Unprecidented: Inspector’s General Accuse Government Agencies of Lack of Transparency

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A government watchdog group, the Council of the Inspectors General, is charged with the oversight of the various government departments and agencies. Their job is to “…to detect and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and violations of law and to promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the operations of the Federal Government. But the Inspectors are being prevented from carrying out their duties and in an unprecedented move, 47 of 73 IG’s have signed a letter to Congress complaining that agencies are not giving them access to do their jobs:

“Agency actions that limit, condition, or delay access thus have profoundly negative consequences for our work: they make us less effective, encourage other agencies to take similar actions in the future, and erode the morale of the dedicated professionals that make up our staffs,” they wrote.

The letter to the chairmen and ranking members of relevant oversight committees in the House and Senate claimed agencies are withholding information by calling it “privileged.”
problem is
In the letter, they said this interpretation poses “potentially serious challenges to the authority of every Inspector General and our ability to conduct our work thoroughly, independently, and in a timely manner.”

Privilege suggests an attitude that the rules do not apply to you. It’s become quite clear exactly who in America considers himself privileged this administration operates outside of its Constitutional authority and without regard to the best interests of American people.

Three agencies were cited specifically, the EPA, the DOJ, and the Peace Corps, but the letter indicates the problem exists across all departments of government.

A copy of the letter, here, is provided by FOX News.

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3 Responses to Unprecidented: Inspector’s General Accuse Government Agencies of Lack of Transparency

  1. J. Soden says:

    In the Obumble administration, transparency has become secrecy and selective law enforcement and hope has disappeared.
    The only thing remaining is change, and the voters did NOT mean for the US to change into a 3rd-world country, Mr. Prez.
    Enjoy your tanking poll numbers: You’ve EARNED them! A GOP Senate could well be in your future!

  2. Post Scripts says:

    Once again the Obama Administration comes under fire for a lack of transparency. Worst President EVER.

  3. Peggy says:

    Funny how today is the day Nixon resigned and was known as the worst president until Obama earned the title.

    Now, the very agency that was set up because of Nixon, to prevent a repeat of his administration’s actions, has filed a letter of complaint against the Obama administration.

    Aren’t we supposed to learn from our past mistakes to prevent repeating them?

    “In the wake of the Watergate scandal, Congress in 1978 passed the Inspector General Act establishing the initial 12 IG offices. The law stipulates that each official watchdog has “complete, unfiltered, and timely access to all information and materials available to the agency that relate to that inspector general’s oversight activities, without unreasonable administrative burdens,” the letter to the congressional committees states.”


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