Moderate Dems Launch #WalkAway

Posted by Tina

Well…this is interesting…PJ Media reports:

A new grassroots movement is urging Democrats who are fed up with the ugly direction the party has taken in recent years — especially since President Trump was elected — to “walk away.” The #WalkAway campaign is “dedicated to sharing the stories of people who can no longer accept the current ideology of liberalism and what the Democratic Party has become,” the group’s Facebook page states.

Some left long ago. Many of us have recently been “red-pilled”. Some here have wanted to leave for some time, but have feared the consequences they might suffer from friends or family if they walk away.

This group is here to encourage and support those on the left to walk away from the divisive tenets by allowing people to share their stories, or watch the video testimonies and read the posts of others who have walked away.

Brandon Straka aka “The Unsilent Minority” kicked off the campaign with a video on May 26.

“It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this campaign and that we may start a movement in this country — which not only encourages others to walk away from the divisive left, but also takes back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America,” Straka says in the video.

It is up to all of us to make our voices heard and reclaim the truth. The Democratic Party has taken for granted that it owns racial, sexual, and religious minorities in America. It has encouraged groupthink, hypocrisy, division, stereotyping, resentment, and the acceptance of victimhood mentality. And all the while, they have discouraged minorities from having independent thought, open dialogue, measured and informed opinion, and a motivation to succeed.

“For years now, I have watched as the left has devolved into intolerant, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded, and at times blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric,” Straka says in the video…(watch at the link). … The video has 1,156,248 views on Facebook and over 61,000 views on YouTube. The #WalkAway Facebook page has over 20,000 likes and over 6,000 members.

Brandon Straka goes on to explain his earlier aversion to Trump and his realization that it was based on the lies and deceptions of the left.

What does this mean? Does it mean they back Hillary, heaven forbid? Or are they aware of her socialist bent and corruption?

We can hope that it means they have discovered and reject the lies, deception, and corruption of the Obama years that included Hillary Clinton and sparked the radical socialist takeover of the party.

I would love to see many of them join the conservative movement to help strengthen the Republican Party if they are truly awakened from their sleep, but I don’t expect that. The next best thing would be a group that rises to become the patriotic replacement for the broken and corrupted Democrat Party and a return to civility and mutual respect in our government and daily lies.

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  1. RHT447 says:

    Hmm. Interesting indeed.

    “I think this is it. The more lukewarm Democrats are either keeping their mouths shut or are disappearing from the Party. The ones who remain are the ones who are more committed (translation: barking mad moonbats) who are the ones we hear talking about impeachment, banishing Trump supporters from the public square, protesting at Republican’s houses, etc.g indeed.”

    From here—

  2. RHT447 says:

    A reminder—

    “We say fight back. New times, new strategies and tactics, but the struggle for peace and freedom, Joy and justice continues. The people, yes!”

    Bill Ayers

    From here (warning–some strong language)—

  3. Tina says:

    If you think you have to struggle for peace and joy when you live in a free country of incredible opportunity the you haven’t a clue about how to achieve peace or joy.

    And to think this man has had tremendous influence over the content of schoolbooks and the education of America’s teachers!

  4. Peggy says:

    The Salty Sailor
    By Karen Vaughn
    Mother of Aaron Vaughn, Navy Seal KIA

    “Sometimes God uses the no-nonsense, salty sailor to get the job done. Appreciating what the man is doing doesn’t mean we worship the salty sailor or even desire to be like the salty sailor. It doesn’t even mean God admires the salty sailor. Maybe He just knows he’s necessary for such a time as this.

    I believe with all my heart that God placed that salty sailor in the White House and gave this nation one more chance in November 2016. Donald Trump is what he is. He is still the man he was before the election. And without guilt, I very much admire what that salty sailor is accomplishing.

    He’s not like me. That’s okay with me. I don’t want to be like him. I will never behave like him. I know we’ve NEVER had a man like him lead our nation. It’s crazy and a little mind blowing at times. But I can’t help admire the ability he has to act with his heart rather than a calculated, PC, think tank-screened, carefully edited script. I still believe that is WHY he became our President and WHY he’s been able to handle a landslide of adversity and STILL pass unprecedented amounts of good legislation for our country AND do great works for MANY other nations, including Israel.

    Image result for KAREN VAUGHN

    I’m THRILLED with what he’s doing for my nation, for the cause of Christ (whether intentional or unintentional, doesn’t matter to me), and for the concept of rebuilding America and putting her FIRST. I will not be ashamed of my position because others don’t see him through the same lens.

    Should it matter to me if a fireman drops an f-bomb while he’s pulling me from a burning building? Would I really care about what came out of his mouth in those moments? Heck no! I’d CARE about what he was DOING. He wasn’t sent there to save my soul and I’m not looking to him for spiritual guidance. All I’m thinking in those moments is, “Thank you, Jesus, for sending the fireman.”

    This man is crass. Okay. He’s not careful with what he says Okay. You feel offended that he’s not a typical statesman. Okay. But he is rebuilding the nation my son died for…the nation I feared was on a fast track to becoming a hopeless cause. Forgive me if I’m smiling.”

