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Pump Prices and California Corruption – A Special Report

by Jack Editor’s note:  If you like this article and found it helpful, please feel free to copy it and send to your friends.   29 May 2019 – Feeling the pinch at the pumps? We hear you and for … Continue reading

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A case of two ideologies and the partisan hypocrisy that drives voters mad.

by Jack A case of two ideologies and the hypocrisy that drives voters mad… Unless you’ve been comatose for the last 10 months, you’ve probably heard about Retired General Michael Flynn ‘s run in with the FBI.   But, to … Continue reading

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Mark Rich Pardon Revisited (and other interesting things….)

by Jack One of the last official actions of President Clinton before he left office in 2001 was the pardon of Mark Rich.  The FBI looked into the pardon, but could find nothing that would conclusively link Clinton to breaking … Continue reading

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Worst Presidential Election in History

by Jack This is painful to write, but in my opinion Trump has lost the election. I decided this last night after I watched the 2nd debate. So, unless some last minute scandal breaks, Clinton has got it. Polling supports … Continue reading

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The Politics of Money and Favors

by Jack Lee Cronyism define by Webster’s: the unfair practice by a powerful person (such as a politician) of giving jobs and other favors to friends: partiality to cronies especially as evidenced in the appointment of political hangers-on to office … Continue reading

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Making Government Work – A New Idea

by Jack Wouldn’t it be great if government fixed one major thing that [WE] wanted every year they are in office? Just imagine what great things government could accomplish if they reformed one major thing a year! How long have … Continue reading

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60 Minutes Expose’ – Both Political Party’s are Guilty of Corruption

Posted by Jack Lee with comments Here’s a story that’s enough to make you never want to vote again, but you really need to read it, even if it makes you angry. Members of Congress routinely use a form of … Continue reading

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Reason No. 6,035: Why We Should Split the State – AB60 Driver’s Licenses for Illegals

by Jack In the latest and most brazen disregard for the rule of law, Hispanic legislators slapped each other on the back as they passed AB60, a bill that when signed into law by Gov. Brown will give driver’s licenses … Continue reading

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State of Jefferson: Reason 6034 plus One Big Green Whopper!

Read A Green Car Named Desire in the Wall Street Journal for the full context…here’s what fuels the fires of those who are tired of So Cal and Bay Area liberal BS: •California has a goal to cut its greenhouse … Continue reading

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Reason No. 6034: Why We Should Split the State – The Trust Act

by Jack It’s called the Trust Act, but it’s just another silly sanctuary bill to protect illegals in California. If signed into law, it would in greatly limit California law-enforcement agencies from participating with the federal government’s ICE program that … Continue reading

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