Is America Headed for Big Trouble?

by Jack

Now it comes out that Hillary was crying her eyes out in her hotel suite when she realized  the election was lost.  That’s when she started blaming it on Comey for doing too much and on Obama for doing too little!   Would we really want that kind of emotion, deflection and instability in our president?

Then the protester’s started coming out, looking for any excuse to cause trouble… and it didn’t take long for the trouble to start.   Once again, the police were slow to react, no doubt held back by some liberal administrator, fearing the police my hurt somebody.  In Portland this resulted in police officers being injured and police cars and private property being destroyed.

Who does not know by now that an angry protest march by wild eyed raving lunatics is a stone’s throw from being a full on riot?   This is a serious problem folks and its not being addressed by Obama.

Now this just in:  “My daughter was driving home from work in Concord when a large group of blacks and Hispanics, mostly of high school age, started blocking traffic on a busy street.  They were  running up to the cars and pounding on them.  It was awful, they were screaming all sorts of foul things about Trump.  For a brief moment my daughter said was afraid for her life, then fear turned to anger and this whole time there was not a police officer was in sight.”  (Name withheld by request)

Things like this make me wonder, how long will it be before these protesters rush a stopped car to be met by a hail of gunfire?  This is the risk they take and they better wise up before somebody gets hurt.  People have a right to defend themselves.  If they are attacked by a mob and they are in reasonable fear of their life or fear of great bodily harm, the law says they can use deadly force…it is 100% justified.

If the nation-wide protests continue to threaten lives, property and our democratic process…. well, just don’t know where it will all end.   But, I do know that President Obama needs to step up and say something.  He needs to lead before it’s too late and serious and irreversible damage is done.  Obama needs to show the same passion and determination that he did for Trayvon Martin case.   It’s not up to Trump, not yet anyway - it’s Obama’s job!  But, already the liberal MSM is asking Trump to do something, no doubt hoping it will get him in more hot water.



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21 Responses to Is America Headed for Big Trouble?

  1. No Longer Deplorable J Soden says:

    $hrilLiary’s loss wasn’t because of Comey, wasn’t because of gender, wasn’t because of racism – all excuses floated by media bobbleheads.
    The Demwits chose a serial liar who thinks she’s above the law and worships only at the altar of the almighty dollar. BAD Candidate!

  2. Libby says:

    Oh, Jack … put a sock in it. I’m sorry you’re frightened, but you cannot expect people the Blob literally threatened to take quietly your vote for the same.

    Still and all, how’s this for conciliatory:

    • Tina says:

      She has it all figured out….and doesn’t know a da^* thing. The cartoons in her head are there as salve to heal her wounds. What a smug, self involved person…but then, that seems to be typical

      I prefer Oprah, who the left savaged for saying she felt “hopeful” after Trump and Obama met.

      Words to describe this bunch of sore losers: spoiled, smug, intolerant, ill mannered, self-involved, hateful, violent, bigoted, uninformed and poorly educated regarding our republic and Constitution…products of the progressive narrative.

      Not much to be proud of progressives.

      • Libby says:

        You recognized yourself, didn’t you? But I didn’t think it would bother you quite this much. The portrait is nothing all that savage. Mostly just exasperation with the fact that God gave you eyes, ears, and a brain … and you choose not to use them.

        Actually, that photo was savage.

        But we really are pissed.

  3. Libby says:

    Lordy, I am out of the loop.

    Is this where you boys are at? I truly had no idea.

    • Tina says:

      You still don’t, just like the clueless idiots in the streets making false claims about being assaulted by trump voters.

      If we have learned nothing else in the last 18 months, we’ve learned that the party that has the more violent tendencies and the more bigoted intolerant views IS the Democrat Party. And you’re raising a bunch of weak, frightened children. Nice going progressives! You have taught those kids they have something to fear, petroleum products, Christians, differences in opinion…CAPITALISM, for heavens sake! The utter stupidity is astounding. They are of adult age and yet can barely function and know nothing but pop culture.

      Maybe you lost because you’re a bunch of losers who mindlessly backed an unethical, lying, criminal powered by an elite, wealthy, cabal.

  4. Harold says:

    Jack, what we are seeing is the typical Liberal mindset, if I cant have my way, then I am going to over react, an if my actions causes others problems so be it, I am entitled.

    They care not what is best for the country, just what serves them or their Ideology.

    Riots like this proves that its the left that hates democracy- when their candidates lose.

  5. No Longer Deplorable J Soden says:

    I think Libby is off her meds . . . . .

    • Libby says:

      You know, you can’t take my rhetoric, offer it back yo me and expect me, or anyone else, to be impressed. You have to develop stuff of your own … that might actually apply.

      I know I’m expecting a lot, but give it a shot.

  6. Pie Guevara says:

    No. America is not headed for big trouble. “The Zombie Apocalypse: Attack of the Snowflakes” is self destructing. Give it another week.

    Lippy is not off her meds (I have this on good authority). She is in mental anguish. Nothing new here from her. Enjoy it.

  7. Tina says:

    Careful what you wish for? Take a look at Hillary’s “Pied Piper Strategy.”

    Sadly it tells us she had nothing substantive to offer.

    No way this bunch of conniving scum should ever get near the White House again.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      At least not for now. Chelsea is being groomed for political office.

      But it is something to rejoice in, Hill and Bill are dead. If only both could be indicted, tried and jailed.

      I almost did a spit take reading Lippy’s “You know, you can’t take my rhetoric.” What a wonderfully self aggrandizing idiot. A paradigm of the left. Keep up that rhetoric my dear Lippy.

    • Tina says:

      Sorry, forgot the link, “Wow: Team Clinton’s ‘Pied Piper’ Strategy of Using Media to Promote Trump Totally Backfired”

      Why would Hillary go for such a strategy? She couldn’t run on the failed policies of the Obama administration or her own disastrous record as secretary of state and her ideas further the lefts agenda and would do nothing to create growth in the economy. She had nothing positive to offer. And then how desperate was the hollow slogan, “Stronger Together,” after accusing half the electorate of being racists and bigots…clearly she had no intention of working for all Americans.

  8. Tina says:

    “…the police were slow to react, no doubt held back by some liberal administrator…”

    Also concern about increased chances of being murdered in the streets!

  9. Peggy says:

    If you missed Trump on 60 Minutes tonight here’s the link. If you want to watch more of the biased media watch the whole thing. If you don’t have the time or desire to watch the whole show watch the last two minutes at least. Mic drop!!!! You’ll hear a response Hillary would NEVER make.

    60 Minutes interview: President-elect Donald Trump:

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