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Clear Pattern of Leftist Hate and Violence

Note:   The following article is about free speech and violence.  It’s a rough subject, but I’m hoping you wait until the end to judge it.   Then I would like to hear your thoughts.   by Jack There is … Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t the GOP Cut Spending?

by Jack In the swamp we call Washington, they’ve never heard of making a noble stand simply because it’s the right thing to do. Nope, no way, it’s all about polling, self preservation and personal/partisan advantage. That’s what really matters. … Continue reading

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Big Government is Here to Stay

by Jack From the Washington Post, “Republicans propelled themselves to power in Washington by promising an end to fiscal recklessness. They are now embracing the kind of free spending and budget deficits they once claimed to loathe. Congress is debating … Continue reading

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Republican Tax Plan, in Brief

by Jack What happens when you cut taxes and don’t cut spending?  If you said that our debt will increase, you are right.  So, the deficit goes up and knowing that answer apparently makes you smarter than almost every Republican … Continue reading

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Republicans Fail to Reform ObamaCare

by Jack In a strongly divided vote, Republican Senators failed to suspend ObamaCare and introduce a replacement plan, just as the Democrats predicted. It was an embarrassing and terribly disappointing moment yesterday for registered Republicans across America. The Senators went … Continue reading

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Vice Presidential Candidate Debate

by Jack Tomorrow, Tuesday, 6 pm pst, most major news networks. It has been decided for you, by the anonymous controlling people within the Democrat Party and the GOP, that you should not be allowed to hear from third part … Continue reading

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Mr. O’Connell, It’s the Ideals, Stupid, There Will Be No Moving On!

Posted by Tina GOP political strategist, Ford O’Connell has a new book out, “Hail Mary: The 10-Step Playbook for Republican Recovery”. I’d be tempted to read it if it were not for step #1 in which he advises that in … Continue reading

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