can still hear M Bachman’s voice. Syria! Iran!

    There is a preplanned war already. Syria is the gateway to Iran and was the next step after Iraq. Plus Iran trying to privatize their own oil fields before the Koch’s and other oil wizards can get there.

    . These middle east wars are all preplanned..OIL

    You see I have researched these parties prior to the internet and false info produced by super pacs.

    An Independent yes. The Koch Brothers, Art pope and friends own the Tea Party republican and wall street is still running the Democrat party. The Military Industrial Complex , CIA and FBI still run the wars.

    The takeover of this country by corporations is well documented. Years of legislation and corruption.

    I do believe this is Norcal Blogs? I assume this is a northern California Blog? Then Maybe as a northern Californian I wanted to post.

    My opinions do not matter as democracy should allow free speech.

    What is alarming is how many people do not know any facts and discuss them. The history is well documented. The Corporate media is all on a Blackout . Not much different than Egypt taking over their stations and closing some down.

    The documented facts are public record. If I state something such as the oil fields were divided up by Cheney before 911 it is a fact not an opinion.

    Independents care, try to engage in conversation with everyone and find the Obama bashing boring. We have not had a great President in years.

    let’s talk about the facts and tell all political parties to stuff it in the dialing for dollars wallets.


  4. Dewey_Bueno says:

    I respectfully add that why I am not a fan of this Obama Administration They have lied the least in Modern history. The NSA is one big problem for me.

    Obama has followed GW Bush’s NSA abuse of the patriot act which was also preplanned. Pappy Bush is a partner in the Carlyle group that owns the Booz Allen company Snowden worked for. The Bush family profits off the spying on Americans.

    Another thing is US federal law allows no politics at all in IRS tax exempt status. wording is “exclusively social welfare”. No Church nor non profit group may participate in politics at all.

    The Irs scandal is who changed IRS guidelines in 1959 and why did they hide the IRS is going after everybody Dem, Rep, or individual.

    That is fact the media and politicians are lying to collect campaign money.

    An actual Opinion is the Snowden thing is also a Grenwald scam to stir the pot. It is good to have my fears of the spying confirmed but I think we all knew GPS Cells, ect were being used as a tracking device.

    Blaming GW would not have stopped the machine, Blaming Obama is not going to stop the machine.

    Only we can stop the machine

  5. Princess says:

    Did anyone else watch Kerry on Chris Matthews? What. A. Tool. He flat out lied and said he did not support Bush and going into Iraq. There is an amazing invention called the Internet. Kerry should use it to find out how he voted on that…Yea. I think that means yes, which means he supported it.

    Flip flop flip flop flp flop flip flop

  6. Peggy says:

    Have you all seen McCain connection to “the Muslim American Society, which is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.”?

    This whole mess is reminding me of the old Abbot and Costello skit, “Who’s on first? I don’t know.”


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