Why I am Critical of California

by Jack

It’s been said that I am critical of my home state of California….ha, like I am the only one.  Ok, here’s the way I see it and feel free to disagree or throw rocks at me, whatever.

I grew up in CA and for my first 40 years I never had a problem with this state, then the liberals started taking over and things started to slip.  My list of grievances began right there and it just kept growing and growing.  It is not my state that I have problems with, its what the crazy liberals have done to it…that’s my gripe!

Liberals in CA are like vandals, wreaking havoc and destruction over everything they control.  Need I point out some of the obvious problems we face?  Yes, I think I do, but just for our liberals:

  • CA has slipped from #1 in education to around 47th.
    We have the highest concentrations of so-called homeless and it’s costing us dearly.

    We struggle to save jobs under the yoke of oppressive anti-business regulations, unfair wage regulations and high taxes.

    The middle class is hardest hit by the highest taxes in nation and yet we get nothing for it.

    CA’s version of criminal reform is to go soft on criminals while ignoring the victims.  (we’ve been there before and here we are again)

    Our infrastructure is falling apart, our freeways are too crowded and they all show dangerous signs of wear.The State of CA is our largest employer – that’s socialism!
    College education is outrageously expensive due to over-paid, top heavy bureaucracy with their lavish benefits.

    CA gun laws focus on lawful gun owners – not criminals who use guns to commit crime.

    CA endorses sanctuary cities in defiance of federal law and the Constitution.

    Recent legislation, AB392, makes it harder for police to defend themselves in a shooting and easier for criminals to kill cops.  Officers will now have to argue that killing was necessary and not just say they had a fear they were in danger.

    CA ammunition law makes it more costly to buy ammo and does nothing to prevent crime.

    CA diverts billions of dollars to accommodate illegal aliens…education, healthcare, housing and other safety nets created for legal citizens in need.

    Our environmental and water restrictions have made farming in CA the most expensive in USA.

    CA is chasing away jobs, job-creators and skilled wage earners in favor of non-productive, non-taxpaying, non-contributing tax takers!

    Many large neighborhoods are in decay resulting in crime and gangs, especially in LA, Fresno, Oakland, Stockton, even Fresno!

    Criminals enjoy more rights than victims once again…we repeat the mistakes of the past. 

    Health insurance companies in CA must provide contracts written in 16 language and serve notice of language availability to every customer (cost passed on to me). 

    Prop 47 – voters’ decision to reduce penalties for drug and property crimes contributed to a jump in car burglaries, shoplifting and other theft.  Shoplifting might as well not even be a crime.

There’s plenty more, but I am out of time.  Now you know why I am concerned about the state I grew up in.  It was so much different back in my day, when I was in school, than the  state we have now.  It’s poorer, it’s so much more costly to live in… it makes me sad to see what we have lost.   Our wealth is being squandered by the crazy people that have taken over plain and simple.   Now we have Gov. Gavin Newsom intent on providing full benefits to illegal aliens.  This guy’s thinking is all wrong, he’s insane.




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19 Responses to Why I am Critical of California

  1. RHT447 says:

    You can add this to your list, Jack.


    Thing is, a majority of voters have voted the state into socialism and a single ruling party. Now what?

  2. J Soden says:

    Born in Taxifornia and spent most of my life there – until spouse retired and we departed in 2000. I agree with you, Jack, regarding the decline and the reasons for it.

    Unfortunately, as long as the voters keep electing Libs to the Lunkhead Legislature, I don’t see a change coming. Unless Mother Nature gets tired as well and the Big One finally arrives . . . . . Other than that, packing up and leaving seems to be the only way to protect yourself.

  3. Cherokee Jack says:

    You’re right, Jack.
    A few years ago, I wrote a letter to the ER, recommending we quitclaim California back to Mexico. I gave lots of excellent reasons.
    Want to start a movement?

  4. Chris says:

    Now imagine your governor leading a mob in a chant of “Send him back!” while accusing you of hating your state and wanting to destroy it, even though you’ve lived here most of your life and just have different ideas for how to make it better.

    What should happen to a governor who would do that to you, an American citizen, just for expressing your freedom of speech?

    • Peggy says:

      Wow, nice salary. Not mentioned was the cost for the support staff and operating cost, paid for by Berkeley taxpayers too. Somehow, I don’t see windmills and acres of solar panels spread across the city.

    • Chris says:

      This is nothing to celebrate, Peggy. When the government declares that a class of people doesn’t have due process, they can apply that to anyone–all they have to do is decide that you don’t have enough proof that you’re not a member of that class. That’s what happened to Francisco Erwin Galicia, a 17-year old American citizen who has been detained by ICE for over three weeks:


      Many American citizens have been falsely deported. When the government passes a law deciding that certain people don’t have rights, that is ALWAYS applied overbroadly and ends up hurting people not in those categories. It’s what happened to Khalid El-Masri, an innocent man who was kidnapped by the CIA and taken to a black site where he was tortured and raped based on nothing but a mistaken name. But you didn’t care about that kind of thing when it happened under the Bush administration, and you won’t care about this either, because you think it could never happen to you. You don’t look like those people, after all.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Khalid El-Masri (also Khaled El-Masri and Khaled Masri, (born June 29, 1963) is a German citizen who was kidnapped in the Republic of Macedonia. He was later turned over to the CIA. He was interrogated and allegedly tortured by the CIA for several months, first in Macedonia, then in Afghanistan. After two hunger strikes, and four months in the CIA’s renown “Salt Pit”, the CIA finally admitted his arrest was a mistake and they released him. This was 24 months after 9/11. At the time the CIA, as a global spy organization, had been decimated by reckless cutbacks from previous administrations and suddenly the nation found itself in great peril and they turned to the CIA. It was time to play hard ball. Lacking both resources and manpower, the CIA was tasked to make up for these decades of administrative blunders. Time was critically short and the CIA and other watch dog agencies were ordered to produce intelligence that would save the nation from another devastating 9/11 style attack. Yes, a few mistakes were made, terrible and regrettable mistakes if that helps anything? But, also many. many more things went right by taking risks and going after the enemy, but we’ll never know how many lives were saved…we can only know these were desperate times. Innocent people were dying, victims of Islamic terrorism and Islamic rogue governments that sponsored them.

        There’s a scene in a Dirty Harry movie where a psycho serial killer has abducted a little girl. In order to save her, Det. Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) needs to know where she is before it’s too late. A delay of minutes could mean the difference between life or death for the little girl. The wounded killed lays sprawled on the grass of football field. Det. Callahan stands over him asks him where the girl is, but the killer only laughs and he tells Callahan he’ll never talk. Callahan pushes his boot into the open leg wound – the killer screams in agony! About the 3rd time this happens, the killed gives up her whereabouts and she is saved. But, Det. Callahan can’t use his evidence because of his tactics. He is severely reprimanded by his superiors and the killer goes free on a technicality. Eventually Det. Callahan exacts justice, despite the interference from high-minded bureaucrats that never solved a crime or saw a mangled body left behind by a serial killer. This is a moral dilemma few of us will have to face, we’re lucky, huh?

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