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“The Wall is Imperative” said President Trump last night in Minnesota and he’s right! The wall must be included in immigration reform legislation to deter illegal entry. Our immigration courts cannot deal with the hoards of people crossing our borders without authorization! And it affects more than the courts…law enforcement, and state and local budgets also come under undue pressure. Governments under both parties have failed to address the problems. Worse yet, bureaucrats have endeavored to hide or mask information that might force congressional action. This president and his administrators are determined to finally “DO SOMETHING”…full disclosure is an appropriate starting point.

The Justice Department has been working diligently to uncover and expose deceptions and irregularities in immigration court reports:

From 1996 through 2016, just under half of all aliens who were set free pending a trial date—1.25 million in total—were ordered removed, i.e. deported. Of that number, 952,291 were removed for evading court. Less than a quarter of this same group actually appeared in court. Over the span of more than two decades of court business, nearly two-fifths (37 percent) of those who were let free before their trial ended up fleeing court.

Since 1996, an average of 45,000 migrants each year disappeared, adding to a backlog of unexecuted removal orders that in 2016 numbered 954,000. If predictions are correct, nearly 57,000 people will evade their hearings in 2018 and bring the 23-year failure-to-appear total to 1.05 million—that’s 9.3 percent of the illegal population in the U.S. as measured by a 2017 Pew Research Center study.

It is here that damage to the courts, immigration enforcement, and national security intersect…mismanagement across both Republican and Democratic administrations that produced weak—and sometimes dishonest—recaps of court business. In essence, federal agencies calculated failure-to-appear rates in a misleading manner for congressional oversight.

Activists are embedded everywhere in the big government bureaucracy! The deep state, if you will.

Democrats have rushed to the microphones to make false claims about what’s happening on our borders many times without disclosing that the same conditions were going on when Democrats were in control and without admitting that they have done nothing to address the problems. In addition the solutions they back, open borders and free services, will compound problems at the state and local levels. Their solutions will adversely impact budgets, effectiveness, and costs in education and healthcare, wages and jobs, and law enforcement.

Exposure of irregularities and waste in the immigration courts is an important step toward reform of our immigration laws, support for those who secure our border, and the security and safety of American citizens.

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6 Responses to Draining the Swamp – DOJ Courts

  1. J. Soden says:

    “The Justice Department is working diligently . . . .” to cover up illegal and unethical behavior from those on the 7th Floor . . . . .

    • Tina says:

      You’re right J, should have written, “some” in the Justice Department….the radical left faux servants are doing their best to cover up illegal and unethical behavior and apparently will go to any extremes to do so.

      Just wanted to make sure the positive things going on get some air time too…MAGA!

  2. Tina says:

    We should savor every drop of good news.

    Here’s more, on the trade front, and did you know they’re projecting 3% growth for the second quarter…very cool!

    • Peggy says:

      I heard the projection was 4.8%.

      Either works to MAGA!

      • Tina says:

        Your right Peggy, several entities have weighed in to make projections. Goldman Sach’s projected 4%…Atlanta Fed boosted their forecast to 4.8%…Kiplinger has a forecast of 3%.

        I took the moderate road. We’ll know fairly soon and you’re right…it’s all good!

  3. Tina says:

    Back on topic, Fox is reporting FBI Agent Peter Strzok has been subpoenaed to testify to the House Judiciary Committee. His hearing will be closed, possibly because his lawyer said he will not plead the fifth and os willing to testify without securing an immunity deal.

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