Man Charged With a Hate Crime

by Jack

This is like a tale of two cities.  Earlier this week a black woman was [not] charged with a hate crime after she attacked and severely injured a frail 91 year old Hispanic man because he allegedly “bumped” into her daughter.

She knocked him down and she yelled racial slurs and told him to go back to Mexico.  But, that’s not a hate crime… not in Los Angeles.

A day later and across the nation in Chicago, an intoxicated older [white] man yells at a younger female from Puerto Rico.  He tells her she’s in America and she should not be wearing a tee shirt with the Puerto Rican flag on it.  His motives were a twisted sort of patriotism granted, however it was not racial and I don’t see rising to the level of a felony.  He didn’t say go back to Puerto Rico or make racial slurs according to what I read.  It was all about her flag shirt that the stupid drunk guy misidentified.   He was just being a stupid drunk, this is exactly the kind of brainless stuff they do.  It’s wrong and he should have been busted for public intoxication.   But, he’s being charged with a serious hate crime, a felony…why? 

Now take a look at the injuries to the older Hispanic man from Los Angeles.  He was cussed out, yelled at for being Hispanic and beaten nearly to death.  But, that’s not a hate crime.

So let me rephrase it, yelling is a serious felony hate crime in Chicago where the drunk suspect is white, but this beating in Los Angeles where the suspect was black is not a hate crime… do you understand now?   No, me either.

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9 Responses to Man Charged With a Hate Crime

  1. Harold says:

    So the story read, he knocked down a child, did he stumble, did the child make a move and step into his path, could it have been a deliberate act by the 91 year old?? so far I haven’t heard anything about how or why, just a senseless hate filled beating with racial slurs.

    What sort of hate filled person is stimulated to act like that and do a beat down with a block of cement on a elderly person, nothing! and nothing in this story so far suggested it was anything but a accident. And even if it wasn’t a accident, nothing short of defending yourself from a life treating attack or fearing for your life gives anyone the right to pick up a weapon (concrete block) and beat the hell out of someone, unless you are so enraged over say a political figure in your area saying things that has gotten people so riled up with hate for others they just see this as acceptable.

    I am with you Jack, it does not make sense and I expect anyone with common sense will find it impossible to understand either.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Harold, we grew up in an era where the statue of the lady of justice was blindfolded and her scales were level, but now I would say she’s wearing an eye patch and her scales are more than a little tilted.

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    Yes, I understand.

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    Off Topic: Gorka gets it Matt Frei is a hapless, pathetic, left wing clown, as shown here. Worth viewing. (Ch 4 BBC)

  4. Peggy says:

    This is excellent. Candice Owens is expressing the same analyses from the younger generation. Worth watching.

    Life Liberty & Levin: Author Shelby Steele “White Guilt is Black Power”:

    “Mark Levin sits down with Author Shelby Steele on Life, Liberty, & Levin on Fox News Sunday to discuss protest in today’s America, as well as Maxine Waters + Martin Luther King Jr, Football players, liberalism, immigration, assimilation, and much more.”

  5. Libby says:

    Still hiding out? Don’t blame you.

    Seems to me that The Donald’s behavior at the NATO Summit, and certainly at Helsinki, proves it beyond a doubt …

    The Pee Tape exists.

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