Reason No. 6,061-73: Why We Should Split the State – California Rank’s Last for Business Friendly States

Posted by Jack

JeffersonCalifornia is ranked as the worst State in which to do business and we’re sick of that label. Sacramento has turned our once great state into a wasteland of over regulation and restrictive laws.

From, these CEO comments:

“CA Regulates and taxes companies unreasonably.”

“California is getting worse, if that is even possible.”

“California’s legal system is broken. Employment law and contract law are highly problematic and along with regulations and taxes, discourage any further investment in this state.”

“California is completely confiscatory, ever dreamng up new ways to stick it to sub-Apple-sized companies. So far, Washington is smart enough to recognize where its jobs come from.”

“Am not aware of any businesses other than entertainment that will be expanding or moving into CA. It is a black hole.”

“Only thing [California has] going for them is the immigrant influx and the established industries already there.”

“California has the best labor pool and the worst government. Taxes are punitive, labor laws are punitive and regulations are restrictive. California is a Union Owned State.”

“California is accelerating down the wrong track. At some point even the climate will be outweighed by the massive disincentives to business and the tax penalties on the modestly successful. It’s well on its way to becoming an environment where the super elites (Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the political class) are separated from the ‘service class’ by a personal income chasm as the union continue to plunder the state’s treasury.”

“I’m considering relocating my business now based in California.”

“California is not small business friendly, or friendly for any business size when it gets down to it. Taxes are beyond belief and going higher. Cost of living overall is out of control just like our elect leaders in Sacramento. Too many entitlements and not enough people contributing.”

“Workplace rules are key for us and California is a disaster. We have considered a higher price structure in CA for our products to cover the added expense of doing business in the state.” –

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8 Responses to Reason No. 6,061-73: Why We Should Split the State – California Rank’s Last for Business Friendly States

  1. J Soden says:

    The smart folks and businesses have already gone. And as long as you have $pendthrift$ in the Legislature and the governor’s office, Taxifornia isn’t going to get any better.

    If Jefferson passes, I vote to install a moat filled with hungry alligators at Jefferson’s southern border.

  2. Peggy says:

    Hey, at least it will give those left some place to move to besides Texas.

  3. Princess says:

    California used to be the envy of the rest of the country. We had superior colleges that were affordable for state residents. Now our UC system is bloated with overpaid administrators and the students pay a fortune for an education. The cost of our state universities is also out of control. Employers used to come here because of our educated population and our great weather and resources. Now we have horrible public schools, terrible public universities, ridiculous regulations and we have underfunded our public safety to the point that even a small town like Chico is just plain not safe anymore.


    • Post Scripts says:

      Princess you are right again about Chico not be a safe place! Thousands of bums on the streets, crime’s up, city is broke, 34 stabbings since January… thanks to our liberal City Council, and a special thanks to all the liberals who expanded the bum shelters and attracted more of them here. There was an editorial in the ER 10 years ago that predicted all this if the libs expanded the bum housing and they did it and here we are. Great job liberals!

  4. Libby says:

    You wanna see wasteland, corporate and otherwise, you go look at North Dakota in ten years.

    In fact, go Google Earth the forests east of town. Saddest thing. Looks like the planet has come out in some horrible skin disease … called homo sapiens.

  5. More Common Sense says:

    Well Libby has tipped her hand. She belongs to the cult that believes that people are not part of the environment on this plant. The planet would be far better off without people. What a sad way to live!

  6. Tina says:

    And Libby lives, I believe, in one of the larger metropolises in our country. All of that land was once wild and people free too. But the Bay Area folk like their BART, their Art Museums and Starbucks, their big fancy pants buildings and such…all of it requiring enormous amounts of energy for use. Where does she think that power comes from and will have to come from for the foreseeable future?

    Problem is, she doesn’t. Not with any sense of reality.

    The earth has tremendous healing powers. The people of North Dakota will be fine and so will the land.

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