Killer in Corning – 4 Dead + One

Posted by Jack with snippets from several news stories….

California’s strict gun control laws have no effect on ex-con who used stolen weapons.  

A gunman driving stolen vehicles at various times and choosing his targets at random opened fire “without provocation” in a tiny, rural Northern California town Tuesday, killing four people and wounding at least 10 others, including a student at an elementary school, before police shot him dead, authorities said.

Media outlets in Tehama County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that Kevin Janson Neal, 43-years-old was the suspected shooter. This is an old booking photo of him on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

At least one of the shooters neighbor’s said they had reported the suspect because he had been shooting firearms in the immediate area of their apartment complex. However, there is not indication that the Sheriff’s Office received this complaint or took any action regarding the shooting before today’s shooting incident.

The rampage began shortly before 8 a.m. when the gunman fatally shot a neighbor he had been accused of stabbing in January, Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said.

Media outlets in Tehama County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that Kevin Janson Neal, 43-years-old was the suspected shooter. This is an old booking photo of him on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

The shooter apparently had a long history with law enforcement and was a convicted felon.  As a felon, he was not allowed to purchase or possess any firearms. 

Shortly afterward, the gunman, with his cache of stolen weapons, rammed through the gate of Rancho Tehama Elementary School about 2 miles away and spent about six minutes shooting into the building, striking at least one student, Johnston said.

Surveillance video showed the gunman, who was not identified, (actually he was – see above) trying unsuccessfully to enter the school, authorities said.

Crazy people like this guy is yet one more reason why you citizens should be carrying your legal weapon and your CCW permit on you at all times.  What do you want to be that one or more of the school employees will be seeking a CCW permit real soon?

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14 Responses to Killer in Corning – 4 Dead + One

  1. Jim says:

    Stolen firearms are one reason why we should have registration. It would help the police track down stolen guns. This would not interfere with responsible gun owners.

    • Harold says:

      I am confused as to how gun registration would help track down the weapons used like this when acquired illegally? The only thing it could really accomplish is locating the legal owner.

      We already have a current law that requires a gun that was stolen reported with a short time period, and on that I agree, but the catch 22 to that law is you have to know the gun is missing to begin with, and unless you are a victim of a resent burglary or you don’t practice at a range on a regular basis, and the gun just sits ignored a drawer with a trigger lock or even in a small gun safe then what?

      Even if the police knew about a missing weapon, Those weapons would have to be found on, or near a unauthorized person personal property and then determining how or from who they were acquired might happen, but registration didn’t help the police locate it to begin with. A exception might be a dishonest pawn shop dealer.

      I really don’t’ see a parallel as to how it would help law enforcement find them, until a arrest takes place and it is found in their possession.

      What If lets say a family member and they are a closet drug user, and they steal it, until you know it is missing, really are you to know to report it. By that time I guarantee it has changed hands more than a couple of times, and the trail is ice cold.

      • Tina says:

        Harold do you think any of our liberal friends have noticed that in order for these things to happen laws must be broken…sometimes several laws?

        For some reason they will not accept the fact that people are capable of doing bad things and a person driven to kill will find a way to do it. We live in freedom. Even countries with very strict, oppressive laws cannot prevent it.

        • Harold says:

          Yes Tina I think they are aware fully of how they have added to many of society’s problems.

          I would wager they understand that mental illness is a major part of the problem, but they have no acceptable answer to solve it, other than point fingers with a slurry of useless laws to make it appear they working, sigh.

          Their resent law about preventing trained and armed teachers on school grounds that Brown signed in does what to protect school kids from this type of murderess killing?, nothing! just the opposite, it emboldens those looking for that” target rich environment” RHT refers to and creates a easy kill zone.
          Even the most idiotic politician should be able to realize that fact, because it seems a mentally ill person has.

          Lets make it just a dangerous for a killer at schools as Brown and company have just made it for our children.

          If lawmakers were prevented from having their private armed protection while assembled, they might understand better the importance of putting in real effective laws in a effort to protect our children.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Jim, gun registration has a very limited application within law enforcement. I investigated many gun homicides and from personal experience gun registration didn’t help me solves the crimes…not once. Sometimes you just have to weigh the cost verses the good and if they are way out of balance, you don’t need it.

