State of Jefferson Meeting – Capacity Crowd

by Jack Lee

JEFFSEAELThis morning’s ER opened with… “CHICO — More than 300 proponents of a new U.S. state gathered Friday at Manzanita Place to discuss what they could do to form the State of Jefferson.

The idea of a new state gained traction in Butte County after a meeting in October drew about 200 people to hear about the proposed state. Some of the problems the group has with California’s government include taxes for projects in Southern California, what they call a lack of representation, and “an exodus” of young people from the state.jeffersongroup

“This is not about secession,” said Jack Lee, the master of ceremonies and a speaker at the meeting.”

The actual count was 428 and they were an enthusiastic crowd, that totally embraced the idea of splitting CA into two states.

The idea of bringing government closer to the people it represents is always a winner. The idea of more accountability is a winner too. And the thought of less government, more freedom and lower taxes makes the idea of the State of Jefferson a cause worth fighting for.

Without scaling back the currents high costs as established by the State of California, the State of Jefferson is still economically viable, but that thought defeats the whole reason for having a new state. This is about less government and cutting loose from all the agencies, committees and commissions that have brought Californians into a tax mess.

It makes no sense that California as it stands is the 12th largest economy in the world and yet we find it necessary to tax our citizens more than any other state!   We should be awash in cash from this powerful revenue base without dipping heavily into the pockets of every day citizens,.  But, the giant bureaucracy that is modern California goes through tax money faster than Grant took Richmond.  

Since 1990 CA has seen an unprecedented exodus of businesses and with them go the jobs they once created.   We’ve lost over 3.4 million wage earners and replaced them with too many tax takers.  California currently has almost 25% of the nations welfare dependents and that’s just not sustainable and it’s getting worse every day.   Sacramento is doing something terribly wrong and the conservative north state simply does not have the votes to alter this course.

The State of Jefferson wants to reverse the jobs exodus and be a sensible, yet business friendly state.   Jefferson would offer low over head, limited government, an abundant labor force, lower taxes than the current State of California, and the best part…more freedom.   At the same time we want to protect our natural resources for future generations, water being key among those resources.

Protecting the environment, preserving our natural wonders and being business friendly doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive either!  It can be done when government is in sync with the people it represents and there is immediate accountability for everything gov. does.

Last year CA found it necessary to add 800 new laws and 700 of them were signed into law this month! Not one of those laws lessened our tax burdens, created jobs or more freedom, but they sure added to costly bureaucratic debacle that is forcing Californians to leave for other states.

The State of Jefferson project could take up to five years or longer and it won’t be easy. Then again what is life that is worthwhile is easy? We’re under no illusions here, we know the odds, but this is the right thing to do for our future and our childrens.

We have the backing of federal law and the Constitution that details the prescription to create a new State, but a massive voter outreach and education must be done first. The results of that outreach so far has been beyond expectations. The numbers attending town hall meetings, council meetings, board of supervisor meetings and library meetings keep increasing. People from all political sides want this to happen BECAUSE IT MAKES SENSE!  It’s been almost miraculous to see democrats, republicans, greens, libertarians, etc., young and old, rich and poor, uniting behind Statehood.  This will bring a new beginning and opportunity for all of us.

If both sides (north and south) can agree that two smaller states would be more viable, more governable, with better accountability and more ability to focus on our divergent needs, then statehood can and will be achieved!

We need a 51% vote of the State legislature which would then oblige Congress to give us their 51% and it’s done. The State of Jefferson has become a reality. We won’t need approval from the President or the Governor, we will only need a simple majority of our elected representatives. They will too give it to us too…if they see their political future dependent on voting the way “we the people” want them to vote. They work for us and whenever they think they don’t – then they need new careers.


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8 Responses to State of Jefferson Meeting – Capacity Crowd

  1. Tina says:

    Thanks for the report Jack and for taking a lead position. Sounds like you had a good turnout.

