Shameful Fact – US Citizens Paid More in Tax than Cost of Food and Clothing – Tax Reform Needed Now!

Posted by Tina

It is indeed shameful that Americans on average paid more in taxes than we spent for food and clothing last year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics was cited in stories by CNS News and The New York Post:

…the average bill for federal, state and local taxes was $10,489.

By comparison, Americans spent $9,006 on food and clothes, with most of that going toward food. …

… the data showed that…the average tax bill rose 41 percent overall since 2013.

According to the BLS, federal income taxes rose from $5,743 to $8,367 in that period. State and local income taxes rose from $1,629 to $2,046.

This information is vital to understanding the need for tax cuts and tax reform. The American people are being squeezed by federal and state governments that are out of control and untrustworthy when it comes to their fiduciary responsibilities. It’s hurting the people, it’s hurting our nation, and it’s hurting our economy. The federal government and most states are deep in debt having established unsustainable social, retirement and healthcare programs. The stupidity that this cosmic error could be fixed simply by increasing taxes will not be lost by anyone that has lost a jobs or seen their income and buying power shrink as the economy slowed to a crawl during the sustained non-recovery. Our Golden Goose has been gutted by the greed and inefficiency of government.

President Trump is adamant that Congress must act to push through a tax plan this year. He made his pitch for reform at an event in Springfield, Missouri where he called on Democrats and Republicans to work together for the American people:

“…put the partisan posturing behind us and come together as Americans, to create the 21st century tax code that our people deserve,” he said. “What could possibly be more bipartisan than helping people keep more of what they earn?”

Indeed, what could be more American! America was founded on principles of individual freedom and responsibility. The entrepreneurial spirit of the American people is the stuff of legend. That spirit, along with the solid work ethic and amazing productivity of the people created a prosperous middle class the likes of which the world had never seen. We can accomplish that reality again by lowering tax rates and simplifying the tax code. As Trump said:

“It’s time to give American workers the pay raise that they’ve been looking for, for many, many years,”… “We need a tax code that is simple, fair and easy to understand.” … “I am asking every member of Congress, which we have many here today, to join me in unleashing America’s potential” … “It’s time to invest in our country, to rebuild our communities and to hire our great American workers.”

American businesses have already started doing their part by taking a leap of faith. They believe that our economy can grow at a much higher rate and workers will experience greater opportunity with promised tax relief from Congress. Breitbart Economics reports:

American factories accelerated in August at the fastest pace of expansion since 2011, data from the Institute for Supply Management showed Friday. …

… The monthly purchasing managers index rose 2.5 points to 58.8, reflecting employment rising to its highest level since June of 2011, an increase in production and rising inventories. Economists had expected a reading of 56.5. Any reading over 50 indicates growth.

It’s time for Congress to lower taxes across the board to set the American people free to work, to produce, to save and invest…and to climb the ladder of individual success and prosperity.

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7 Responses to Shameful Fact – US Citizens Paid More in Tax than Cost of Food and Clothing – Tax Reform Needed Now!

  1. J. Soden says:

    For nearly 8 years, the Establishment Ruling Class of the GOP cried and voted “Repeal Obumblecare” but couldn’t get the job done thanks to Collins, Murkowski and McLame.
    And now that the DACA deadline is approaching, the Establishment Ruling Class are backpedaling on their stance that Obumble’s creation of DACA as unconstitutional and are arguing to leave DACA in place.
    And here comes Tax Reform. Anyone else think the Establishment Ruling Class will get their act together this time around??nnDoubt it!
    Clowngress’ approval ratings are in single digits for a reason, and Eric Cantor Treatments are being actively prepared,.

    • Peggy says:

      I laughed out loud when I heard Ryan say he didn’t want Trump to end Obama’s DACA, because that was the role of congress. Where the he77 was he when Obama signed his EO? He wants us to believe he’ll fix it now. No way, with his past history would I believe him or McConnell to do a dang thing they say they will.

      DACA and immigration reform will never be done because businesses and the Chamber of Commerce don’t want it. Cheap labor is good for them, but bad for US workers. Cesar Chavez was smart enough to figure that out and got his UFW union with the help of his workers and the Kennedys. He took his “army” of workers to the river and stopped the illegals “Wetbacks” (his word not mine) from crossing.

      We need another Cesar Chavez type leader. Is Trump up to the challenge? Guess we’ll find out on Tuesday.

      • Peggy says:

        LOL here we go. Being a Dreamer was just the first step to total amnesty. Next step citizens. Wonder how all of those who followed our immigration laws and paid all of that money feel about America now?

        Think about it. These Dreamers have been here most of their lives and no one has made them leave, so why the big push to make them somewhat “legit” if not to make them completely legal and US citizens?

        GOP Senate Declares War on Conservatives, Crafts Bill to Give DREAMERS Amnesty:

        “Yesterday, a report started floating around that Trump is about to end Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program.

        Great news and the fulfillment of a big campaign promise.

        However, there could be a hitch in that plan.

        It looks like Congress, led by some Republicans, will try and get a bill through that gives those “Dreamers” amnesty.”

  2. Tina says:

    Sundance explains why Trump wants to renegotiate trade agreements in his article, “EPIC Battle – NAFTA Round Two Begins in Mexico – U.S. Based Multinational Corporations Fight to Defend Their Interests…,” over at The Conservative Treehouse. It’s a bit long and difficult but worth reading carefully. It explains how multinational corporations have formed to control markets with the help of big banking and corrupt politicians. It also explains why open borders have been pushed, why we pay so much for groceries, and why our jobs have disappeared. It’s interesting that Marxist principles apply…those in need are given lower prices and those considered wealthy (the US middle class) are price gouged.

    If Trump and company succeed we will be able to return to a much freer market place.

  3. Ken says:

    Mr. or Mrs. Postscripts,

    These people live miserable lives. If you are being honest you would have to admit that they have virtually no hope of ever leading fulfilling, meaningful and happy lives. They will be miserable until the day they die.

    I know this is going to sound incredibly ruthless but it is not. It is the truth. If you are being honest you would have to admit that these people would be better off dead, both for themselves and society.

    If the government is not going to euthanize these people, the least the government could do is offer them assisted suicide.

    If I were one of these people and I could get my hands on a gun I would blow my brains out and I bet you would, too. And I bet you would want a more humane way to end your miserable existence.

  4. Ken says:

    My prior post should have gone under “Homeless Invasion – Hundreds of Millions in Property Damage -Spike in Crime.” If it didn’t wind up there can you move it?

  5. J. Soden says:

    Related subject:
    The following is a comment I found on Twitter. Have posted it here in its entirety with capitalization by the author – not me. No further comment needed.

    “We, LEGAL immigrants feel the bitter sting of suffering consequences while ILLEGALS get a free pass. America & @POTUS read this! #End DACA

    “Before you ignorant lefties open your gobs about humanity crap let me tell you that I went through the LEGAL proves of coming here. It was a strict process of filling out forms, paying fees, waiting and waiting, getting screened medically and background check. I am a US citizen now and I petitioned my brother who is an IT grad, no criminal record, owns a biz, speaks fluent English, yet it takes him AT LEAST 13 YEARS before we can be together here. We do the right thing and we suffer the consequences. BUT YOU HAVE ILLEGALS WHO GET FREE PASS FOR BREAKING THE LAW? This SHOULD NOT BE EVEN A DEBATE AT ALL!”

    (Mine) ‘Nuff said!

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