A Dangerous Place for Tourists

by Jack

There are a number of hot spots in the world where wars rage. As you might guess, Syria is the worst.  Obviously, you would not think of sending your kids to a war zone on Spring break, but, did you know that right behind Syria’s death toll is… Mexico?  There were 60,000 deaths in Syria in 2016, and Mexico reported 23,000 intentional homicides during the same period!

Our neighbor to the South is a very violent place, ranking #2 among countries considered in “armed conflict,” according to a report published last Tuesday. However, Mexico is not in war,  well, not a traditional war.  Its a drug war and that is perhaps even more dangerous than combat because there are no front lines, no bad guys in uniforms and this war could catch up with you without notice.

However, its worth noting that in 2014 Brazil had a homicide rate over twice that of Mexico.   A completely difference circumstance too.  But, they are not on our Southern border.  Of course Latin America in general can be pretty rough due to things like civil unrest, economic collapse, drug cartels of course, a rogue military, communist revolutionaries, dictatorships and so on.

From their (Latin America) perspective North America must look pretty darn good!  From our ever naive perspective, vacation deals to the South are pretty enticing too.  So, for a good travel deal all you have to do is ignore the news and hope you won’t be the next tourist to be ransomed.  And you wonder why Trump wants to control our Southern border?






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8 Responses to A Dangerous Place for Tourists

  1. Joe says:

    Mr. Jack, I believe your good friend George Noory almost got kidnapped in Mexico. Do you recall the details? I think he was in a van and the driver was going to kidnap him but I don’t remember it all.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Yep, ol George was almost kidnapped. It was a standard (common kind) kidnapping incident. This is where a fake cabbie picks up tourists and heads for awaiting gang members in a secluded area. Then they are forced to withdraw money from an ATM or they are held for ransom. The cops are often in on it, which is another reason this is so common. Some victims are killed, but mostly its just a robbery, but that’s a heck of a way to start your vacation. The Mexican criminals love Americans, we’re their favorite target.

  2. J. Soden says:

    During my 21+ years of surviving airfare wars as a travel agent, I quit sending folks to Mexico way back in the early 80’s. And it’s gotten so much worse.
    Most uneasy time for my travels in that country was being stopped while driving back from a beach resort on the Gulf of California by a bunch of Federales who looked no older than 16 and all carrying automatic weapons. Didn’t know if it was a stickup or a customs check and was glad to escape unscathed.
    There are plenty of safer places to spend your tourist $$.

  3. Post Scripts says:

    But, Mexico has one thing most American vacation spots do not. It’s drinking water has a nice blend of unusual bacteria leeched from any number of unsanitary sources. Coming in contact with this contaminated water is a great way for you to loose weight in a very short period.

    There’s nothing that underscores a Mexican vacation like 3 days of projectile vomiting and then being mugged on the way to the pharmacia.

    If you are a real thrill seeker, take a Mexican cab ride… anywhere, doesn’t matter. The experience is almost always the same. White knuckles, car sickness with more vomiting, and ultimately being grossly overcharged, but not caring cause you are so glad to be alive.

  4. Post Scripts says:

    Before you are go, its helpful to learn some of the lingo… better start with these often used phrases:

    “¡Ayuda, estoy siendo secuestrado!” and “Aquí está mi billetera, por favor no disparen.”

  5. Pete says:

    I travel a lot and have never had or seen trouble in Mexico. I know trouble is there, but I’m not going through life being afraid. My advise; do a little research before you go and check the State Department’s travel advisory list. The United States is a wonderful country to travel, but there is a whole wonderful world outside of our borders. BTW…I highly recommend visiting the US and British Virgin Islands. You don’t need a passport for USVI and St. John is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

    • J. Soden says:

      The State Department’s travel advisory is usually at least a month late. Only just recently did they recommend not traveling to North Korea.. . . . . .

      I agree with the USVI and BVI as areas that are spectacular. Especially if you can SCUBA dive and get a chance to dive on the Rhone!

  6. Peggy says:

    I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on vacation five years in a row back in the 90s with a group of friends and loved it. But, I wouldn’t go now.

    While there I did see people act like they drank a whole bottle of tequila after just one drink, and was told the bartender had slipped some kind of drug into their drink. If you do go be very careful, cuz it’s still going on.

    Tourists to Mexico believe daughter died after being drugged at resort:

    Spiked Cocktails In Mexico? Canada Tourists Come Home Bearing Urine Samples:

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