Senator Accuses US Border Patrol – Banned Chemical Weapons

by Jack

We all should know by now, the democrats have a hate on for Trump unlike any other in our long political history, uh, President Lincoln excepted.  This blind hate has caused them to do all manner of crazy and sometimes criminal things.

To get at Trump they will lie, incite riots and engage in blatant criminal conduct. They’ve been unrelenting in an investigation that began with false information and has morphed into a sort of investigative free-for-all. They’ve repeatedly mocked and insulted Trump, his wife and his sons. They’ve even conspire with federal agencies to leak classified reports.

Now here comes more tossed mud, but this time it missed the target (Trump) and landed on the democratic party.

Democrat Sen. Brian Schatz – HI., tweeted that US military and border patrol agents may be in violation of international agreements governing the use of chemical weapons against Central American migrants who were attempting to enter the US illegally. His stupidity embarrassed and insulted the nation and it falsely maligned our border police and military, just to slander Donald Trump?

At the time his allegation went public, our Southern border was under attack – and yes, tear gas was used to repel the invaders.  So what?

The media estimated that somewhere between 500-1000 people rushed the blockade on the Mexico side, then charged our Cal border near Tijuana. They hurled rocks at our security personnel and tried to squeeze through gaps in the fence.  They pulled at a sheet metal wall, made an opening and started surging through.  The use of tear gas was a very modest use of force in response.

Schatz wasn’t the only democrat expressing what can only be fake outrage to the media. Failed dem senate candidate Beto O’Rourke from Texas and a Southern California Congressman joined in too.  Schatz later tweeted, “Using tear gas against families is a new low.” Well, I think Schatz and the other provocateurs are still lower.  

The Dems [claim] they don’t want a divided America, then they spout off  with lies likely to promote hate?  Dems, take a hint, hate is not a good conversation starter.  It is not a theme likely to unite… got it?  

To put Sen. Schatz statements into its proper context, you should know he sits on Defense Appropriations Committee. Great, huh? We’ve got a blithering idiot on a very important committee.  He has no military background and based on his tweets about the use of chemical weapons, apparently no common sense either.  Wonder why the dems would want him on that committee?  Oh, right, because that’s where the money is!  You know, plenty of graft, kickbacks, bribes and all kinds of back room deals done to get defense contracts.  This is the deep part of the swamp.   Of course that’s why Schatz is there!

But, back on point….it should go without saying, tear gas doesn’t violate any chemical-weapons treaties. (said with a chuckle)  The idea was so silly, so wrong and so foolish that Schatz had to delete his tweet.  Probably realizing (belatedly) how absurd he looked to the public.

But, was there even a need for tear gas?  Yes.  Eye witnesses and media pictures tell the story, this was a serious clash between illegal immigrants and who knows who else, trying to storm the U.S. border.   Heavy objects, such as stones, were thrown at border patrol agents.  What are they supposed to do, just stand there?  And look what the Chair of the Democratic Party had to say about it…

MSN-“The chairman of the Democratic National Committee tweeted that “seeking asylum is not a crime.” “Shooting tear gas at children is not who we are as Americans,” tweeted Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee. “Seeking asylum is not a crime. We must be better than this.”  Seeking asylum is one thing, but attempting to enter the US illegally is!   Illegal entry is considered a crime until proven otherwise.

Since none of our police or military are mind readers, people rushing the border from the Mexico side must be considered a threat and to be breaking the law until we can determine their true intent.  Under such circumstances we are entitled to use reasonable force to protect our borders.

Any legislator should know that the difference between illegal entry or asking for asylum  can only be determined after being taken into custody.   The arrestees motives for illegal entry must be vetted before asylum can be granted.  That takes a lot of investigative time and taxpayer money.  Meanwhile those suspected of an illegal entry are held in custody.  They are also given the option to return home, it’s their choice.

