How to Remove Guns from America – The Grand Plan!

by Comrade J

The problem: There are about 200,000,000 gun owners with about one trillion rounds of ammunition in America, a country of about 360,000,000 people total.  There’s a weapon for every adult.

Armed forces: There are about 1,369,500 people in the regular armed forces and an additional 800,000 in reserve status. Of this, only about 12% are actually combat ready units, the rest are support personnel. Less than .001% could be counted on to forcibly remove firearms from gun owners.   Police: There are less than 765,000 sworn officers in America. Less than .001% of them can be counted to forcibly remove firearms from gun owners.

You do the math.  We simply do not have the manpower to force American’s to surrender their firearms.  We do not have enough money in the treasury to buy them back either.   The only way we can do this is through legislation and indoctrination.  This is a very long and incremental process involving lots of onerous legislation and layers of redundant bureaucracy.

Some creative ways to slow the sales of firearms and ownership are:

  • Place heavy regulatory burdens on their ownership and their purchase!  In effect we get the people to fund their own demise, the loss of their guns.
  • Force gun owners to buy gun safes and gun locks, making the less effective for home protection and more difficult to own!  Allow burglars to sue homeowners if they are shot during a break in.
  • Make gun manufacturers pay a high cost in terms of fees and regulations to export their products into any given state in America. Then let each state repeat those fees and regulations for a double taxation.
  • California is a good example of how to add unbearable costs to gun manufacturers wishing to do business in this state.  Other states could learn a lot from CA.
  • Register gun sales and do extensive and often unnecessary background checks for all gun purchases, make owners pay a high cost for this.
  • California is a good example of how to charge extremely high fees for the red tape involved in buying a used or new gun, from a dealer or from a gun show.
  • Make ammo sales as difficult as possible and costly; again California is doing a wonderful job with this one. They have banned lead bullets, even though lead has virtually zero environmental impact, we can still make that allegation!
  • Sue gun manufacturers into bankruptcy over the slightest of reason, no matter how absurd.  We can use our own taxpayer funded gov. lawyers to do this too.  We make their taxes work against them.
  • Limit the kind of guns that can be sold in your state. Make up a reason, be creative.  California is once again a good example of how to limit the number of gun-types to only a selected few.   Don’t worry about fully automatic weapons, we have virtually prohibited them, so lets not waste our time on this one.
  • Make as many areas of public land off limits to shooting as possible.  Be it target shooting or hunting, public land should be off limits. This help will discourage gun ownership if they have no where to shoot!  Hehehehe…
  • Use any murder or suicide by firearm as an opportunity to demonize the product, even though far more people are killed by other means, its perception that matters most and so far we’ve done a wonderful job to make people think guns kill people, not that people kill people.

Summary of objectives: By halting the concealed carry law for our citizens it will make it easier for a criminals and terrorists to use their guns to kill our unarmed citizens.  This is good too, because it is a double payoff!  Let me explain:  On one hand we can publicize the mass murders of citizens by guns and secondly we actually make it easier for the killers because of all the unarmed targets!  This is a win-win.

Mass shootings are a great way to vilify guns!   The criminals and terrorists using guns to kill people have been extremely helpful in prevent people from carrying guns to protect themselves, go figure that one?  Ha.   I know, I know, that’s beyond stupid, but I’m here to tell you the “sheeple” are actually buying it.  So, whatever we can do to keep the killing going and keep the citizens disarmed - we should!

The last thing we need are. . . law abiding citizens carrying firearms for their own protection!  This will completely undermine the effect of the [criminal] shooter.  This could make citizens want to carry firearms for self protection and this would be bad for our cause.   I’m sure you can see how this could derail all of our good work to date!

Unfortunately, most of the ideas above have so far not worked.  They have only produced more gun sales!  People are concerned they may lose their right to own and bear arms in the near future.  But, lets keep it up anyway, I have a feeling criminal shooters are going to turn public opinion to our favor!

To confiscate just 10% of the guns in circulation now by force is an impossible challenge. It would result in a revolt and neither the police or military could be counted on to fire on our citizens.   The only way to remove guns from Americans is by indoctrination and slowly ratchet up confiscation, i.e., impede sales/ownership by any means necessary. This may take several hundred years and it will be extremely expensive, but that’s our goal if we are going to have complete control.

However, even if all law-abiding gun owners should suddenly lose their firearms, we will still be faced with the illegal gun owners, but first things first.    We’ll get their guns eventually, even if a lot of innocent people must die in the process – it’s worth it.

Here’s another problem.  We will not be able to stop the flow of illegal guns across our border anymore than we can stop the flow of drugs.  So, grabbing guns is a long commitment, even longer than our war on drugs or terrorism.  This could take centuries according to President Obama.  But, time is on our side, we are winning ever so slowly,  so we must keep putting the pressure on those legal gun owners and letting the criminal gun owners help us with our ad campaign.   They provide us with a great publicity campaign at virtually no cost, so long as people stay unarmed and easy victims!

So, you hang in there and remember to vote for Hillary or Bernie. They helped write the book on how to damage the 2nd amendment, they’re pro’s at it. Vote liberal and vote often.

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11 Responses to How to Remove Guns from America – The Grand Plan!

