Dr. Drew Tells Truth About LA Homeless

Posted by Jack

Do yourself a favor and spend 8 minutes listening, really listening to what Dr. Drew has to say.   He is talking about a serious state health problem that could emerge into a full blown health crisis at any time.  All the ingredients are there for people to begin dying on the streets in mass.

Chris, Libby, before you say a word… this is not about a transitional houses shortage (tiny houses), its far more complicated than that, as most massive problems are, so I hope you two will pay particular attention to this message:


“It’s not a housing problem, that’s a hoax, it’s a mental health crisis.”

“Why am I so concerned about it now? One word…rats.”  It is almost ineveitable that we will have an epidemic because of the enormous rat population living among the homeless camps, fed by a steady supply of garbage.

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10 Responses to Dr. Drew Tells Truth About LA Homeless

  1. J Soden says:

    Just a matter of time until the Bubonic plague resurfaces – and in beautiful, downtown LA.

  2. RHT447 says:

    Off topic, more truth.

    The Obama Administration Manufactured the Case Against General Flynn
    by Larry C Johnson


    • Chris says:

      Ridiculous. He lied to the FBI about discussing sanctions with the Russian government. Why would he tell that lie? Why would he not want the FBI–or the American public–to know that he assured Russia that the sanctions passed by Obama in response to the election meddling would be swiftly rolled back once Trump was in office? In other words, why would he not want anyone to know about Trump’s stance on Russia as it related to Russia’s meddling?

      Do you know? Do you care?

    • Peggy says:

      Agree RHT that Flynn didn’t lie to the FBI. In fact Comey bragged on camera about setting him up and admitting he did to Trump’s administration something he’d never do to Bush or Obama.

      Since Flynn has a new attorney and new evidence is coming forth because of her and others I expect he’ll withdraw his guilty please. It’s sad a man who served his country for 33 years got swept up in the Obama cover up and had his life and livelihood destroyed.


      • Chris says:

        Agree RHT that Flynn didn’t lie to the FBI.

        He said he did not discuss sanctions when he did, in fact, discuss sanctions. There is no way he could have misremembered such an important detail—his boss was livid over the sanctions. Ergo, he lied.

        What part of this do you dispute?

        In fact Comey bragged on camera about setting him up and admitting he did to Trump’s administration something he’d never do to Bush or Obama.

        He did not say he “set him up.” You do not know what that phrase means. The article you provided makes the Trump administration look terrible—Comey says that he was able to bypass what would have been a normal process in a more organized and competent administration. But Comey broke no rules or laws in questioning Flynn, and the failure to prepare for this interview lies entirely on Flynn and the White House.

      • Chris says:

        The people you listen to…

        “Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. He is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group). He is best known for spreading a hoax in 2008 that Republican operatives had a videotape of Michelle Obama complaining about “whitey”.[1]”


        I have been fighting fake news spread on this website for over a decade now. But none of you care.

        • Lone Star says:

          ‘I have been fighting fake news spread on this website for over a decade now. But none of you care.’

          Yer as funny as all get-out son, First thing to come to mind is, ifn’ y’all pitch camp downwind from a hog farm, don’t go blaming the hogs.

          So If y’all think this here site is not to your likin’, jes’ move on pard!

          Round these parts we like what we read on Post Scripts, and most times it is just plain amusing readin’ when you git all bristled up and pissy bout things.

      • Chris says:

        Mein gott, it gets worse!


        War crime accusations against John Kerry
        In 2013, Johnson falsely accused John Kerry of war crimes in Vietnam, alleging that Kerry had “raped some poor Vietnamese woman.”[17] To support his claim, Johnson used a YouTube video[18] that contained audio clips from a 1971 debate on The Dick Cavett Show between John Kerry and John O’Neill. The original interview[19] audio[20] was altered to piece together words that Kerry spoke at different times during the debate, falsely making it sound as if he said, “I personally raped for pleasure.” When the falsehood was exposed by a reader of Johnson’s blog, Johnson deleted the article without apology.[21]

        Allegations that British intelligence wiretapped Donald Trump
        In March 2017, Andrew Napolitano spread the unfounded conspiracy theory that GCHQ, one of Britain’s top intelligence agencies, had wiretapped Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign on orders from President Obama.[1][22] Johnson was the source for Napolitano’s claim.[1][23] The conspiracy theory was later asserted as fact by President Trump, with him citing Fox News and Napolitano.[1] GCHQ responded, stating that the claims were “nonsense, utterly ridiculous and should be ignored”.[24] Fox News later disavowed the statement by Napolitano.[1]

        Anyone else here see the irony in citing a man who has a history of making up disgusting false accusations against his political enemies, to argue that a man who was caught and plead guilty to a crime is the victim of false allegations? No? Just me? Well, ok then.

      • Peggy says:

        I’m glad Flynn hired Sidney Powell, who is a top notch attorney She exposed corrupt Weissman and got his cases overturned by the supreme court.

        Michael Flynn Hires Mueller-Critic Sidney Powell After Dumping Covington Team:

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