by Jack

Unelectable is the summary for my post presidential debate analysis.  Biden was the only guy there who was not a flaming socialist, but his problem is his age is showing… and not just a little.

Even Chris Mathews had to admit that he was “shattered” and “shook up by tonight’s debate” and their too far to the left proposals.  Nobody had any real substance, it was all this pie in the sky socialist baloney,  free this and free that, just vote for me!   Maybe that junk still works in California, but the people elsewhere in this country are smarter and they don’t want any part of socialism programs that will shove us right into bankruptcy.

I can’t believe this line up is the best the democrats can do?   Sleepy Joe is their only viable candidate, that’s pretty sad.  You can’t watch his performance without thinking at any moment he’s going to stumble and forget the question.  At one point he accidentally referred to Senator Bernie Sanders “the president.”  Then he followed up on his gaffe by accusing Sanders of being a bad socialist.  No Joe, he’s a great socialist – that’s the problem.

The audience didn’t like cocky Julian Castro for criticizing old Joe’s memory, they booed him and I have to admit, it was rude.  That’s no way to treat a senior citizen!

Kamala Harris came off like the phony she is, stilted and overly rehearsed.  She’s done.  Another big loser in the debate was Beto O’Rourke.  Remember this, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15!”   Okay, let’s see if he can take away legally owned AR-15’s from Texans, that ought to be good for a laugh.   If he said that in CA I would be concerned! lol

Next, Castro is as gone as his namesake.  Booker, Klobuchar and Yang – they’re toast too.  It’s a case of being out of time, out of ideas and out of supporters for all them.

What we have remaining is grumpy old Bernie, sleepy Joe Biden, “I’ll Promise Anything” Warren and last by a huge margin we have Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  You don’t go from Mayor to President, never gonna happen Pete.

So, now its really just between Biden and Warren.  Granted, Warren is a good talker, but her socialist policies, yuk, namely major energy cutbacks under the guise of climate change.  It did not work before under Obama and it will not work now.  It would through us into recession or worse.

If this is their best lineup,  then it’s safe to say, Donald Trump is being handed the election and the only person who can defeat Trump is Trump.   He’s doing a pretty good job at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but he will have to try much harder if he’s going to lose to these goobers.


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22 Responses to UN-ELECTABLE!

  1. Joe says:

    Never underestimate the public stupidity.

    The public may very well elect a Fececrat, maybe even Kramala, and then the country will turn into Commiefornia.

  2. Chris says:

    I agree on Harris and O’Rourke. Joe Biden to me is the weakest candidate–he is too old, too prone to gaffes (which has been true since the Obama administration, and I criticized him for those back then too), and wants to take the credit for everything Obama did without accepting the blame for any of Obama’s mistakes. Aside from Sanders and perhaps Warren, I don’t think it’s fair to call the rest “flaming socialists”–Buttigieg and Klobuchar are especially moderate left-of-center types. Beto is extreme on guns and Harris is extreme on race, but other than that, they are fairly moderate as well.

    But let’s put policy aside for a second. The signature issue in this race should be about restoring dignity, trust, and security back to the office of the president. We need a president who is not a national security risk. The recent story about the CIA pulling a spy out of Russia after Trump spilled classified intel to the Russians in the Oval Office (the latter fact we have known for years) just proves what I’ve said all along: no one in government can trust this president with classified intel. The last few weeks have shown we also can’t trust the president to give accurate information during a national disaster. These are basic components of the job that go beyond policy and into basic competence. Every person on that stage last night would be better suited to these aspects of the job, and I don’t see many counterarguments to that basic truth.

  3. J Soden says:

    The Socialist Demwits’ lurch to even further Left is gonna hand TheDonald the 2020 election.
    And the “impeach” move in Clowngress will hopefully get rid of a number of incumbents!

  4. Joe says:

    If you want to see how the Fececrats have ruined San Francisco just watch this. It only goes into housing, voter fraud and illegal aliens but that’s more than enough.

