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When the Quarantine is Worse than the Disease – You Fight Back

by Jack PROTEST SCHEDULED FOR TONIGHT – CITY OF CHICO Thanks to the tyrannical behavior of the governor of this state, a protest will be held at the Chico City Council Chambers tonight at exactly 10:01 pm.   This is one … Continue reading

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Are You Concerned About Possible Election Violence?

by Jack Four days until the election and people are preparing like it’s the Purge coming.   The air is rife with fear and trepidation, businesses are boarding up their plate-glass windows, Walmart has taken the extreme precaution of removing all … Continue reading

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They’re Here in Chico

by Jack A modest, but enthusiastic crowd of anti-police protesters gather on the sidewalk next to the City Council Chambers in downtown Chico.  There were probably 60% girls between 15 and 25 with a slightly older mix of males and … Continue reading

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A Message to the NFL (PG rated for language)

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Attacker Beaten by Angry Pro-Trump Crowd

by Jack Huntington Beach, CA:  It was supposed to be just a good ol’ patriotic rally to celebrate a newly elected president.   It’s how we once behaved many decades ago when most of us liked America and our leaders and … Continue reading

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Trump Visits Mexico

Posted by Jack “We don’t like him; we don’t want him; we reject his visit,” a former president of Mexico said of Trump’s trip.  Former President Vicente Fox previously apologized to Trump after affirming Mexico was not going to pay … Continue reading

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Racism Hoaxes Perpetuate Protests on Campus

Posted by Jack As the University of Missouri is engulfed in turmoil by a large number of bratty students offended over racial incidents that might not have even happened, it’s important to note that race hoaxes are not uncommon on … Continue reading

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