Cleaning Up After the Transients

Thanks go to Common Sense for this article….

After viewing the “MCS” link to the counsel meeting of July 5th, I wonder just how frustrated Mr. Newman is with the city’s position toward homeless vagrants, and what he is willing to do to jeopardize it?

He seems to have a very short fuse on the subject.  I wondered if his selection of gathering in the park by providing food and supplies, isn’t in direct retaliation to his perceived notion that Chico is only interested in driving out the homeless; and not helping them re-enter society and begin contributing to the city and not just abusing Chico’s city codes because Newman feels they are misguided intentions’ without merit?  Even if the city codes intentions were to help prevent the destruction being created by those he feeds.

Personally, I view a lot what Newman objects to in city ordinances as reasonable and necessary do to the direct impact of the destruction and their disrespect of public and private property as caused by the homeless through their own actions.

Are there services in town that provide daytime activities for people less capable of managing their lives, I am not currently up to date of what Behavior Health provides, but at one time they had a meeting place as I recall and a mentor oriented facility that tried to help retrain those that Newman classified as having a debilitating mental reasoning, which he uses as justification and as such he claims this prevents them from understanding it is their own actions that are causing the city codes to be enacted. Those same codes were put in place only to prevent misuse of public and private property. Maybe a verbal message or reminder of how one acts in society given with a sandwich is a place Mr. Newman could implant upon them as well as feeding and sundry items.

However, after viewing the video, I would surmise that if Mr. Newman was having a bad day at the park and started in with” his in your face attitude” toward someone he considers disrespectful toward a homeless person (including something as normal as a citizen not wanting to be approached by a panhandler or a police officer just doing their job) based on the video I doubt he would verbal exercise self-control and thus expose those he is “helping” to witness a violent style of how to conduct oneself in public.

People with mental issue do absorb such patterns as those readily, and then use those methods because they may perceive it helps them in obtaining their wants. It is much like how a child may act up while shopping with Mom and wanting something she did not want to purchase (how often do we see or hear that) and the same messaging applies with Mr. Newman’s verbal outbreaks.

Mr. Newman has displayed a” last nerve” attitude about Chico wanting to drive out the homeless vagrants, and seems willing to accept a trashed out, even open sewer like conditions in downtown, or the parks, riverbeds campgrounds. ( I am not even talking about drug needles, just litter and human waste) Newman seems to justify those actions and vandalism by the homeless to public property in his objections to new city ordinances design to prevent those problems.

Yes he homeless are people and some do need help and some will try to regain a place in society, most will not, and therein lies the problem, how do you determine who is wanting to improve their lifestyle how do you help them, while at the same time how do you prevent a lifelong “welfare addict ” who is dependent on abusing the system?

I think, People when guided by responsible reward, will understand nothing positive ever comes from continued forms of welfare, people needs should not be met based on the amount of public assistance the “rich should supply”, but a hand-up approach, based on one’s own willingness to build or even maintain a better community and not just live based on a take from others efforts attitude without giving back in return, something even it as simple as obeying laws the rest of try to follow would be a great place to start.

(see photo above) Lastly here is a picture of how Newman’s group of homeless left the plaza, which less than 60 minutes prior was pristine. Yes we cleaned it up, not for them, but for Chico.

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13 Responses to Cleaning Up After the Transients

  1. J. Soden says:

    Common Sense NAILS IT! Well done!

  2. Post Scripts says:

    Yup, right on, right on.

  3. Patrick G Newman says:

    Jack, this post is so unclear, I have no idea what you are trying to say (videos, etc.). Seriously. As to trash, again, what are you talking about? During and after every Sunday gathering, I pickup all trash. So, when was that picture taken, exactly? I’ll add that though my group distributes hundreds of wrapped items every week, the homeless leave very little trash around. This I ascribe their feeling respected, however delusional that might sound to you. To the extent that some homeless people leave trash or have other negative impacts, I’ll again mention many are challenged in ways that you and I are not. (Also, in terms of overall/total environmental impact, you and I are far worse.) Why don’t you join us on Sunday a few times? I think you’ll begin to see that your position is unjustified.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Patrick, please be advised that I have nothing to do with the contents of this post. It was written by a regular PS commenter who uses the pen name Common Sense.

      As to the picture of the trash, it was taken about 30 minutes after you handed out the sandwiches. Was the trash dropped in the park immediately after you gave out the bottle water and wrapped sandwiches or 5 minutes later? Patrick I honestly have no idea when nor did I see who dropped it. But, this area was where our homeless were congregating. The spot close to where your truck was parked while making your delivery. So making an educated guess it was probably one of the homeless that did it. This is a fairly common incident, in my opinion.

      • Patrick G Newman says:

        Yesterday (Sunday), I was there for about an hour-and-a-half after lunches, clothing, toiletries, etc. were distributed. If you were there, a half hour after the last lunch was handed out, why did I not see you and why did you not see me? Anyway, 1) I don’t think you have the time right and 2) The photo appears to be pretty far from the corner where we gather. 3) I pickup all trash and have done so for the last 80 Sundays. All this about trash is more old lady stuff, as far as I’m concerned. Panicky. Unhelpful.

      • Patrick G Newman says:

        This sentence is blatantly false and the whole post should be removed: “Lastly here is a picture of how Newman’s group of homeless left the plaza, which less than 60 minutes prior was pristine. Yes we cleaned it up, not for them, but for Chico.” Where are my detailed responses? As I said, I was in the plaza for about 90 minutes after we distributed, food, clothing and toiletries. All trash was picked-up. If my responses are removed, doesn’t that make your site kind of worthless–as in, unchallenged and free of scrutiny?

  4. Patrick G Newman says:

    Shucks, where is my comment? Like I said, my/our group picks up all trash both during and after our lunch on Sunday. Participants leave very little trash, considering the number of wrapped items we distribute. I know, because I police the area myself–EVERY TIME. Rather than “trash” us, why not try joining us and see if your opinion of the homeless changes. All I see is fear. (And again, exactly when was that photo taken?)

  5. Common sense says:

    Mr. Newman, to help clear it up for you it was on Wednesday the 9th and right after I had lunch in the park, I was walking by, about 1:20PM and observed a group of homeless getting up and leaving, and as to understanding what they had done, when AS they were leaving, I inquired if they might clean it up, one of them just gave me the middle finger, I then figured he was the one who left it.

    The picture was mine , but the mess was clearly a result of your groups “give a C$%P” attitude about the rest of the Chico’s community.

    • J. Soden says:

      Common Sense wins again!!!!!!

      • RHT447 says:

        I wonder, is Patrick G. related to Alfred E.? Inquiring minds want to know.

        • J. Soden says:

          Two Thumbs Up!

        • Tina says:

          Or are Patrick’s homeless friends playing him?

          If they are so innocent why doe HE have to pick up after them: ” 3) I pickup all trash and have done so for the last 80 Sundays.”

          I’m a genuine “old Lady” who’d just like to say that Patrick is acting like a mother hen with people that should be way beyond the “mothering” stage.

          Having said that, I also sense Patrick is acting out of love and compassion. But the question nags, is he diving into the realm of enabling as well? It’s an important question having to do with the dignity of each individual. We do them no favors by indulging bad manners and behaviors.

          Patrick, do you stand there and make sure they clean up after themselves? And what do you do to encourage them to seek help that would move them off the streets? Or, are the ones you feed and clothe in need of mental health services?

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