Dying Woman Robbed at Taco Bell

by Jack

crimevictim345Danielle Zimmerman (show on far left), was married and a mom of two boys until she suffered a fatal brain aneurysm while in the drive through at Taco Bell (Wichita, Kan.).  But, before she could be pronounced dead by paramedices, two black males decided this was a great opportunity to swipe her stuff.  They took the wedding rings off her limp finger, they grabbed her purse and cell phone and anything else of value she had before jumping in a silver car and speeding away with their loot.

In 2013, Daquantrius Shaquill Johnson (see lower left) and Quanique Dontrell Thomas-Hameen were co-defendants in a Wichita burglary case, now they are being charged with the theft of property from Zimmerman. Both suspects have a long record and were believed to be on supervised released from a prior crime.a34a


Police have arrested a third suspect in this robbery.  He has not been identified, although he’s believed to be the driver of a silver car used in the theft.

Witchita’s mayor has asked the public to assist in locating the stolen wedding rings and a $2500 reward has been offered.


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7 Responses to Dying Woman Robbed at Taco Bell

  1. Toby says:

    What comes to mind, bullets,head and dumpster oh and asap.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Toby, no doubt there’s a lot of people that feel that way. Let em go down with that pair that killed the Australia baseball player, and the pair that shot the baby in the face, and the two that beat the old man to death in Washington State while he sat in his car. We should make a public learning event out of it and have this giant cartoon like sledge hammer that comes down like a mouse trap and splats each one of them.

  2. Dewey says:

    Why is it always more violence is the solution?

    The whole election cycle was racism, hate, Heritage foundation yelling “Let them Die” in a national debate.

    Bottom Line those who want more homeless and lower wages to rid America of it’s Middle Class have no right to say anything. Wages and jobs go down crime goes up Period.

    J P Morgan can steal money and make deals with the DOJ taking Billions but a Bank Robber is the most horrible guy.

    I believe we had a whole slew of bank Robbers in the 30’s and the public cheered them on last time the Banks were robbing citizens.

    They will crash the markets soon anyway for profit and we will pay them again for it until people do their homework and get off the Koch Bandwagon.

  3. Toby says:

    “Why is it always more violence is the solution?” My way of dealing with these walking stool samples has not been tried. So your attempt to redirect the story is as always a failed effort.

  4. Libby says:

    Jack, you have to stop doing this. It’s embarrassing.

    I’m sure that somewhere in the country during the last week two white boys perpetrated some heinous something-or-other, but you never re-post those.

    Only these.

    Seriously. Whichever of your various media panderers of rage and fear fed you this … you should just stop hanging around with them. You’ll feel better if you can stop this.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby, your complaint is not with me, it is better addressed with national and international news sources. They brought me this story because it was so heinous they needed to published it! Do you actually believe they did it because these criminals were black? Is that what you are saying here? Because, if that’s what you’re saying then you glossed over the fact that people regardless of color and everywhere on planet were stunned by the vile nature of this crime. These two thugs began robbing a dying women seconds after she collapsed, they took her most precious and intimate valuables, her wedding rings right from her finger! They took the time to grab her cell phone and they stole her purse. It’s barbaric that thieves would pounce on her seconds after her attack like a pack of jackles.

      The nation and the world wonder what kind of people would do this horrific thing to a helpless, dying woman? Now you can shout until you bust a vein and claim it was only because they were black, but it will not fly because you are not right. No, you are not right! And your lack of outrage at the criminals and then turning it around to blame white people for racism, is the kind of grossly misguided thinking that can only play into the hands of the thugs. I am amazed how could you possibly be so wrong Libby. Oh, let me know when you find that other made up version of a crime and we’ll print that too!

  5. Dewey says:

    Add the 91 year old woman laying unconscious in NJ having Heart Problems while a Political Party induced a retaliatory traffic Jam on the worlds busiest bridge. All Because a Mayor did not endorse a candidate.

    Time to get the money and bullies out of Politics. Start by making their pay the median income of the country.

    All Political money should be capped. Foreign money should be absolutely against the law in our elections. Not a boat hosting the Cayman Islands Flag having donor parties.

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