Homeless Invasion – Hundreds of Millions in Property Damage -Spike in Crime

by Jack

All you have to do is type in a few key search words and suddenly page after of news stories appear centered around the homeless.  Everywhere citizens are complaining about homeless.  The complain they are being bused to their cities via one way tickets from back east.  Local citizens and citizens across the state are outraged with the trash, with the crime and with the destruction of so many precious resources.  This includes a number of massive wild fires, doing untold damage as I write. We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars being lost because of the homeless.  It’s like a war and we’re losing it.

People have been burned out of their homes in Butte County, same in the Redding area.  A burglar tries to burn down the market he’s broken into, and these are all stemming from so-called homeless.  It’s maddening, it’s frustrating and they just keep coming….

Let me give you a sample of what I’m talking about, the follow are news headlines from the internet and they form a pretty definitive picture and yet this is just a tiny fraction of what is out here:

Jan 27, 2017 – A homeless man was charged with arson after allegedly starting a fire in the Fun City Motel on Wednesday…. police received a disturbance call just after midnight. When they arrived at the motel near…

Apr 3, 2017 – Homeless crackheads start a massive PVC fire that collapsed a new bridge overpass on I-85, causing millions of dollars in damage…

July 13 2017 ANAHEIM – A homeless man was arrested on suspicion of starting several fires along the freeway…

July 25th, 2017 – Redding transient burglarizes market, tries to burn down building, Cal Fire says…

Aug. 4, 2017 A homeless man is under arrest for starting several brush fires early Tuesday morning on Old Oregon Trail near Shasta College, which burned through approximately…

Sept. 1, 2017, a homeless man will be charged for starting the Ponderosa fire which has claimed a large number of homes and burned thousands of acres, causing millions in property damage….

In other news….

Aug 2017 – It takes two hours each morning to clean up after homeless campers at this courthouse in Sacramento…36 people were evicted from premises…

I love this one:  July 7th, 2017 Sacramento – Frustration mounts over homeless crisis. County leaders say they need more money… lol, like that will ever help?

Jan. 18, 2017, DENVER – Since starting its so-called “family reunification” program in 2011, the city of Denver has handed out roughly 540 one-way Greyhound bus tickets to other cities costing a total of $123,000. Many accuse Denver of homeless dumping….

4-1917 – People living near the park claim homeless are encamped and committing crimes, making it unsafe. People often say, “Being homeless is not a crime,” but those who live around Dunne Park west of downtown pleaded during the public comments portion of the April 17 Hollister City Council meeting for someone to enforce the law. When it comes to the recent onslaught of homeless individuals who camp out there…

Oh I could go on for many more pages, but I think you get the idea.  Some exasperated communities have started asking their churches to quit feeding the homeless, they are tired of picking up their mess, not to mention the crime wave that goes with it.   This is a national embarrassment and it’s going to take drastic action to fix it.  Throwing money at the problem isn’t the answer, but maybe getting tough is, bringing back vagrancy laws, restoring work projects, etc., you know what they say…idle hands are the devils workshop.
Maybe its time to put some people to work?  And if the courts don’t like it, well, then I think it would be fair if we found a spot on the chain gang for those judges too.

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6 Responses to Homeless Invasion – Hundreds of Millions in Property Damage -Spike in Crime

  1. J. Soden says:

    As with antifa, non-enforcement of laws haven exacerbated their violence. And non-enforcement of laws – or looking the other way – contributes to the homeless trash.

    To rephrase a quote in “Field of Dreams.” – If you provide it, they will come.
    And if you ALLOW it, the problem becomes worse!

  2. Peggy says:

    Friends in San Jose tried to stop a “Tiny Home” project from going in just two blocks from their home, but failed. Their concerns are the same as you listed, an increase in crime, a loss of property value on homes, plus this location is located near a junior and senior high school and the walking routes for the students.

    Their council rep. tried to stop it, so he’ll get reelected for his efforts. The other council members who voted for it will also get reelected because they stopped the camp from being built in their neighborhoods. So, nothing will change until years down the road when property tax revenues decline as homeowners move out as fast as they can turning a once family friendly neighborhood into a suburban version of Detroit. Only when it hits them in the pocket will it become important to them and will they see the huge mistake they made.

    Even with the millions of people down there plenty of open space still exist that this camp, which is the first of more to come, could have and should have been placed instead of where it was.

    San Jose: Council approves a pilot program for “tiny homes” for homeless:

    “SAN JOSE — After more than a year of debate, the City Council approved a pilot program Tuesday to build up to three “tiny home” villages for the homeless — but the fight over where to place the unconventional homeless housing rages on.

    The council approved the plan 9-2, with Councilmen Johnny Khamis and Donald Rocha opposed, after hundreds of residents and housing advocates packed City Hall to debate where to place the homeless micro-housing.

    Residents on Tuesday complained that putting the homeless next to them would increase crime and reduce property values.

