Republican Plan to Replace Obamacare

Posted by Tina

Republicans in the House have been working despite liberal talking points. In addition to the plan proposed today to defund the extremely unpopular Obamacare while funding the government they have also come up with a better option for the problems the ACA was meant to address. The plan, to be unveiled today includes smart reforms to bring health care costs down and promote healthcare choices:

The 200-page budget-neutral bill would provide $20,000 in tax deductions to families and a $7,500 deduction to individuals, so they can buy insurance from vendors in any state. It would…allow Americans to keep the money they save by picking lower-cost providers… would also create a 10-year, $25 billion fund to lower costs for Americans afflicted with pre-existing conditions such as cancer… (it would) let people carry their insurance with them from job to job, and cut wasteful legal costs by reforming medical lawsuits… Via a reformed national health insurance market, Americans will be able to buy many of the provisions in Obamacare…such as coverage for adult children up to age 26

More details are available here.

Americans shouldn’t have to pay for healthcare with after tax dollars. Americans should be able to buy a health insurance plan that works for them from any provider in the nation. Americans shouldn’t have to pay for a big government bureaucracy in addition to their health insurance and care.

Americans shouldn’t have private information exposed! Americans shouldn’t be inconvenienced or put at risk when supplies stores are put out of business due to draconian regulation and cuts to Medicare. Americans shouldn’t lose the healthcare plan they have or the doctor they have come to depend on for care. Americans cannot afford or sustain another big federal social program. All of this and more represents the negative effects of Obamacare. We can do better!

The Republican plan gives power and choice back to the people, lowers the cost of healthcare, addresses the problems that have caused hardship and won’t add trillions to our debt. Let your Representatives and Senators know you support the Republican Study Committee’s American Healthcare Reform Act, a Republican alternative to the trainwreck!

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6 Responses to Republican Plan to Replace Obamacare

  1. J Soden says:

    It’s really unfortunate that the Repubs have taken this long to come up with an alternative plan.

    And given the performance by those in Clowngress AND the white house for the last 5 years, the alternative of a goofernment shutdown because of defunding Obumblecare could actually wind up benefiting the country!

  2. Princess says:

    FINALLY!!! The Republicans have come out with something that will actually benefit working Americans not just their corporate cronies. I am overjoyed to see tax cuts that aren’t just for big business, something that the people who work for a living can appreciate.

    This is a simple alternative and with the state exchanges already set up this is perfect.

  3. Tina says:

    Just about anything that is opposite of the last five years would be a vast improvement. Fundamental transformation has proven tp be a boondoggle power grab and wow has it been expensive!

    The Republicans have had these ideas for years but power grabbing control freak obstructionist work against the free marketers to great success by promising nice sounding but empty very expensive care packages.

    Until the people wake up it will be difficult to get any sensible thing done.

  4. Tina says:

    Glad to hear you approve, Princess. I”m sure more can be done too if we can get some momentum going.

  5. Peggy says:

    Obama earns four Pinocchios.

    2016 can not come soon enough. Having this liar in chief for president is like being tortured with constant dripping water. Every day there’s another lie, verbal attack or display of incompetence.


    Obama Fails Washington Post Fact-Check for This Debt Ceiling Attack on Republicans:

  6. Tina says:

    Wallgreens has joined the growing group of employers to drop their current healthcare plans. The decision will affect 160,000 employees:

    Walgreens made this move to insulate itself from anticipated rising healthcare costs, which Obamacare was ostensibly going to reverse. Based on CBO projections published yesterday, health costs will continue their inexorable climb, approximately doubling within the next 25 years. Walgreens will provide employees with a flat stipend to help defray some of those increased costs, but employees should brace to pay more on their own. What makes this particular corporate decision ironic is that Walgreens agreed to team up with HHS to promote the new law, which has now forced major benefits changes within their own company. The drug store chain is boosting a policy that has forced management to expose one of the president’s core pledges as untrue.

    When a law doesn’t deliver what was promised shouldn’t the issue be revisited and an alternate solution be given a chance to work?

    I would think that would be the patriotic thing to do.

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