Cracker Barrel Chat

by Jack

Lots of big news, most of it bad. First thing that comes to mind is the terrorist attack in London (again). I think the body count so far this year is around 35. The latest attack was among a long series of similar attacks and it should remind us, there’s no amount of government vetting or oversight that will expose every future terrorist. It just can’t. A certain percentage are bound to become radical jihadists as England and most of Europe have suddenly discovered. Keep that in mind when it comes to extending your hand to help Muslims enter America. Not to belabor the point, but the odds say that sometimes you will draw back your helping hand with missing a digit. As far as I’m concerned you can just keep putting that helping hand out there until it’s nothing more than a bloody stump, but don’t ask to me to do it.

Kim Jong Un, who doesn’t know that name by now? Another North Korean missile flies over Japan, this little fatso doesn’t know when to back off! Exactly what the Japanese plan on doing about it is unclear, but they sure don’t like it. I know exactly what Japan of 1937 would have done, but this is the new Japan and they are looking at us as their protectors. What are going to do about it is also unclear. It’s not a good situation…and that part is perfectly clear.

The massive clean up in Huston continues in the wake of a devastating hurricane. Observation: Have you noticed the difference how folks in Huston handled their crisis compared to those in New Orleans? Nuff said.

This week Trump shocked the heck out of republicans when he struck a deal with democrats to extend the debt ceiling by 90 days. Now some are calling him a RINO, republican in name only. Personally, I don’t blame Trump, the republicans in DC have been treating him with contempt from day one and I’m more than a little offended by that. We elected him and the self-serving bureaucrats in Washington act like he was dropped into the White House by Martians. Look, Trump was elected to shake thing up and he’s done exactly that while exposing a whole lot of rotten, partisan hypocrisy. Maybe these beltway guys think we don’t care about the bad treatment of Trump or that an 8% approval rating will get them re-elected? We’ll see about that.

At home the mini crime-wave continues. Unlocked cars are ransacked with regularity. On just my block, cars have been hit 5 times in 3 weeks. Why not lock the cars? Because its better to have them ransacked than a $250 window busted out.

Yep, the thefts are going out of sight and I’m pretty sure I know who’s doing it. Here’s a big clue found in a Roger Miller song, “I know every engineer on every train, all the children and all of their names, and every handout in every town…And every lock that ain’t locked when no-one’s around.” That pretty much sums up our situation. We’re overrun by so-called homeless (professional transients) that come from far away to pillage our little city. The word is out and the homeless are headed for Chico by the hundreds and also by the tens of thousands to most any place on the left coast.

The new arrivals have stressed our welfare resources to the max, they are like a plague of locusts. They use the 5 finger discount at our stores, knowing nothing will happen to them. And as Roger notes, they loot from every lock that ain’t locked when no one’s around. Welcome to Chico, the home of easy pickins.

In closing, let me remind you of the immortal words of Donald Trump, “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day – deport him and you won’t have to feed him.”

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4 Responses to Cracker Barrel Chat

  1. Tina says:

    Read tonight that four American exchange students were attacked in London…acid thrown in their faces. The attacker didn’t utter a word.

    Don Surber reminds us we’ve already granted amnesty to 10-30 million illegals. It happened when the ” Supreme Court ruled the state of Arizona cannot enforce immigration law. … A lower court wanted to imprison a sheriff for enforcing immigration law. …And now another lower court has ruled that the federal government cannot enforce immigration law by forcing cities to cooperate.”

    He has a point.

  2. Peggy says:

    Here we go again.

    Don’t be alarmed if Legislature’s housing package makes things worse:

  3. Peggy says:

    PBS is showing a brutally honest, as far as I remember, 10 part series on the Vietnam war. Tonight is part 2.

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