San Francisco Losing Millions of Tourist Dollars thanks to the Homeless

Posted by Jack

“Over the summer, one travel expert acknowledged that San Francisco’s homelessness crisis has intensified to the point of hurting the city’s $9 billion tourism industry on a grand scale.

“We are losing business,” Joe D’Alessandro, head of the San Francisco Travel Association, told Fox News in July. “We have groups who say they can’t come to San Francisco as long as the streets are like this.”

Though the exact impact of the critical homelessness situation on San Fran’s billion-dollar tourism profits remain unclear, things are reportedly not looking good. In June, a major medical association withdrew from hosting its annual convention in San Francisco, claiming its members no longer felt safe there. The cancellation of that one five-day trade show represented a loss of $40 million to the local economy.

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5 Responses to San Francisco Losing Millions of Tourist Dollars thanks to the Homeless

  1. Cherokee Jack says:

    They’ve already taken steps to rectify the loss of tourism. The Cow Palace has said there will be no more gun shows there after this year.
    That will surely make tourists feel like it’s safer to visit, knowing there will be fewer legal gun sales in the area.

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    Hey Jack, all California really needs is a task force of Lippy’s volunteering to clean up the human feces, mountains of trash and used needles, right? So far that has been working so well, eh?

    Why is it dog owners are legislated to pick up their pets droppings, but not so for street humans with their own waste?

    Just asking.

    These cities are sh*tholes thanks to whom? Could it possibly the Democrat machines and extreme left progressive idiots that run them?

  3. J Soden says:

    What???? Why those folks who don’t want to wade through human waste and used needles are just being discriminatory!! They must be racists or something – time to sue!

    Funny how the cities that have been run by Demwits/Liberals for years all seem to be having the same problem – Philly, Chicago, NYC. No sympathy here. Voters made their choices and now they can wallow in the waste.

  4. J Soden says:

    More to the story . . . .

    Gotta wonder when San Fransewer’s voters are gonna say “ENOUGH”

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