So, lets be perfectly clear, illegal immigration is a crime under federal criminal law and it has been for a couple of hundred years, odd these legislators don’t know:  “To…. enter or attempt to enter the United States at any time or place other than designated by immigration officers; Elude examination or inspection by immigration officers; or Attempt to enter or obtain entry to the United States by willfully concealing, falsifying, or misrepresenting material facts.”  “Border jumpings” — are also criminal acts associated with illegally immigrating to the United States.

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37 Responses to Senator Accuses US Border Patrol – Banned Chemical Weapons

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Further proof that when it comes to border security (as in so many other issues) the Democrat Party is an ass; and when you think about it, the Ass Party symbol is quintessentially descriptive. But not as symbol for the “common man” as the vile Andrew Jackson would have had us believe.

    I still am hopeful (probably wishfully at this point) that most “common man” Americans are not as stupid and vile as the Ass Party leadership.

  2. Harold says:

    Oh! did the Dem’s forget to mention that in 2013 tear gas was used against a border assault then as well, must have slipped their minds. They have such convenient memory’s huh!.

    Trump this and Trump that, but in 2013 wasn’t that under the control of Obama! sure enough it was!

  3. Libby says:

    I wish you’d educate yourself …

    Now, contrary to your wishes, they will not be brutalized into leaving … not by my country, anyway. Think about it, would you: the sorts of things motivated them to make the journey, and what they’ve endured on the way. The tear gas is pointless; just makes us look bad. And no matter how many Twitty Hissys our Commander-in-Chief pitches, there will be no massacres.

    So then, 100 a day is good, but not good enough … not if you’ve got 10,000 applicants to get through. The longer they have to spend sitting in the mud, the crabbier they will get. We need camps built, busses leased … on this side of the border … and to get our administrative butts in gear. I thought your Donald was supposed to be good at this sort of thing? Apparently, not.

    Furthermore, if that jackass, your Prezzy, had not eviscerated the State Department, we could take all this up with the governments of Honduras and Guatemala in an effective manner (threatened them with the “Columbia” treatment) … but no … that’s too damned civilized for you and for your Prezzy.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      “The tear gas is pointless; just makes us look bad.’

      In your eyes. If it is effective in helping to keep people — and discourage people — from illegally crossing the borders it works for me. Good for other sorts of riots too.

      “Furthermore, if that jackass, your Prezzy, had not eviscerated the State Department, we could take all this up with the governments of Honduras and Guatemala in an effective manner (threatened them with the “Columbia” treatment) … but no … that’s too damned civilized for you and for your Prezzy.”

      Pure, unmitigated nonsense from a half-baked progressive demagogue with a political chip on her shoulder. So much for cogent first drafts.

    • Tina says:

      Libby there is nothing stopping your party with it’s donors with millions and billions of dollars from pulling up their bootstraps and providing these invading hoards with luxury accommodations in Mexico or their own homelands…think of the local jobs they’d create. They could even create mini-walled-in-cities for the workers. There’s nothing stopping your party leaders and their supporters worth millions and billions from harassing the leaders of those central American countries (instead of Trump and the security people at the border) into taking positive steps toward free elections, democracy, and better lives for their citizens.

      BIG SOLUTIONS instead of protest and the failed socialist state!

      There’s nothing stopping you and your party from making a real difference instead of supporting ideas to rip this country apart!

      Go ahead…be creative…take responsibility.

    • Tina says:

      Get off your high donkey lady!

      It was YOUR favorite president who embraced the socialist dictators of Central and South American countries and it was your party that has done everything they could to damage efforts to bring free democratic governments into the regions. Obama intervened in the government workings of Honduras to ensure the authoritarian dictator Zelaya remained in control for an unconstitutional third term!

      Your party’s decades long support of violent dictators in SA and CA is the reason these problems are occurring today. The misguided love of socialism blinds all of you to the dark underbelly realities…or has it all been done with full knowledge in an evil quest for absolute Dem Party control?

