You Can’t Debate with Crazy People

Posted by Jack

Editorial note – If you thought CA entitlements were a magnet before, wait for next year.   Free healthcare for illegal aliens, but not for you Mr. and Mrs. Citizen!  That’s beyond stupid, beyond unfair…it’s nuts.     

American Thinker – The leftists running California’s one-party state have done it again. They’ve rolled out a $312 billion budget that includes $98 million for free health care for illegal immigrants under the age of 26 and over age 55.  That’s a dinner triangle to all able-bodied foreign nationals working off the books that the free ride is about to arrive.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

The expansion will take effect Jan. 1, 2020 and cost $98 million in the upcoming fiscal year. It will make California the first state to allow undocumented adults to sign up for state-funded health coverage.

The budget includes a fine on people who don’t buy health insurance known as an individual mandate. The fines were initially implemented as part of the federal Affordable Care Act law known as Obamacare, but Republicans acted in 2017 to roll them back. Newsom and legislative leaders say re-imposing the penalty at the state level will shore up the state’s health insurance marketplace and keep premiums from rising dramatically.

As if that $98 million is really going to cover it as migrants from Central America and beyond surge into the U.S. in record numbers, and five million from Latin America alone planning to enter the U.S. with or without papers.

PS  Who here believes $98M will cover the costs of this giveaway?  If you raised your hand, did you also think the bullet train was a great idea?

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15 Responses to You Can’t Debate with Crazy People

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Nailed it. Same reason you cannot “debate” with Piss or Lippy.

  2. Peggy says:

    Just another example that democrats care more for the people from other countries than they do for their own.

  3. Peggy says:


    “Macgregor brought up the fact that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were once elected governors of California, a scenario that would be “impossible” today:

    Why? It’s called demographic change, and right now the largest ethnic minority in California is largely Mexican and Hispanic. … The Latinos — the Mexicans — are the base of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has decided they are the future for the left in the United States. The more of these people that can be brought in illegally as well as legally, the better it is for the Democratic Party because their goal is to transform the United States into a facsimile of California…”

  4. Post Scripts says:

    Peggy, you are right. The left has proven time and again that if you change the demographics and show those poor and ill informed people how they can profit using their vote, they are going to do it every time.

    The democrats are selling hate using their tired old class warfare propaganda. They are telling the people of color how its not their fault they are poor. Its the fault of the rich white people. And worse, their wealth was stolen from them or they were exploited… that kind of hate sells because the racist mob wants to believe it.

    The democrats think they can control this monster that they are creating, but that’s not true. Some of these people, those liberal architects for demographic change, have already been replaced, ironically because they were rich, old white people. They have no clue or are in denial of the dangers that are ahead for CA and the country.

    Nancy Pelosi could never be elected in Los Angeles and neither could a lot like her. Los Angeles bureaucrats representing a narrow special interest pretty much control the State Capitol now.

    • Peggy says:

      Jack, You, I and those with a minimal understanding of common sense understand the democrats are using minorities to keep themselves in power and to maintain that power. It’s hard to understand why the people don’t realize it after years of continued broken promises and generational welfare and living in poverty with no real hope for a better future. Sad, really sad.

      Rush, this morning, has been “challenging” Trump to campaign in Calif. and show them the life they could have if democrats didn’t control it. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if the democrats’ attempt to do away with the Electoral College vote and go to a national vote backfired on them and votes went to a republican instead?!

  5. Joe says: health care for illegal immigrants under the age of 26…

    Does anyone think they’re going to be kicked off when they turn 27?

    $98 million a year is a joke. Assuming a only hundred thousand “migrants” take them up on this that amounts to only $980 per illegal per year. And naturally this “offer” will attract the sick. A sick person can easily wrack up a hundred thousand dollar hospital bill in a few days.

    That $98 million will disappear in months.

    Get back to work tax serfs…you are about to get a lot of new sick friends that you are going to pay for.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Joe, Jack here…. when was the last time you saw a government run program that didn’t expand it’s original mission statement? You can bet that this healthcare ripoff is no different and it will double in cost in the first 2 years.

  6. Joe says:

    How is Commiefornia going to take care of a new influx of sick when it can’t even take care of the sick already here? Lippy, Chrisopher???

    • Post Scripts says:

      Pie here Joe. I can answer that but neither of either of those two morons can. You know the answer.

      • Joe says:

        It’s madness, pure madness, Mr. Pie.

        And if even by a miracle the Demonrats cut spending to levels of a decade ago the whole state government is a giant house of cards.

        The next recession will spell doom, I tell you.

  7. J Soden says:

    First, it was California. Then came Taxifornia. With more and more taxpayer funded freebies to Illegal Aliens – that’s right, I said Illegal Aliens – will it now become Poopifornia?

  8. Libby says:

    Heh! We’re rolling in dough! Your American Thinker fails to mention this, for some reason.

    Now, we may not be rolling in dough next year, but Gavin accounts for that, which your American Thinker also fails to mention.

    Why do you let these people push your buttons … make you all click happy … when it’s all bogus?

    • Post Scripts says:

      Hi Libs, so we are rolling in dough? Geez, I’m not so sure. Did you know CA ranks 42nd in solvency? On the basis of solvency in five separate categories, California ranks 42nd among the US states for fiscal health. California has between 0.82 and 1.62 times the cash needed to cover short-term obligations, well below the US average. That does not imply we are rolling in the dough.

      The New York Times wrote an article recently titled, Boom and Gloom: An Economic Warning for California. You should read it.

      Data released in Sep of 2018 said…

      California owes more than it owns.
      California has a -$22,000 Taxpayer Burden.™
      California is a Sinkhole State without enough assets to cover its debt.
      Elected officials have created a Taxpayer Burden™, which is each taxpayer’s share of state bills after its available assets have been tapped.
      TIA’s Taxpayer Burden™ measurement incorporates both assets and liabilities, not just pension debt.
      California only has $100.1 billion of assets available to pay bills totaling $369.9 billion.
      Because California doesn’t have enough money to pay its bills, it has a $269.9 billion financial hole. To fill it, each California taxpayer would have to send $22,000 to the state.
      California’s reported net position is inflated by $16.7 billion, largely because the state defers recognizing losses incurred when the net pension liability increases.
      Despite a recently implemented accounting standard meant to increase transparency, California still excludes $5.4 billion of pension debt from its balance sheet. In addition, the state is still hiding $58.4 billion of its retiree health care debt. A new accounting standard will be implemented in the 2018 fiscal year which will require states to report this debt on the balance sheet.
      The state’s financial report was released 264 days after its fiscal year end, which is considered untimely according to the 180 day standard.

  9. Pie Guevara says:

    Re Lippy “Heh! We’re rolling in dough!”

    Wherein Lippy proves the premise of the post.

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