  2. Harold says:

    Had any of the school official’s been properly armed and trained in the use of a fire arm this guys “gun free zone shooting gallery spree” might just have ended there. thanks to a lock down at the school he was stopped, but only there!
    He then drove off and seriously wounded another mother, and wounding a child in her car, both, which may have been prevented by a armed and trained school official.

    These crazies, these murderers will go where it is safe to kill knowing it is safe for them to do so, Gov Brown and his majority liberal legislators once more fail the public by preventing weapon trained school personial to defend the children and themselves against such murderous acts. Just more liberal “fairly dust and unicorn” shortsighted lack of meaningful legislation you and your family get to live and possibly die by.

    And more of this over the top California Gun restriction attitude is just going to add to the future carnage.

    Just remember any “Gun Free zone” will only prevent the lawful gun carrying person from protecting themselves and others, it is NEVER a deterrent to a murderer.

    • RHT447 says:

      Yup. Gun Free Zone = Target Rich Environment.

      • Libby says:

        Darling, you betray a sensibility that wants professional attention. Paranoia is treatable. Aggression is jailable. You get to pick how it goes.

        • RHT447 says:

          Ha! Love it. When this dinger goes off, I know I hit the bullseye.

          And here’s the thing. All this stuff in favor of “gun control” is BS. It’s not about the guns. Never has been. If it really was about guns, then the answer is staring them right in the face. Don’t vote democrat.

          Anybody remember the posters calling Barry Hussein the best gun salesman of the year? No kidding! Just look a the BATF stats. Then came the election. Almost everyone was predicting that Shilllary would win, even the gun industry. Oops.

          Now, the shelves are sagging with unsold inventory. I get regular emails from outfits like Brownell’s and Midway. You should see the prices. They can’t give this stuff away. The left should be making posters about President Trump saying “Best gun control president ever”.

  3. Post Scripts says:

    If it were not so sad, it would be comical. How can any thinking person rationalize passing a minor law to prevent a major violation? How does a “gun free zone” prevent murder when laws against murder don’t prevent murder?

  4. Libby says:

    We live in a country where anyone forbidden gun ownership on account of their unstable emotional history (you object to this?) can buy the parts for an AR-15 and assemble them in his (and it is always a “his”) garage. You think this is acceptable?

    Been a lot of commentary lately (as there have been a shocking lot of shootings lately), and my favorite holds that this will work out like any other public health crisis with social/political overtones. As soon as we reach critical mass, that is, when everybody knows somebody who has had a loved one slaughtered, then sensible things will happen.

    We seem to be moving right up to that point. If you own stock in the manufacturers of personal armament, I’d sell it.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby, the parts that make it a weapon are already regulated and there are laws in CA to control that, but it would not have done any good in this case. What’s next licensing of a steel forge in your garage? Cause it’s possible to melt metal and make gun parts? See, like most liberals, here you go flying off with your “good intentions,” but you’ve not stopped to think it through. We can’t destroy the Constitution trying to find absolute safety and security, well, you could I suppose, but the goal is not achievable. How good is France when it comes to gun laws and gun ownership? That’s a liberal gun-grabbers utopia and France has had some horrible shootings, but even if they didn’t, there’s still other methods. One door closes and another opens…does this make any sense, do you see the logic here?

  5. Truth To Power says:

    We are not going to ban Guns – they are the only security we have

    Sensible laws are not the enemy – but when people follow the media leads and fight all we get is noise.

    We use to respect guns – teach safety and respect. While Norcal has a better respect for guns out here in the south it is stupid. kids with guns when they barely know how to read and write? Toys?

    Stop following the game – There are more of us Independents who differ greatly on politics agreeing on easy solutions – we are being silenced by these 2 parties and their media –

    Democrats and Republicants do not represent the majority of Americans –

    People do not vote because the game is rigged

    The lobbies create the game as a test to when the deep state can grab the guns –

    Again we are not going to ban guns – it is all fud – people are not going to give them up in a time of WW3

    • Tina says:

      ” we are being silenced by these 2 parties”

      Who is stopping you here?

      The problem as I see it is that mostly you complain. You see yourself as smarter than others, yet you offer no solutions or alternatives.

      119 million people voted in the 2016 election.

      Many of us are discouraged over the state of the parties. But you haven;t offered an alternative to the left and right options in terms of a platform. What do you want? What would you support? How do you think government should work?

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