      The American people over a couple of hundred years plus have demonstrated spectacularly that capitalism and the rule of law are FAR SUPERIOR!

      It’s you and your party that promote the suffering and continued suffering of these people. Is it GUILT that now drives your ideas of open borders? Guilt is never a good justification…not for good or bad policy!

  4. Libby says:

    You know what else I wish? … that politicians would just stay the hell off Twitter!! Check this out:

    I mean, The Donald has conclusively proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the app is ego-candy to the terminally impulsive, the habitat of morons, and just not a safe place to cultivate a civilized society.

    Human beings do not do cogent first drafts of anything. Politicians are supposed to do considered work, develop thought-out policy, and the public should never, ever see the first draft of any thing they intend to make public … cause it is invariably the sort of off-the-cuff drivel so prevalent on Twitter.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Twitter is like any library (or any human endeavor for that matter). Some books suck, some are masterpieces. If you seek crap, you harvest crap.

      Twitter hasn’t changed any politicians and their behavior.

      “Human beings do not do cogent first drafts of anything.” That is pretty funny! Like 99% of your comments in these pages. Interesting how you toss all human beings in the stupid tent. Projection?

      • Libby says:

        “Twitter is like any library …”

        Nobody’s first draft makes it into a library.

        • Tina says:

          Trump didn’t invent the first draft nor is he the first politician to say stupid things. It’s just that you hate him so much.

          • Libby says:

            First of all, this intellectual regression into “everybody hates us!” is infantile. Would you and Jack both please knock it off. You will read the criticism, and consider the possibility that there might be something in it.

            Secondly, you are not really asserting that The Donald and his Twitter account are in any way comparable to any national leader we have ever had before this? … cause I’ve got adjectives for that too ! ALL the egomaniacs we’ve had in the office before now made quasi-decent attempts to obscure their malice. Not this guy.

        • Pie Guevara says:

          Oh, really? How would YOU know? Seriously. Lippy, your penchant for making blanket and trivially false statements is fast becoming legendary. Is that how you want people to think of you? As a presumptuous fool?

          No matter, works for me. You so fit the progressive mold.

    • Joe says:

      Jack posts pictures of your buddies crashing the border and you get all bent out of shape.

      Don’t worry. I am sure they will eventually get into this country one way or another.

      Why don’t you prepare a room or two in your house for your friends when they get here?

  5. Post Scripts says:

    Thanks Libby for the link, that was interesting. Always good to see deleted tweets from politicians. I agree, tweets are probably not suited for those in high elected office.
    I wish Trump had never tweeted, his popularity would be better or if he just to do it, that he had run it by 3 or 4 top campaign advisers to clean it up before sending.

  6. Post Scripts says:

    Libby, I have no wish to brutalize anyone, where did that come from? However, I do recognize that America has a border and we need it. I also recognize that we have passed laws to protect it and in turn to protect us from bad guys who would do us harm. It’s not perfect, but what law is? And further imagine what this country would look like with open borders, uh…well, actually you don’t have to imagine it, just look at the barrios in East L.A.

  7. Common Sense says:

    Post Script, your resident loon Libby, is all upset about the migrant marchers stalled in Mexico, you know forced into deplorable living conditions such as camping out in vacant or public land in make shift tents or what ever. Possibly the heart felt driven liberals she represents could redirect their concerns for Americans in the same situation, say like Paradise refugees, right now the parking lot encampments reflect the same hardships.
    Even closer to Libby’s world, cleaning up the streets of depravity she helped create in the bay area with her voting mindset.

    But far left Liberals seemingly ignore the plight of those 27000 from Paradise, and instead champion 8 to 1oK of foreign nationals, all claiming asylum from deplorable homeland conditions, those very conditions they had a hand in creating or allowed to take place through government dependency.

    However this plays out you can bet that the reason Liberals elected want them here is simple, eventually they will represent a larger voting base for Liberal socialism.

