Update – Zombie Cells and Life Extension – It’s Happening

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INFO:   A senolytic is a compound that selectively destroys these zombie cells. In recent experiments, elderly mice treated with the compound appeared and acted more youthful. Their kidney function improved, their fur regrew, and they were able to run twice as far as untreated mice.

Researchers hope that senolytics may do the same for us.

In fact, scientists around the world are racing to develop even more senolytic drugs.

In March of this year, the magazine Chemical & Engineering News (CE&N) interviewed several longevity researchers. Among those interviewed was longevity researcher Judith Campisi, who said

“If chemists can come up with drugs that can kill senescent cells in humans, we think this is going to revolutionize modern medicine”   (And we’ve done it since this was written)

The longevity researcher pointed out that senolytics would have multiple health benefits when she added:

“No longer would you have a pill for your blood pressure and a pill for your glaucoma and a pill to stabilize your heart and a pill to improve your kidney function. You’d have a pill that would hit multiple problems that affect the elderly,” Campisi concluded with “It is very unlikely that these are drugs that you would have to take every day. Just when enough senescent cells had accumulated again.”

Zombie-Like Senescent Cells

As we get older, senescent cells build up in our tissues, where they contribute to conditions such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Senescent cells are zombie-like damaged cells that stop working. They don’t just sit around idly. Instead, they wreak havoc throughout our bodies, causing dysfunction and inflammation.

Lifespan extension proponents such as the outspoken Aubrey de Grey of the SENS Research Foundation and other anti-aging enthusiasts have been long advocating for ways to remove these troublemakers from our bodies.

The above article was written in 2017 and guess what?  We’re now into human trials and things are looking very promising!





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7 Responses to Update – Zombie Cells and Life Extension – It’s Happening

  1. Negative Ned says:

    Great news, if you’re a mouse.

    Pie in the sky stuff…with qualifiers…acted…appeared…hope…just like all that Obama “hope and change.”

    This will never pan out…and if it does it will be long after we are all dead.

    But go ahead and and get your hopes up…if you want to be crushed.

    In my lifetime I’ve read many such articles…the magic bullet is right around the corner…but that corner doesn’t exist.

    I know you all think otherwise, but if you people buy into this you are going to be sadly disappointed. And time will prove me right.

  2. Harold says:

    Oh Great, it not like we don’t have a problem with career politicians now, this life extension now puts in jeopardy the one thing we had going for us…… Crap!

  3. Libby says:

    Me … I intend to get old and die.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby of course this your choice, but if you had the choice between languishing in pain in a retirement home or remaining active and independent in your aging years wouldn’t you rather do that?

  4. Cherokee Jack says:

    At first blush it sounds great, Jack. But think about all the unintended consequences. Pharmacies and drug manufacturers will put hundreds of thousands back into the unemployment lines, and doctors will have to take second jobs to keep their Lexus’.
    I might even have to give up my disabled parking plates and get a job.
    This stuff would disrupt the economy, not to mention my personal life, as disastrously as a pill that converts water to gasoline. FDA and/or an army of pharmaceutical company lawyers will surely find a way to kill it.

  5. Post Scripts says:

    You have a point there C.J.! So does Harold, death was about the only way of getting the entrenched libs out of Congress, now we may be giving them many more terms….this could be horrible.

    • Cherokee Jack says:

      And think of how boring TV will be, without any drug commercials starring grandparents playing ball with grandchildren, followed by rapid fire lists of revolting side effects.

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