  1. Dewey says:

    I thought Obama was gonna git yer guns….

    Funny exactly where is this book bernie wrote. maybe you should look at his votes in congress before you write this stuff.

    No worries Terrorists on the terrorism list can still buy assault weapons.

    This is just ridiculous. Hey how are those people they threw in the Texas Walmart basements during jade Helm doing?

    • Tina says:

      Bernie has a fairly good recent record on gun control legislation. His overall lifetime rating by the NRA is pro-gun…BUT, he gets an F on the A-F scale.

      As for Hillary, a recent National Review article points out that the NRA is more popular with Americans than Hillary despite her entitlement mentality sized ego:

      “What is wrong with us,” Hillary Clinton inquired bitterly in Florida this month, “that we cannot stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby, and the gun manufacturers they represent?” She struck a hero’s pose: “We need to act and we need to build a movement. It’s infuriating!”

      Implicit in Clinton’s lament was a serious charge: That the “us” in the equation represents the majority of American voters, and that the “NRA” represents an insidious force that has been successful in thwarting that majority’s will. Such presumptions are all-but ubiquitous in progressive-leaning circles. The NRA, President Obama told Marc Maron confidently in August of this year, has developed such an “extremely strong” “grip” on Congress that even “common-sense” reforms cannot make it into law. This, Obama submits, is democratically unjust. “I would particularly ask America’s gun owners,” he griped in a recent press conference, “to think about whether your views are being properly represented by the organization that suggests it is speaking for you.”

      Seductive as it might be, there is little within the facts to recommend this approach. As Gallup confirmed just this week, the NRA is not a fringe organization that has managed somehow to impose a greatly undeserved octopus’s grip, but a mainstream plank of American civil society with approval ratings of which the vast majority of national politicians could only dream. “Despite a year of blistering criticism,” the polling firm notes, “58% in the U.S. have a favorable opinion” of the NRA — a number that “includes the highest recording of ‘very favorable’ opinions (26%) since Gallup began asking this question in 1989.” That trend line is moving upwards.

      • Dewey says:

        So explain why the NRA is anything? The Nra use to be a cool org but they are now no more than a coalition of gun manufacture Lobbyists whose job is to create more gun sales.

        I do not think the NRA has any credibility nor can rate politicians. That merely means they are dictators. There will never be enough gun sales. They need to see increases in sales every quarter to make investors happy.

        Many people are fascists and do not even know it. The USA is not a business and business is not government.

        The NRA is disgusting. The NRA is full of it. The NRA puts money above life.

        I will never allow a bunch of lobbyists to dictate how I think.

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    I will continue, for as long as I can, to support organizations who refuse to give a single inch to gun grabbing, citizen disarming, Constitution bashing Democrats and other deceptive wannabe totalitarian thieves of liberty.

    From their cold dead hands, not mine.

    • J. Soden says:

      Well said, Pie. Agree 1000%!

    • Dewey says:

      The thieves of Liberty are conservatives who want to dictate how other people live their lives. What religion they should be, what healthcare they get.

      You seem to not understand the constitution. You fail to understand true history in favor of propaganda written by lobbyists and the oligarchy.

      No conservative will dictate to me how I live, What gun I own, nor what I have to eat.

    • Dewey says:

      Boy you guys sure believe allot of Propaganda! So when is Obama gonna git your gun?

      No politician has called for your gun. But the terrorist cells who can legally buy assault weapons here are on you.

      Such fools to fall for the NRA Sales tactics. At least they are made in the USA.

      Still waiting to hear from the Walmart Basement detainees as well. What next Bernie gonna git your gun? Hilliary? Santa Clause?

  3. Post Scripts says:

    The more disarmed we become, the more vulnerable we are to mass killings, its that simple. The liberals have tried tough gun laws over and over. They’ve tried banning all sorts of weapons, nothing has worked. It’s time to try something new, like training up and armed citizenry. Make gun permits readily accessible to everyone who has passed a safety course and a background check.

    • Dewey says:

      mass shootings are now the norm? Never look at what causes them? Never fix the problem just kill more?

      What purpose do assault weapons have? Can I point a cannon at my neighbors house? maybe you are right it is time to arm all black people with assault weapons to protect themselves from people like Dylan roof

  4. Harold says:

    One lawmaker in Nevada gets it! and training at a early age is part of it, using the NRA Eddie the Eagle program for children.

  5. Tina says:

    The safest places in America are the places where Americans are permitted and armed.

    The most vulnerable are places where gun laws are very strict.

    Dewey…do the math if you think you can.

    Just in case you are too ignorant to realize it, no, you cannot “fire” a cannon at your neighbors house without subjecting yourself to prosecution and jail time.

    I suggest you ask this wonderful woman about arming black people.

    The video features an older black woman who marched behind Martin Luther King in Selma. She says she lives in a government high-rise because she “can’t afford a nice house in a safe neighborhood.”

    So scared that many of her friends won’t leave their apartments because of gang-bangers and drugs, she says, “We called the police. But they can’t keep us safe.”

    “But the housing authority told me if I bought a gun to protect myself, they’d throw me to the streets,” she continues.

    Government housing means government regulations—and frequently that means onerous gun restrictions.

    Read more here.

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