    Government depend people who will end up voting for larger government programs to help support them. The Liberal socialist elite will support anything that helps them trying to convert America into the very same socialist dependency that has failed anywhere it has risen into power.

    • Libby says:

      “… forced into deplorable living conditions such as camping out in vacant or public land in make shift tents or what ever.”

      It seems they prefer this … to being butchered by drug cartel members. Go figure.

      What our liberal socialism has to do with this … you fail to explain.

      • Tina says:

        The Department of Homeland Security has reported that “17,256 known criminals were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border in the fiscal year 2018 and that more than 3,000 so-called special interest aliens, from countries such as Pakistan, were blocked from entering America illegally.”

        Also they reported October 23rd, “DHS can confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal histories.”

        Additionally, embedded reporters on the ground in the caravan said that a number of people from outside the Central American countries are traveling with the group, including Bangladeshis, Haitians, and Angolans. Sara Carter said, “I bumped into a number of young MS-13 gang members.”

        Guatemalan intelligence discovered people from India, Bangladesh, and Africa in the Caravan.

        U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said on Oct. 23, that the President of Honduras told him that Venezuela might be behind the caravan: “He told me that the caravan that’s now making its way through Mexico headed for the southern border was organized by leftist organizations and financed by Venezuela.” He also said, “In the last fiscal year, we apprehended more than 10 terrorists or suspected terrorists per day at our southern border.”

        The only way to ensure that hardened criminals and violent gang members are kept out of our country is control of the borders and LEGAL entry but Democrats are not interested. They don’t care who comes into the country or that they share our values. Criminals thrive in the chaos created by the policies of the Democrat Party.

        Is it a coincidence that most of the Democrat party leaders, including Barack Obama, have waffled on their earlier immigrationstance? It’s been only a decade since they were calling for controlled borders and legal immigration:

        In 2005, a left-leaning blogger wrote, “Illegal immigration wreaks havoc economically, socially, and culturally; makes a mockery of the rule of law; and is disgraceful just on basic fairness grounds alone.” In 2006, a liberal columnist wrote that “immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants” and that “the fiscal burden of low-wage immigrants is also pretty clear.” His conclusion: “We’ll need to reduce the inflow of low-skill immigrants.” That same year, a Democratic senator wrote, “When I see Mexican flags waved at proimmigration demonstrations, I sometimes feel a flush of patriotic resentment. When I’m forced to use a translator to communicate with the guy fixing my car, I feel a certain frustration.”

        The blogger was Glenn Greenwald. The columnist was Paul Krugman. The senator was Barack Obama.

        … In 2008, the Democratic platform called undocumented immigrants “our neighbors.” But it also warned, “We cannot continue to allow people to enter the United States undetected, undocumented, and unchecked,” adding that “those who enter our country’s borders illegally, and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of the law.” By 2016, such language was gone. … the 2008 platform referred three times to people entering the country “illegally.” The immigration section of the 2016 platform didn’t use the word illegal, or any variation of it, at all.

        The article also debunked a common progressive lie, “Progressive commentators routinely claim that there’s a near-consensus among economists on immigration’s benefits. There isn’t.”

        There are many good reasons to block hoards of people from entering our country…the fact that they refused Mexco’s offer of amnesty and assistance makes it pretty clear that many of them are coming to cause chaos and destruction in this, the last best hope, for liberty and safety in a harsh cruel world. The fact that they wave the flags of their country and sing their national anthems makes it pretty clear they have no intention to assimilate or contribute to America.

        The left in this country are dishonest when it comes to immigration as well as the make-up and intention of those traveling in the hoard, three fourths of which are young males and many of whom are using children asa loophole front to gain entry.

      • Common Sense says:

        Libby the loon, water carrier for today’s unhinged left attempts to spin a weak response that has no context to the my comment.

        Libby is a stereotype Liberal Loon who only achieves confusion, never a solution when using comments taken out of context .

