Vice Presidential Candidate Debate

by Jack

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 6 pm pst, most major news networks.

It has been decided for you, by the anonymous controlling people within the Democrat Party and the GOP, that you should not be allowed to hear from third part candidates.  So those two won’t be on stage.

Why not, you may wonder? Because, according to the Rep-Dems, 3rd party candidates have absolutely no new ideas and nothing to add of any interest, so never mind them.

The same folks have decided (for you) that you should only pay attention to their one , uh, er, two party system.  You know the folks that have brought this once great nation to the brink of economic collapse and saddled you grandchildren with debt beyond belief.

Sorry I don’t have much intel on the VP debate.  I know the GOP guy’s name is Mike Pence and he was a governor somewhere, but I don’t even know who the other candidate is.

I’ve been told there are many good reasons to care who is running for VP, but honestly, I’m so bummed out over the kook and crook running for office, I just can’t too get excited about the VP race.  However, I’ve heard over and over that either one of the VP  candidates is a 1000 times better than two stooges we have running for president.  If that’s true, its too bad they couldn’t reverse roles with their bosses.


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6 Responses to Vice Presidential Candidate Debate

  1. Tina says:

    The reason (excuse) is that none of the third party candidates managed to get 15% of the voting block to express interest in their ideas prior to these debates. And seriously, what exactly do they have to offer that isn’t already being offered by the two greater party candidates. Leaving Hillary’s corruption aside for a moment, both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are a little kooky too.

    Mike Pence (R) and Tim Kaine (D) are the VP’s that will appear on the debate stage. It might be interesting to see what these men have to say. The VP is supposed to be the hammer, but the candidates seem to be doing that themselves this time around.

  2. Libby says:

    “You know the folks that have brought this once great nation to the brink of economic collapse and saddled you grandchildren with debt beyond belief.”


    If we could get what we’re owed by Trump and his tax-evading-ilk, we could probably have the debt to a decent level in five years. But, oh no … you don’t want to do that … makes too much sense.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      If Trump were guilty of tax evasion, the IRS would be on him like white on rice, you moron. Think about it. Tax evasion is a crime. Where is the crime? Tell us great Lunatic Libby, where is the tax evasion crime?

      Obama’s corrupt IRS would be hammering Trump big time right now if they had something on him. God, you are such a silly fool.

      Of course, you have nothing to say about Hillary Clinton’s national security crimes, which the corrupt DOJ and FBI have decided not to pursue under the ridiculous theory the crimes were not intentional.

      Wake up or shut up!

    • More Common Sense says:

      Libby, some questions. How many years have you paid more taxes than you were required to pay? How many times have you not taken a deduction because you think the government needs more money?

      “If we could get what we’re owed by Trump and his tax-evading-ilk,”

      What a bunch of BS! Why do you feel so entitled? Did he break the law? No! DID HE MAKE THE LAW? NO! HAS HE HAD A CHANCE TO CHANGE THE TAX LAW? NO! He followed the law. The fact that you don’t like it is just stupid pathetic envy. The only way you can completely evade taxes is to not make any money. In other words you losses exceed your income. The tax laws for commercial real estate does provide a deduction for depreciation that can offset income. However, that only defers taxes. The depreciation deduction may mean you don’t pay any taxes this year but it reduces the basis of the property by the deduction amount. That basis is used to determine the profit on the sale of the property at the time you sell the property so you end up paying the taxes when you sell the property. For example if I buy a property for $3 million and I take depreciation of $100,000 a year for 10 years I show a total tax deduction of $1 million so $1 million of other income was not taxed. Now I sell the property. Lets assume I sell it for what I paid for it, $3 Million. How much profit do I show. You might say $0 because I sold it for the same amount I paid for it, but that isn’t the case. The basis was reduced by the $1 million in depreciation deduction down to $2 million so I show a $1 million dollar profit on the sale of the build. So I DO pay the taxes on the $1 million I protected with the depreciation deductions. The only difference is I pay the taxes when the property is sold, not when I made the money.

      Now lets ask the same tax questions of Hillary Clinton! Did she make the law? YES, as Senator she voted on may tax related bills. Did she have the chance to change the tax law? YES! Did she? NO! Did she take the same deductions as Trump did? YES! She has used both loses and depreciation to offset income. Exactly the same way Trump did!

      Now the big one… Did she break the law? The FBI said yes but declined to recommend prosecution because they speculated that she didn’t intend to do harm. What a load! The purpose of her own email server was to cover her tracks so she could break the law and get away with it.

      What is the issue with intent anyway? If I break the speed limit because I didn’t realize I was going too fast I did not intend to break the law but I did, and I will get a ticket!

      Look at this story

      A sailor took pictures of where he worked on a submarine. It was a stupid move and by doing so he broke the law. He indicated he had no intention of using the pictures for anything other that his scrap book. But he still broke the law and was charged! He was also charged with destroying his laptop to cover up that he improperly had classified information. Sound familiar? Hillary destroyed the email server to cover up improper handling of classified material. They destroyed the blackberrys Hillary used too. She broke the law. It is a fact. The current administration just declined to prosecute. Do you think they would have declined to prosecute if she was a Republican? When it comes to Democrats it is party first, followed by self, followed by money. Country, truth and honor don’t even make on their priority list!

  3. Peggy says:

    The vice president this election may have a very important position. If the senate is split 50-50 he will cast the deciding vote. Hearing with the senator races being so close the party with the majority will be of major importance and that vote may come from the VP.

    Both Pence and Kane were governors. Big difference in how they governed and their state’s economy when they left. Indiana boomed under Pence with jobs and it’s economy.

  4. Tina says:

    Libby if we realize Trumps plan to lower business taxes and get a one time 10% tax on money coming back into our country the revenue “we” collect within a few short years will be tremendous. It will come from an expanding economy. It will come from those returning companies making money in America rather than elsewhere. It will come from a broader tax base as people are put back to work. It will come from taxpayers who finally have a chance to become working contributors rather than living off mom and dad in the basement. It will come as growth tops 2% and moves on to become 3% and then 4%. It will come because we will have made America great again!

    Yours is the party of the two M’s, mediocrity and misery. We’ve had quite enough of that. I’d sooner see a wealthy man increase his own wealth than a middle class fall into poverty. That is the legacy of your punishing tax policies.

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