Degrading the World’s Best Fighting Force

by Jack

Most of our enlisted and officers know the integration of women into combat units is a bad idea, because it’s based on politics, not reality. Unfortunately, the “politicians in uniform” at the Pentagon don’t have the backbone to buck the loud mouth minority in Congress or the liberals in our country. This very vocal minority pushes the idea because women in combat units reflects gender equality. Okay, equality is a principal we hold dear in a general context. It’s generally a good a thing! However, we must maintain our tried and true high standards. Lowering standards to accommodate women is a political ideal, but it is one that is counter-productive and dangerous.ArmyNGClassroom

Reality check: In today’s military, we are sending combat units to fight against non-state, non-uniform savages. They have no rules of conduct and they give no quarter. We call these new wars with terrorists “25 meter” war, because it’s often fought up-close with a barbaric enemy. We need our best men to fight these cavemen, not girls just because they are part of some touchy feely social experiment.

The issue of women in combat wouldn’t even be a consideration if it were not for our progressive feminist’s. However, to demonstrate how ignorant and out of touch President Obama is as our commander in chief, [he] continues to press for the release of as many jihadists as he can, because he thinks this will get us out of war with Islamic terrorists. If only it were so simple, but the fact is they (Islamic terrorists) are at war with us. It’s hard to unilaterally call that kind of war off.

Since the end of the Cold-War the U.S. military has continually been downsized, but at the same time our military has been asked to do more war-fighting and respond to ever increasing and complex situations around the world. If we can’t have the right quantity to do this, common sense says then we better give them the right quality and this won’t happen by adding women in combat roles.

Alright, just for the moment, let’s forget about the reality of who we’re fighting; lets just talk cost. What’s the actual cost of training women for combat, anybody know? The GAO knows, but they won’t release the number, I guess it’s because the number is too high, so the White House wants it kept secret from the public. But, reasonable estimates say it will cost about 400% more to train females for combat, never mind their attrition rate and cost of injuries.

The GAO hints at the high cost of training women with this statement: “Given the expanding and evolving role of women in the military, the health and wellness of servicewomen plays an important role in overall military readiness.” Health and wellness translates to, if you spend more on healthcare you have less to spend on hardware. We will have to spend on critical things, like keeping the U.S. military the best trained and equipped in the world.

Don’t believe me, just look at the “female-specific aspects” in the Affordable Care Act. It uses the word “women” 145 times versus one use of “men.” That’s 145 to 1 and that represents extra healthcare costs. Let me conclude my part with an excerpt from a well-respected (female) expert in military affairs:

“Every sentient adult knows what happens when you mix healthy young men and women together in small groups for extended periods of time. Just look at any workplace. Couples form. At some point, how couples interact – sexually, emotionally, happily and/or unhappily – makes life uncomfortable for those around them. Factor in intense, intimate conditions and you can forget about adults being able to stay professional 24/7. Object lesson for anyone who disagrees: General Petraeus.

Wherever combat units exist – they exist to be sent into harm’s way. Maybe they won’t take casualties. But the military can never count on that. The prospect of attrition requires that the military treat individuals not as individuals, but as interchangeable pieces of a complex system. Not only does every combat soldier need to be capable of accomplishing the same essential tasks as every other combat soldier (according to rank, MOS etc.), but every potential replacement has to be able to easily fit into an already-stressed group. This introduces the equivalent of a Goldilocks challenge: Groups must be flexible enough to quickly absorb new members, while new members need to be sufficiently similar to both old members and surviving members that they readily fit.” Anna Simons. Simmons is a Professor of Defense Analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School.

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11 Responses to Degrading the World’s Best Fighting Force

  1. Tina says:

    Ahhhh…after reading the opinions of the progressive left this article is a breath of fresh air. Thank you Jack.

    Lefty’s say they don’t want equality of outcomes but that’s exactly what they work toward. If a man is doing something then a way must be found to make sure a woman is doing the same thing. Keeping score is supposed to somehow make women feel they have finally become “equals.” It’s a silly, symbolic game and in the case of our military, there should be no room for games.

    I was thinking about a point you made on another thread about football. I just watched the Warriors win their 21st straight game for the year. Can you imagine the game if Steph Curry was replaced by even the very best woman basketball player? There’s no way we could expect the same game or result. Basketball is a contact sport, like football, played without the pads. Men would never be able to play as hard as they do with women on the team…no way! They’d be too concerned about hurting the female…just a fact of life.

    Fairness is the only reason to make this move; there are many reasons, serious reasons against it.

  2. Dewey says:

    machines have taken over. You do realize what Beale AF base does right? War seems to be your fav subject.

    Here are some real brave men

    • Tina says:

      Why does that video look phony?

    • Post Scripts says:

      Dewey re your link….

      The suspect had a large knife in his hand and he kept maneuvering towards one of the cops, refusing to surrender, despite warnings to drop the knife or be shot.

      His motive for not complying demonstrates lethal intent. Then he entered the 6 meter barrier, that is the distance when a person with a knife can make a few steps, lunge and inflict death or serious injury, even if he was shot.

      One shot was fired, by the young male officer. A second officer simultaneously discharged a taser. His death might have avoided IF the taser was used quicker. I believe there was a good 15-20 seconds when one of the officers could have used a taser.

      For the reasons noted above I think the shoot was technically legal, but it was not in keeping with the highest standards of law enforcement. IMHO

      For every one like this there are 100 saves, maybe more, but don’t count on people like Dewey to notice them, nor the deaths of officers who died trying to protect the public.

  3. Tina says:

    Back to the topic of the post…

    “Plainly put, women do not have an equal opportunity to survive. If this isn’t a feminist argument, I don’t know what is.”Washington Post, “The few, the foolish,” by Kathleen Parker

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