        We were discussing current events, not past events, even though they were as usual created by an invasion of illegal people breaking the law back then as well, beyond that the similarity ends. Please take note!

        The attempted comparison of lib loon about “forced into deplorable living conditions” and then submitting a dated article has no comparison to providing for all elected to provide the immediate needs of displaced Americans from Paradise first, as those Americans are currently living in the same conditions. But you wish to focus more on illegals law breakers verse your countrymen, a syndrome prevalent in your liberal ideology.

        Once more you just run your mouth, and for nothing other to confuse and redirect away from the real issue, but that is your parties current tactic, while they avoid their obligation to protect and serve Americans first.

        At least American has a current “Prezzy” that understands that, because sure as He77 Obama didn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t, but that feckless thinking seems to run in your parties ideology.

  8. J. Soden says:

    Interesting to see the “peaceful migrants” are employing the ISIS tactic of hiding behind women and children . . . . .
    Don’t want your kids tear gassed? Pretty simple – Don’t try to storm the border!

    Tear gas is better than bullets, however if the “peaceful” migrants continue to throw rocks, bottles and pieces of concrete, our border guards can respond accordingly.

  9. Peggy says:

    Based on the biased media being the Fake News arm of the Democrat party the staging of this picture could very likely be true.

    Was Photo Of Migrant Mother ‘Fleeing Tear Gas’ With Children At U.S. Border Staged?:

  10. Peggy says:

    America has to stop being the solution to the economic problems in other countries.


    “NBC reporter Gadi Schwartz published statistics Monday night revealing there are more than three times as many men as there are women in the migrant caravan at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Schwartz, who is on the ground in Tijuana, Mexico, told MSNBC on Monday that the majority of the migrants in his location are male and some have not expressed a need for asylum.

    “The truth is, the majority of the people that are in this caravan, especially outside — if we can make our way all the way over there, we’ll show you the majority of them are men,” Schwartz said. “From what we’ve seen, the majority are actually men and some of these men have not articulated that need for asylum.”

    Schwartz provided an official count of the gender breakdown in the main migrant shelter, revealing that there are more than three men to every woman or child in the shelter.”

  11. Peggy says:

    Where was the outrage from the left when Obama used tear gas on illegals at our southern border dozens of times?

    Tear gas used once a month at border under Obama:

    “DHS data shows deployments dating back years

    The same tear-gas agent that the Trump administration is taking heat for deploying against a border mob this weekend is actually used fairly frequently — including more than once a month during the later years of President Barack Obama’s administration, according to Homeland Security data.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection has used 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, or CS, since 2010, and deployed it 26 times in fiscal 2012 and 27 times in 2013. The use dropped after that, but was still deployed three times in 2016, Mr. Obama’s final full year in office.

    Use of CS rose again in fiscal 2017, which was split between Mr. Obama and Mr. Trump, and reached 29 deployments in fiscal 2018, which ended two months ago, according to CBP data seen by The Washington Times.

    Border authorities also use another agent, pepper spray, frequently — including a decade-high record of 151 instances in 2013, also under Mr. Obama. Pepper spray, officially known as Pava Capsaicin, was used 43 times in fiscal year 2018, according to the CBP numbers.

    The data poses a challenge to the current anger over the Border Patrol’s use of tear gas Sunday to prevent a mob from busting through sections of old border fence in California.”

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Peggy always comes armed with facts instead of bull pucky like Lippy.

      • Peggy says:

        Thanks Pie. I try to present them when possible for two reasons. They’re hard to argue with and since the liberal media rarely reports them, I post them here and on other social media sites as my small contribution to get the truth out.

        Since I retired from education a large number of my former coworkers are democrats. What they post on FB is very similar to the garbage Libby post here. It’s devoid of the truth and often examples of the libs lying by omission. They don’t want the truth out now so they can rewrite our history just like they’ve done with our past.

