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by Jack For a number of years hoards of rats have been showing up wherever our so-called homeless leave behind their trash. No longer limited to places like Los Angeles or San Francisco, the rat problem has found it’s way … Continue reading

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40 Priests Named in Sexual Abuse

Posted By Jack It seems every week there is a new revelation about some sexual abuse coming from the Catholic Church.  Now this scandal is hitting very close to home…Sacramento!   As you read the following story, keep in mind … Continue reading

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Judge Helps Homeless Panhandle

Posted by Jack There is an excellent video crafted by the Sacramento Bee on the website noted below.  It shows the problem posed by panhandling in a fair and honest way. https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/article214382094.html A federal judge ordered an immediate halt Thursday … Continue reading

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Cops Shoot Black Man in Sacramento – Trouble to Follow

by Jack A CBS news story I just read starts out like this, “The police killing of an unarmed African American man in Sacramento has ignited protests around the state capital and energized members of the Black Lives Matter movement … Continue reading

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California Attempts to Undermine US Constitution

by Jack At Post Scripts we’ve championed and opposed many political causes and issues in the pursuit of protection of our Constitutional freedoms and to form a more perfect union, but few issues will rise to level of importance as … Continue reading

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Sacramento to Pay Gang Members Not to Kill- Good Work if you Can Get It!

posted by Jack “Sacramento City Council Votes Unanimously To Pay Gang Members $1.5 Million To Not Kill People” The vote had been scheduled to take place in two weeks, but Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg requested that the vote be moved … Continue reading

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Homeless Invasion – Hundreds of Millions in Property Damage -Spike in Crime

by Jack All you have to do is type in a few key search words and suddenly page after of news stories appear centered around the homeless.  Everywhere citizens are complaining about homeless.  The complain they are being bused to … Continue reading

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BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) A Home Grown Terrorist Group

by Jack I’ve written about some pretty scary people during my 13 years  at Post Scripts, but this person (shown at left)  is whole new kind of cat.     Don’t let her petite looks fool you, this is a woman … Continue reading

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Protesting Violently Against Protestors

by Jack In this election year there is an ugliness spreading across America and it is getting uncomfortably close to home.   We’ve seen it happen many decades ago with the Klan in the South and to some degree in modern times … Continue reading

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CA Draught Close to Setting Record – Situation Extreme

by Jack (Photo-Lake Oroville before and now) California is facing on the worst draughts on record. Last month, the University of California, Davis, estimated the drought would cost the state $2.2 billion this year in losses and added expenses for … Continue reading

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