    “I know people have called our arguments NIMBYish,” said Ashley Sweren, 38, a Thousand Oaks resident of 13 years. “But frankly, this experiment doesn’t belong in anyone’s backyard until the city has run a pilot to ensure this is a manageable, economic and effective solution that is positive and safe.”

    The council Tuesday eliminated limitations like keeping the tiny homes 100-150 feet away from houses, schools and parks — at least for now. Tiny home sites now must be at least 0.50 acres or inside a 10,000 square-foot building, with access to transit and utilities. City officials will revisit the matter in 60 days with a list of new potential sites and a detailed plan for outreach to residents.”


  3. Tina says:

    “This includes a number of massive wild fires, doing untold damage as I write. We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars being lost because of the homeless. It’s like a war and we’re losing it.”

    Libby is right when she says we will have to “pony up” to solve this problem. But her solutions just encourage more of the same. Solutions will require agreement by the people…good luck in this atmosphere, especially in CA, but sooner or later solutions that work are in order.

    We will have to win on several fronts by creating:

    A society that has deep respect for authority and the law generally and police officers at the street level in particular.

    A society with low tolerance for criminal activity. This will require prisons and judges with no nonsense attitudes and strong sentencing. Prisons should no longer be (ugly) recreation and learning centers. Three hots and a cot should suffice with the same high standards for comportment strictly enforced. First offenders should be placed in boot camp training programs and offered, if they qualify, a stint in the military to repay their debt to society and set their feet on a solid course.

    A society with high standards of comportment. Remember when spitting on the sidewalk and littering was frowned upon and kids were taught from birth of the seriousness of these acts? Hard to believe we’ve sunk so low in just fifty years. Any time a citizen abuses his freedoms and act’s against the well being of his fellow citizens he should feel embarrassed and pay, one way or another. There are plenty of treatment centers around for help in this area.

    A society that values marriage and children and frowns on easy divorce, unmarried mothers, and abortion. Too many of our children are left to raise themselves today either because of divorce, single mother households, dysfunction in the home, or pure neglect and abuse. Too many of us coddled our children. Too many of us shielded our children from negative growth experiences. Too many of us thought we could create self esteem in our children through meaningless reward and praise.

    A society with high standards in education. We’ve focused too much on money and not enough on results. We’ve rewarded bad teaching and teachers and allowed corruption between greedy union heads and politicians. Quality charter schools, private schools, and trade schools are needed and should be encouraged.

    A society that removes the mentally ill from the streets and places them in care facilities for their own and the public’s safety. This would remove a good number of the indigent from public spaces.

    A society that values the individual and expects him to become a responsible, contributing member of society. We need a citizenry that is functional and capable to be strong; we won’t get that unless we demand and require it.

    A society that values limited government, a vibrant economy, and a strong work ethic. A society that expects the federal government to restrict itself to the minimal functions laid out in the Constitution with remaining powers residing in the people and the states (emphasis on the people). A free people will not last unless it’s citizens are taught to be responsible.

    A society that demands professional journalism. Our current crop of reporters is failing and engaging in activism rather than journalism.

    A society that demands and expects high standards in entertainment. Think Shakespeare rather than porn.

    Abandoning principles that create a law abiding, live and let live populace that respects the rule of law has been our downfall. Adopting an anything goes culture has been our undoing. Lowering standards of public behavior is, in hindsight, the most ridiculous and damaging idea any society can have. We need to regroup and reaffirm a commitment to ideals that support a working, functional, safe, and enjoyable public atmosphere. Wishing, hoping and throwing more money at the problem without seeing a measurable result does not work. It will take decades to accomplish these goals so there’s no time like the present to begin. This is among the reasons Trump was elected. Trump cuts through the nonsense and gets to the heart of problems. We may stumble and fall a bit along the way but by heavens we are going to win this war for American greatness.

    Is this “nuts and bolts” enough or is there more that needs doing?

    • Peggy says:

      I’m loving seeing the silent majority speaking with their wallets.

      The print and MSM is dying because of their fake news and biased reporting. Everything is available now with a click of the mouse and it’s free or at a very low cost.

      The NFL games are being boycotted because of it’s players disrespecting our flag and the commissioner letting them get away with. But, will slap them with a $10k fine if they wear shoes showing support of our murdered cops or patriotic event.

      The best is the huge hit the movie industry is getting from people like me who just won’t pay to watch an actor who lectured me about gun control after killing a dozen people on screen with an AR-15. Walk the walk or shut up. Make movies without guns and see how their tickets sales do.

      “Domestic box office revenue for the season is trailing last year by 11 percent and none of the major releases still coming are expected to change that trajectory. In fact, things are likely to get worse for U.S. studios before the leaves change. Without a film debuting widely over the Labor Day weekend, BoxOffice Media predicts the film industry will end the summer of 2017 with sales down by up to 15 percent. That’s a horror-film scenario that translates into roughly one in six American moviegoers choosing to stay home and stream Game of Thrones.

      “It’s a dead zone,” said Jeff Bock, senior box office analyst at Exhibitor Relations Co. “In the next three weeks, there’s going to be a lot of doom and gloom.”


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