        For example yesterday a former coworker posted a derogatory meme about what the republicans did to our Native Americans. So, I responded with the below article. It’s very long, but filled with facts. Hopefully, more with truth than falsehoods,

        “An ambiguous, controversial concept, Jacksonian Democracy in the strictest sense refers simply to the ascendancy of Andrew Jackson and the Democratic party after 1828. More loosely, it alludes to the entire range of democratic reforms that proceeded alongside the Jacksonians’ triumph—from expanding the suffrage to restructuring federal institutions. From another angle, however, Jacksonianism appears as a political impulse tied to slavery, the subjugation of Native Americans, and the celebration of white supremacy—so much so that some scholars have dismissed the phrase “Jacksonian Democracy” as a contradiction in terms.”


        “To aid hard-pressed farmers and planters, they pursued an unrelenting (some say unconstitutional) program of Indian removal, while backing cheap land prices and settlers’ preemption rights.”


        “To aid hard-pressed farmers and planters, they pursued an unrelenting (some say unconstitutional) program of Indian removal, while backing cheap land prices and settlers’ preemption rights.”


        “The Jacksonian mainstream, so insistent on the equality of white men, took racism for granted. To be sure, there were key radical exceptions—people like Frances Wright and Robert Dale Owen—who were drawn to the Democracy’s cause. North and South, the democratic reforms achieved by plebeian whites—especially those respecting voting and representation—came at the direct expense of free blacks. Although informed by constitutional principles and genuine paternalist concern, the Jacksonian rationale for territorial expansion assumed that Indians (and, in some areas, Hispanics) were lesser peoples. As for slavery, the Jacksonians were determined, on both practical and ideological grounds, to keep the issue out of national affairs. Few mainstream Jacksonians had moral qualms about black enslavement or any desire to meddle with it where it existed. More important, they believed that the mounting antislavery agitation would distract attention from the artificial inequalities among white men and upset the party’s delicate intersectional alliances. Deep down, many suspected that the slavery issue was but a smokescreen thrown up by disgruntled elitists looking to regain the initiative from the real people’s cause.”


        “Although the Jacksonian Democracy died in the 1850s, it left a powerful legacy, entwining egalitarian aspirations and class justice with the presumptions of white supremacy. Over the decades after the Civil War, that legacy remained a bulwark of a new Democratic party, allying debt-ridden farmers and immigrant workers with the Solid South. The Second Reconstruction of the 1950s and 1960s forced Democrats to reckon with the party’s past—only to see party schismatics and Republicans pick up the theme. And at the close of the twentieth century, the tragic mix of egalitarianism and racial prejudice so central to the Jacksonian Democracy still infected American politics, poisoning some of its best impulses with some of its worst.”

  12. RHT447 says:

    ” Let’s talk about the living system for a moment.

    The caravan emerged as a living system when it left San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras. There is a history of anti-government unrest and demonstrations in that city.

    In January, anti-government demonstrations in San Pedro Sula were disrupted by the earthquake that month in Honduras. The slow pace of reconstruction appears to be the government’s response to entrenched opposition activity and would explain a lack of jobs and prospects.

    There is a political undercurrent to the caravan that has not been reported. Honduras seems to have exported political agitators. If so, the Tegucigalpa government would have been pleased to facilitate their departure. Their hand may be in some of the funding as may cartel hands. Keep in mind that about 70% of cartel heroin is grown in Honduras (for export to the US and elsewhere). The cartels don’t want to see political unrest in Honduras ruin their investment or their cash crops.

    The fact that the caravan held together through the journey means that all 20 subsystems of a living system received their share of the information, matter and energy required to sustain the life of the system, the caravan. Inputs of information, matter and energy sustain life in all living systems, from amoebas to the United Nations.

    The information requirement for a mobile living system is substantial. People need to be counted, identified and monitored. Special needs must be met.

    The caravan moved purposefully which means that some people were providing guidance and direction and possessed problem-solving authority and resources. No reporters pursued their identities or their motives, but those are key traits of the information processing subsystem of a living system.

