Mueller Targeted – Jerome Corsi Files Criminal and Ethics Complaint

Posted by Tina

In October NBC reported that Mueller’s office had obtained “communications” that suggested Jerome Corsi had “advance knowledge” that Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman’s (John Podesta) emails had been stolen and handed over to Julian Assange. NBC also reported that Mueller’s team is investigating whether Corsi had shared the information about the emails with Trump ally Roger Stone. NBC cited the usual “sources familiar with the case.

Today FOX News is reporting that Dr. Corsi has filed a formal complaint “…to a range of top law enforcement officials including Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, D.C.’s U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu and the Bar Disciplinary Counsel. The 78 page complaint accuses Mueller of bullying tactics and threatening Corsi to, “…tell a lie and call it the truth.”

According to Corsi’s complaint, they wanted him to demonstrate that he acted as a liaison between Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on one side and the Trump campaign on the other, regarding the release of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee.

The complaint states that Mueller’s office is now “knowingly and deceitfully threatening to charge Dr. Corsi with an alleged false statement,” unless he gives them “false testimony” against Trump and others.

After nearly two years of expensive investigation to prove collusion between Trump and Russia to “steal” the election, Mueller’s team (a collection of leftist lawyers with ties to deep state operatives and scandals) has found nothing. Mueller has found nothing because this ridiculous inquiry began with a lie and rests on pure fantasy.

Glad to see Dr.Corsi will not take this abuse lying down.

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6 Responses to Mueller Targeted – Jerome Corsi Files Criminal and Ethics Complaint

  1. J. Soden says:

    2 years of “investigation” by Mueller and his Merry Miscreants and the Russian “collusion” is exactly zero.
    Am glad Corsi is standing up to the bully. Expect Roger Stone will do likewise.
    Discovery could REALLY be interesting!!!!!

  2. Libby says:

    Honey … they’ve got his email traffic. Cut and dried. End of story.

    I wonder who is funding this litigation … aka, smoke.

    • Tina says:

      Honey, big freakin’ deal, “they have his email traffic.”

      Having and finding evidence of a crime are two very different things. To date Mueller has shown that “having” amounts to nothing in terms of his task.

      This looks like the efforts of a desperate man. Having found nothing he has pursues unrelated issues so he’ll have something on which to hang his hat.

      Kimberley Strassel speaks brilliantly on the common forms of corruption in DC., for those who have a serious interest in restoring morality not only to our nations leaders but also in the nation at large. She gives examples of corruption and offers brilliant solutions! Long but well worth the time.

  3. Chris says:

    Birther King Jerome Corsi’s lawyer in this action is Larry Klayman, who once sued Obama on behalf of all white people for inciting a race war.

    These are the type of people you take seriously.

    Think about that for a minute.

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