Break Thru Art – Jack Lee


If you practice enough at anything you will have break thru moments, this painting represents mine.

My daughter didn’t like the background in my first Curtis painting and urged me to do a second. Finally I gave in.   In doing my second Curtis Hawk I felt more comfortable knowing all of it’s components, so I focused more on shading, detail and bringing it to life. I also spent a little extra time on the clouds. The painting took about two days, but in the end I was very pleased. I hope you enjoy it. This is an acrylic on canvas, 18X20.

This is a break thru for me, my best plane painting to date.   Wish you could see it in person, the clouds are really bright and almost shine, plus the colors on the plane are more vivid.

Lee’s BF2C Curtis Hawk

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One Response to Break Thru Art – Jack Lee

  1. Harold says:

    I tend to agree, This is much more focused on the airplane itself.

    I lost focus of the airplane in the maze of fields below in your first one, (maybe the glass of wine caused it, not sure) I was fascinated with the Bi-plane and the retractable wheels though and really enjoy your work. You have talent my friend

    I think you should put her initials -2 as the call letters on the fuselage

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