    It is vital for the leadership to provide information in a living system about the sources of food and water; public health and hygiene; places to camp and find entertainment; the sources of tents, toilet tissue and soap; how and where to obtain essential items and how to allocate them.

    Somebody charted the route for the caravan to take and ensured it followed it.

    In terms of matter, a few reporters posted images of the lines of tractor trailer trucks that supported the movement. These apparently contained the supplies, including tents and daily necessities, needed to provide about 2,000 calories per day for each of up to 7,000 people, mostly men.

    A key subsystem of a living system is waste extrusion. 7,000 people leave about 3.5 tons of waste every day.

    Relative to matter, good walking shoes would be vital for making a long hike, not sneakers or flip-flops, which were common on videos.

    The most important unanswered question about matter is by whom and how was this caravan financed. Some videos showed unidentified individuals passing out cash to caravan members at road stops, but the source of the funds was never reported by open source reporters.

    Concerning energy, the line of tractor trailers means that access to motor fuels was as essential as food and water. It also suggests that the caravan members relied on motor transport in making the trek.

    There has been a lack of responsible reporting on the caravan. One can opine that there may be no responsible reporters left in the media (entirely possible) or on the other hand, the mandarins in the media don’t wish the truth to be told. Maybe it’s both things, taken together? No matter how it turns out, living system analysis requires that even element of that living system be ‘interrogated’ to determine how it is being nourished (paid for).

    I doubt that the Democrats are behind the caravan. Its arrival in conjunction with the election and with post election spending that will go to the border wall (before the new Congress is seated) does not aid their occasionally stated aim of facilitating illegal immigration to bolster their numbers in elections. It can be argued that the Democrats may have done better in the mid-term where their tepid performance could be said as a partial victory for President Trump, were it not for the caravan and President Trump’s concerns about illegal immigration coming home to roost.”

    From here–

    There are several consecutive boots on the ground posts on this blog. Here is just one–

    Read them all and the comments to understand just how sophisticated and pervasive the cartels are.

  13. Libby says:

    “I doubt that the Democrats are behind the caravan.”

    That’s good, because even to consider such a thing is psychotic.

    “… aid their [Democrats] occasionally stated aim of facilitating illegal immigration to bolster their numbers in elections. ”

    And that fact that our immigrant population, for the most part, does not vote renders this also abberational. Why aren’t you embarrassed to spout this stuff?

    If you’re going to wonder at the origins of the caravan … truly wonder … investigate, think … don’t just accept a lot of groundless blather created to feed your prejudices.

    If there is an intention (and there may not be … we all love a conspiracy, grounded or not) of the caravan here, and the North African exodus to Europe, to destabilize liberal democracies … does it occur to anybody that our blathering President is helping … not hindering?

    Right here and right now, the situation is what it is. Why don’t we just deal with it? Any number of former auto workers … can take up social work.

    • Tina says:

      “…even to consider such a thing is psychotic”

      Not when you consider the psychotic ways your party has waffled on this issue…and all because they realized (Doh!) that illegals equaled more votes for them, if not now, then in the future after they’ve secured amnesty for them.

      Only a psychotic A$$ would work to destroy his own homeland, education, healthcare systems, through chaotic policies, such as open borders and sanctuary, under the pretense of caring.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Re Lippy:

      “I doubt that the Democrats are behind the caravan.”

      That’s good, because even to consider such a thing is psychotic.

      Actually no, it is not psychotic given the Democrat Party leadership positions on open borders and destroying ICE. Whether some rat bastard progressives from hell are behind this, assisting it, or encouraging it or not, it is not at all unreasonable to speculate they are. Not at all, Lipschitz.

  14. J. Soden says:

    Related – but will be completely ignored by our Leftie Media Presstitutes:

    • Tina says:

      An organized invasion of mostly men by people from various organizations who want open borders.

      The left USES people to further their various causes…all of them harmful and damaging to children and other living things.

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