War Likely with North Korea?

By Jack

“There’s a 70 percent chance the Trump administration will use the military option against North Korea if Pyongyang conducts another nuclear test, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

“I don’t know how to say it any more direct: If nothing changes, Trump’s gonna have to use the military option, because time is running out,” Graham told the Atlantic in an interview published Thursday.”

I think his odds for war are a bit high and we’ve still not ruled out China stepping up.  China could declare a trade embargo, but the question is what will it cost us? I’m not sure, but I’ll guess a lot less than war with Korea.  Right now nobody should be anxious to use the military option, because South Korea would bare the brunt of whatever NK could throw at us.

What are the odds that China will join the blockade if they test another missile?  Better than our next option, that’s for sure.


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4 Responses to War Likely with North Korea?

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Lindsay Graham is saber rattling. We will see. Will China step up and NK back down? China has as much a vested interest in stability as we do given their dependence upon world trade. If we keep saber rattling perhaps China will stop using NK as a destabilizing puppet to serve their political interests and put the pursuit of trade interests ahead of the political.

    Am I wrong? Correct me if I am.

    • Tina says:

      I think there’s a good chance that China is tired of having a crazy a$$ed trouble maker at it’s back door. And like the leaders in the ME are tired of crazed jihadists, China realizes it’s their problem too.

      Trump has made it very clear that he will not tolerate threats to America. He’s also made it clear that the leaders of other nations have a responsibility to their own people and the world to be the solution.

      Having said that, Kim is nuts. The South China Morning Post reports NK is a “ticking time bomb”:

      “Conditions on the peninsula now make for the biggest risk of a war in decades,” said Renmin University international relations professor Shi Yinhong, who also advises the State Council, China’s cabinet. … Addressing the conference, Wang Hongguang, former deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region, warned that war could break out on the Korean peninsula at any time from now on until March when South Korea and the United States held annual military drills. … Nanjing University professor Zhu Feng said that no matter how minor the possibility, China should be prepared psychologically and practically for “a catastrophic nuclear conflict, nuclear fallout or a nuclear explosion”.

      “Why do we always act like ostriches? Why do we always believe a war won’t occur?” Zhu said.

      “What China needs is a sense of urgency about its declining influence in strategy related to the peninsula and the way it brings down China’s status and role in East Asian security issues.”

      He also said Kim’s failure to meet Chinese envoy Song Tao during his trip to Pyongyang last month was a “humiliation” for China. … at the United Nations in New York, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on China and Russia to increase their efforts to halt Pyongyang’s nuclear programme.

      Tillerson also backtracked on his previous unconditional offer for talks by saying that Washington would not negotiate with Pyongyang until it stopped “threatening behaviours”.

      NK’s ambassador whined that they had to have nuclear weapons to defend themselves. Paranoid and crazy…there’s nothing to do but end it. You can’t negotiate with aggressor terrorists or aggressor nut bags.

      The threat is great, the conditions very serious. The US will do everything possible to avoid a nuclear tragedy.

  2. Tina says:

    AOL.com, “Mystery swirls around powerful North Korea official as Hwang Pyong-so remains missing”

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