    Anyway, this is what the Fececrats have done with their corrupt and criminal one party DemonRat rule for 45 years.


  5. Peggy says:

    Off topic.

    Looks like Flynn has an awesome attorney now. Praying justice will finally be served and that another innocent man’s life wasn’t destroyed for political gain.

    Michael Flynn Graymails the Government:

    “Will the FBI risk disclosure of its dirty tactics in its persecution of Michael Flynn? Flynn’s new lawyer thinks it won’t.”


    • Chris says:

      Looks like Flynn has an awesome attorney now.

      LOL. She’s a partisan conspiracy theorist who is openly claiming the case against Flynn is illegitimate. If you’ll recall, this tactic has not worked well for Flynn with his previous lawyers.

  6. More Common Sense says:

    We really got to see the ugly underbelly of many of the Democratic candidates in the last several days. So many of them have jumped on the bandwagon to impeach Justice Kavanaugh entirely based on an unverified and unsubstantiated allegation from former Clinton impeachment attorney, Max Stier. Does anybody really believe these kind of “shoot from the hip” decisions demonstrate they are ready to have access to the nuclear weapons codes? Would you want any of them dealing with the issues the President faces right now concerning the bombing of the Saudi oil fields?

    The candidates that called for impeachment are Booker, Buttigieg, Castro, Harris, O’Rourke, Warren, and Sanders. Sanders tried to distance himself from the word impeachment. Instead he said he supports “any appropriate constitutional mechanism” to hold Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh “accountable.” Give me a break!

    Only three of the remaining 10 candidates, Biden, Klobuchar, and Yang did not call for impeachment.

    Klobuchar said the the FBI’s investigation into the allegation was a “sham” and then said she would wait until she had a chance to examine the investigation documents before she made a decision on impeachment. Hmmmm, she hasn’t seen the investigation documents but she has decided the investigation was a sham? Wow.

    I searched high and low to for a comment from Yang but could not find one. I guess he is still trying to see the light of day from all those applications for his “free money” publicity stunt.

    Oddly enough, only one of the viable candidates (based on polling data) had the good sense to not overreact and call for impeachment before all the facts were in. That one candidate was Biden. So, let me get this straight, the only viable candidate that made the right decision is un-electable because his decision making is clouded by age. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with that conclusions. Biden is too old. I’m just wonder what that says about all the other candidates.

    • Chris says:

      Does anybody really believe these kind of “shoot from the hip” decisions demonstrate they are ready to have access to the nuclear weapons codes?

      I have terrible news about who is president right now.

  7. Lonestar says:

    Hell fire son ,sign me up fer one too.
    Poor ol’e Robert Francis bless his heart. Did he forgit this is Texas?
    Reckon he doesn’t have enough sense to spit downwind.

  8. Chris says:

    Does the news that Trump tried to extort Ukraine into investigating his political rival in order to help his campaign complicate this issue for you at all, Jack?

    • Post Scripts says:

      Chris I am aware of this allegation and like all the past allegations, I prefer to take a wait and see approach. Had Trump been proven guilty of something by now I might be more concerned, but he hasn’t. However, despite the thousands of claims that Trump is just about to be impeached or just about to be exposed… we still don’t see any indictments. All we see is more evidence that his attackers are willing to do anything or say anything to get him removed from office. So, I’m still waiting for some proof Chris. When the democrats get something solid please let me know.

      • J Soden says:

        From the start, the current “whistleblower” scandal claim had the same stench as the Russia Russia Russia hoax.
        I remember last May when Rudy G announced he was going to Ukraine at the request of that country to look into Biden shenanigans. Ignored by the Leftie media.
        And with more info coming out, that stench gets worse. It’s actually funny that the “whistleblower” claim and the Leftie media’s hysterics have put the spotlight on Gropey Joke’s arm twisting to remove a Ukrainian prosecutor who was looking into Hunter Biden’s shenanigans.
        I think Gropey Joke is toast.