    Billy and Karen Vaughn are the parents of fallen Navy SEAL, Aaron Carson Vaughn (SEAL Team VI). The downing of Extortion 17 was the day Aaron’s life ended and the day their lives began again. As Billy and Karen began searching for answers their eyes were opened to vile atrocities being played out on America’s military. They’ve now become advocates for our defenders…exposing the criminal Rules of Engagement, which have unnecessarily cost so many American soldiers their lives. Our defenders deserve to be defended. The burden of their covering rests on us, the patriots of this nation. It is imperative that we stand together and demand change. Billy and Karen spend a considerable amount of time on Capitol Hill, and have shared their story on hundreds of local, state and national radio outlets including Fox & Friends, The Today Show, The Andrew Wilkow Show, The Willis Report, The Kelly File, The Huckabee Show, Hannity’s America, Geraldo at Large, and more. Billy has authored the book on Extortion 17 titled: BETRAYED – The Shocking True Story Of Extortion 17 As Told By A Navy SEAL’s Father. Follow Billy and Karen on Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Gail says:

    What a pile of garbage. These blogs sound like they are sharing pearls of factual wisdom and they are only opinions. The only requirement for having a blog is typing. I believe both parties have problems but this criticism, followed by what may be a truly heartfelt letter from a grieving mother who finishes her statement with a smile? Well, okay. But why not use the same words and swing to the other side! That’s how we get everyone hating each other and unable to listed to or even bothering to seek the truth. Lets just learn by listening shoddy commercials paid for with pak money, Televangelist who have ranted for over 25 years on Clinton being immoral and are now calling grab ’em by the pussy, buy her furniture, don’t care is she’s married, I kiss them, I can’t help myself , I can do it because I’m famous, my daughter is hot- so it is all locker room talk now? – and I used to watch that quick one-liners,
    Who is in control and has been for decades in Congress? Who fought all those years against the Affordable Care Act, calling it Obamacare to upset people like the woman who liked now having care due to the Affordable Care Act but wouldn’t have anything to do with that dreadful Obamacare! Who has been pushing things though with a margin of one? Who made a mockery of our Supreme Court by refusing to even speak to Dr. Ford, but jumped in with sympathetic cries for Judge Kavanaugh? Who believes being a major contributor to the Beach Barfers refers to a tender tummy? Who believes Bart Kavanaugh is not Brett Kavanaugh? Who prevented 40 plus persons willing to corroborate Dr. Ford’s story under oath, while accepting a letter from a friend (but not his roommate who knew more) who um…doesn’t recall cause he drank so much back then. – good source…the FAR right and the FAR left are both nuts. (liberal is not a dirty word by the way, neither is conservative – America needs both. unfortunately the far right have much more money and power which should scare everyone money running politics will kill our country like it has other large nations. Let me get this article straight – these are the terms for the left – inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded, and at times blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric, inflexible? illogical (allow pres. to hide taxes, back away from the AG, scorn our law agencies that are mostly run by solid republicans, mock the free press? ignorant (doesn’t fit either party / just a fools tool to rile us up) narrow minded? like going along with “build that wall ” and “lock her up” chanting convincing Americans that Mexicans that want in are dirty thieves and rapists and drug dealers and what else? murderers? blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric – again build that wall etc and, lets be honest, believing the only good American is a white American – that’s why the Trumps were sued and lost – they violated the fair housing act, the president claimed he hired illegal immigrants because, well, it was the height of the season and it was hard to find workers??? Hypocritical? Like giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy while fighting tooth and nail to stop any increase in the minimum wage. (that was started for teen-agers with after school jobs by the way, not the working man) Salty? Grab ’em by the pussy, go into their dressing room while they are naked or half naked because I can claim I’m inspecting things for the pageant, call a past contestant Miss Piggy, refuse to shake the hand of the
    Germaq Chancellor, hang up on our Australian Allies (we would have lost in the Pacific without them during the war) put people in charge of things they are completely inept at ie a brain surgeon with no experience in charge of HUD, cozying up to Vladimir Putin who is known as a murdering thug, showing admiration for the butcher of North Korea who even killed his own family along with thousands more, is that poor mother talking about that kind of salty? Because if she is, with all due respect mam, I am sorry for your loss, but our president is a disgrace not because he is a rough around the edges pig, but because his politics destroy our democracy, he admires the worst leaders, he is losing key allies, he has put a past proven war-monger in as Sec. of Defense, has hired more women beaters-wife bashers-foreign agents, liars, money launderers (proven I’m afraid) than any other before him, belittled another fine military man, John McCain who endured 5 YEARS in a notorious hell-hole prison nick-named the Hanoi Hilton (Senator McCain made it clear that he did NOT want our own President at his funeral – how telling is that) or the way he has brought back some of the worst prejudices in out country that unfortunately bubbled just beneath the surface for some Americans. thinking Whites are truly superior, though he’s cagey about it, “why can’t we get immigrants from Normay – I think he meant Norway- that kind of salty? Or the really bad stuff? -Jack Lee and Tina Grazier, your audacity knows no bounds. Still, I will bote and keep praying for America. Sorry, I will not parade what faith I am around for everyone to see. Keep the faith.

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