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Republicans Fail to Reform ObamaCare

by Jack In a strongly divided vote, Republican Senators failed to suspend ObamaCare and introduce a replacement plan, just as the Democrats predicted. It was an embarrassing and terribly disappointing moment yesterday for registered Republicans across America. The Senators went … Continue reading

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Where’s the Accountability? Dead, just like many of the voters in Chicago

by Jack There are relatively few clear instances where we can point the finger of blame at the president of the United States and have a massive “I told you so moment.”  Obamacare is one such instance.  In 2017 premiums are going up about … Continue reading

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How Healthcare Has Fallen Under Obama

by Jack There is no question that some patients have seen an improvement in healthcare affordability, but the vast majority of us have seen our monthly costs spike to record levels. One of the frequent complaints is, in order to … Continue reading

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Could It Be Any Worse?

by Jack The Obama administration is drawing fire for suggesting that defeating ISIS requires more of a jobs program for terrorists than a sophisticated approach to killing them.    State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said Monday night on MSNBC that ‘we … Continue reading

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ObamaCare Summarized for California Voters

The best description of Obamacare so far: Remember when Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it.” A physician said: “That’s the definition of a stool sample.”

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More on the Government Shutdown

by Jack (written entirely independently of Tina’s article) Well, the worst has happened. The much feared government shutdown has arrived. Brace yourselves for some museum closures and other stuff hardly anyone will notice. Who will win and who will lose … Continue reading

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It’s a Dog’s Paradise in Single Payer Healthcare Systems

Posted by Tina I was collecting quotes and information about single payer healthcare today but the exercise led me in a direction I hadn’t expected. The bankrupt notion that government can and will do a better job at delivering a … Continue reading

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Republican Plan to Replace Obamacare

Posted by Tina Republicans in the House have been working despite liberal talking points. In addition to the plan proposed today to defund the extremely unpopular Obamacare while funding the government they have also come up with a better option … Continue reading

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Obamacare’s 7′ of Costly Regulations

Posted by Tina Senator Mitch McConnel tweeted this photo yesterday to illustrate the complexity and size of regulations contained in Obamacare. The stack apparently only gets higher as regulations continue to be tweeked and adjusted. The original proposal was about … Continue reading

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