    Do you know anything about the seal represented above? What do the two X’s represent…does the yellow color have meaning?

    KPAY featured a nice interview in which it was explained this is not about secession. It is a withdrawal and application for statehood supported by the Constitution.

    • Post Scripts says:

      The two X’s represent a double cross by the State of California. Jefferson was to become a state a long time back and CA backed out. The colors…I dunno, think they were just random.

  2. Tina says:

    A double cross huh? Sounds about right.

    I wouldn’t mind retaining the X’s but I think we should design a better looking seal…something that symbolizes the area and its freedom loving people.

  3. Harold says:

    Having attended a smaller meeting, and looking forward to this one, I was side lined by a flu bug and missed it.

    Jack your speech was factual and underscored so many of the grievances of those attending, and I am sure as in prior meetings there were some excellent and well thought out questions from the audience.
    Would it be possible for you to share some of the questions and responses from the presenting panel of speakers.

    Also were there any of our current elected (I recall seeing Larry Wahl at the last meeting) attending to absorb first hand the current concerns of voters about the need of ‘bringing government closer to the people’ it represents verse those elected who seem to distance themselves from a balanced representation of all voters.

    It was also refreshing to hear you described attendance was from all facets of the political spectrum. We as voters need to realize special interest ideology has been our downfall, and work together to find effective overall leadership that works together in a capacity of balanced and healthy community growth, and we need to work together as a commonwealth of voters to help them understand their stewardship.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Harold I am sorry to say, the only elected officials were Larry Wahl and Dave Pittman, but I am glad Larry and Dave showed up. I’ll support these guys any way I can because they are as concerned about our future as we are!

      This was a fantastic opportunity for candidates to meet hundreds of people who consistently VOTE! Why candidates didn’t show up is hard to explain – bad advise, misunderstanding, lack of interest, indifference, or just plain stupid, I don’t know? But, I was disappointed that not one of our Chico City Council chose to show up, missing was our assembly candidates, 4 supervisers missed it.

      They all could have learned a lot – and they need to learn. I’m finding too many of our elected officials are just full of themselves and think they know it all. Well, not from where I sit. I’m thinking the Board of Supervisors need a little shake up.

      People are angry, they are fed up with the status quo, they want better representation and this is just at the local level, they really get angry at Sacramento and State politics. These are precisely the people our elected officials and our candidates needed to see and talk with. What a shame they missed this outstanding event. They were invited too….so, yeah I’m very diappointed in them.

      Mark Baird, our keynote speaker said it best. He said the one consistent reason he hears from weak knee’d elected officials about forming a new state is, “Gee I don’t know… that’s going to be really hard!” Well, sure it is, but good things, things that are worthwhile, are always hard.

      Baird told the audiance it would have been a heck of a thing if Gen. Washington had stood at the edge of Potomac that one cold morning on the 26th of December, 1776 and said to his men, “Ah, let’s go back to the campfire, this is going too hard.” But, thank God they didn’t, and with bloody feet wrapped in rags the plodded through the snow. Every man was tired, cold and near starving, but they attacked the British and took them by total surprise. They won the battle of Trenton and they eventually won the war…and yes, it was hard. I’m ashamed of most of our elected officials today. They act like self-serving, self-promoting, career focused, CYA wimps, compared to the courageous patriots of Washington’s day.

  4. Peggy says:

    I’m with Harold. Tell us more please. I too wasn’t able to attend the meeting, but because I was celebrating my birthday instead of home sick. (Hope you’re better now Harold.)

    Sorry too to have missed the meeting on Saturday. Didn’t see the notice posted until after the meeting was over.

    • Post Scripts says:


    • Post Scripts says:

      There is some legal stuff that I need to go over, but it looks like if we can’t get a State of Jefferson we have a right to appeal our alloted representation, because NorCal has so few legislators compared to LA. There is case law that could help us out…more to follow.

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