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Socialism Causes Workers to Riot in France

by Jack The growth of socialism has come to the end of the road in France. The socialists have taxed the middle class right into poverty and the people have had enough. The average working person must ask themselves, what … Continue reading

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by Jack For well over a month, perhaps two months, the democrat “tacticians for dirty tricks” have devised a plan to take over important political meetings by packing the house and then disrupting the (GOP) (insert name) speaker.  These are … Continue reading

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BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) A Home Grown Terrorist Group

by Jack I’ve written about some pretty scary people during my 13 years  at Post Scripts, but this person (shown at left)  is whole new kind of cat.     Don’t let her petite looks fool you, this is a woman … Continue reading

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California Prepares to Become a Sanctuary State

by Jack In defiance of President Trump’s wish to give America a secure border in order to safely regulate the flow of immigration from our Southern border, California democrats are pushing to make CA an official sanctuary state.   “California … Continue reading

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Is America Headed for Big Trouble?

by Jack Now it comes out that Hillary was crying her eyes out in her hotel suite when she realized  the election was lost.  That’s when she started blaming it on Comey for doing too much and on Obama for doing … Continue reading

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