Jack Lee Art – Focke Wulf 190, WWII Fighter

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Just finished another in my aviation series.  This is one of my smaller paintings, 16X20″, acrylic on canvas.  This is a scene of the FW190 making a low pass over a destroyed city.  Note the drifting smoke on the lower left, also the T34 Russian tank, lower right.  In the distant foreground are barrage balloons, a common sight in WWII.  Above center is a formation of German bombers.   All comments are welcome.

Update:  I am putting together a CD of my paintings and submitting to MONCA* for consideration of a display.   Also have one prospect for a showing in January.  More to follow.

.J. Lee – FW190


*Museums of Northern California

PS Does the closest wing look to short?  Ha!  It’s not, measure it.  It’s much longer than the wing in foreground.  It is perfectly to scale.  An optical illusion, that’s all it is.  Same goes for the tail section, it’s spot on.  Does the spinner look tilted up?  That’s due to the swirl pattern, another optical illusion.  I enjoy messing with illusions and have people second guess their eyes! lol


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  1. RHT447 says:

    Some perspective—

    As a child of the ’60’s, my dad was a WWII vet. The old guys like my grandfather had served in WWI. Ancient history was the Civil War. Today, from 100 years ago—


    I have a copy of my grandfather’s discharge from the U.S. Army Air Service as a 2Lt from Camp Dix February 23, 1919. My own discharge is dated 16 February, 1977 from Fort Dix.

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