        • Chris says:

          The Ukrainian prosecutor was NOT looking into Hunter Biden at the time Biden pressured Ukraine to fire said prosecutor. That is a debunked lie. Biden’s pressure on the Ukrainian prosecutor was supported by the rest of the administration as well as the international community because the prosecutor was corrupt. The Ukrainian officials that asked Rudy to come over were just as corrupt, and obviously so–there is no other reason to go through the president’s personal lawyer. This has the same stench as Russian collusion because, just as in that case, Trump was willing and eager to benefit from a foreign country influencing our elections by attacking his political opponents.

  9. Chris says:

    Rudy Giuliani admitted, denied, then admitted again that he was sent to Ukraine to pressure them to investigate Joe Biden the other night on national television. If this was all above board, why did the president send his personal lawyer on this mission? This was not done to help our nation or our government, it was meant to help one man: Donald Trump. And it’s been happening in plain view. As you know, the president cannot be indicted under DOJ guidelines. Nancy Pelosi will not support impeachment because she believes the risk of an unsuccessful impeachment will hurt our election chances against Trump. This is a cowardly move on her part and I don’t think it’s a very savvy one; refusing to impeach simply fuels the idea that Trump has done nothing wrong, which he will use in 2020. In reality everyone, even those on the right, know that Trump has at the very least lowered the office of the presidency and constantly puts his own ego and need for attention and praise above what is best for our nation. The Ukraine thing is just the latest example. That alone is reason to impeach and it is certainly reason to vote him out if impeachment doesn’t lead to removal.

    • Peggy says:

      The State Dept. apparently sent Giuliani to meet with Ukraine. I’m wondering why? Why send Giuliani? They knew he was Trump’s attorney. Was this another set up like they pulled with Papadopoulos?

      Hoping the truth will come out soon. I’m getting sick and tired of all this dirty politics that’s tearing our country apart.

      Missing piece to the Ukraine puzzle: State Department’s overture to Rudy Giuliani:

      “Politics or law could have been part of Giuliani’s motive, and neither would be illegal.

      But there is a missing part of the story that the American public needs in order to assess what really happened: Giuliani’s contact with Zelensky adviser and attorney Andrei Yermak this summer was encouraged and facilitated by the U.S. State Department.

      Giuliani didn’t initiate it. A senior U.S. diplomat contacted him in July and asked for permission to connect Yermak with him.

      Then, Giuliani met in early August with Yermak on neutral ground — in Spain — before reporting back to State everything that occurred at the meeting.

      That debriefing occurred Aug. 11 by phone with two senior U.S. diplomats, one with responsibility for Ukraine and the other with responsibility for the European Union, according to electronic communications records I reviewed and interviews I conducted.

      When asked on Friday, Giuliani confirmed to me that the State Department asked him to take the Yermak meeting and that he did, in fact, apprise U.S. officials every step of the way.

      “I didn’t even know who he [Yermak] really was, but they vouched for him. They actually urged me to talk to him because they said he seemed like an honest broker,” Giuliani told me. “I reported back to them [the two State officials] what my conversations with Yermak were about. All of this was done at the request of the State Department.”


  10. Peggy says:

    Dan Bongino has another good book out some may find interesting. He’s a good writer.

    Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp:
    “An explosive, whistle-blowing exposé, Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of Donald Trump by the Swamp reveals how Deep State actors relied on a cynical plug-and-play template to manufacture the now-discredited Russiagate scandal. With the cutting analysis and insight he exhibited in his blockbuster bestseller Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump, Fox News contributor Bongino exposes who masterminded the dangerous playbook to take down Trump, their motives, and how a plan filled with faked allegations backfired—forcing investigators to up the ante and hide their missteps and half-truths in a desperate effort to prove a collusion case that never happened. The result? The misguided multimillion Mueller investigation that tore the nation apart, tried to destabilize the presidency and led, as the world now knows, to nowhere!”


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