Russian Doomsday Weapon

Posted by Jack

Just when you thought we were past all that nuclear war stuff, come this!

The Russians are said to be conducting sea trials for a new nuclear torpedo-carrying submarine in June 2020 and have plans for it to be commissioned by the following September.

Project 09852 Special Mission Submarine KC-139 Belgorod, the nuclear torpedo-carrying submarine, is reportedly the first nuclear-powered submarine capable of carrying the nuclear-capable underwater drone Poseidon, the Diplomat reported Tuesday.

The Poseidon drone is referred to as an intercontinental-range, nuclear autonomous torpedo, as it can be fitted with nuclear armament.  “The vessel has already begun trials,” Sevmash shipyard Director General Mikhail Budnichenko said in an interview on Monday, quoted by the Russian news agency, TASS. “Besides, we have a schedule approved by the Defense Ministry, and the work is being carried out in strict compliance with this schedule.”

Budnichenko said tests of the Belgorod, which is based on the 949A Oscar II-class of nuclear-powered guided-missile submarines, are scheduled for June 15, 2020. “In line with the schedule, the acceptance act is to be signed in September of the same year,” he added.

The advertised speed for the new Russian torpedo is about 70 mph, however other experts say the real top speed is closer 90 mph and it can dive to depths exceeding 3000 feet.  If we have a counter to this weapon it’s a closely guarded secret, but I doubt that we do.  This is truly a doomsday weapon and just one torpedo could wipe out a carrier taskforce, if not from the blast, then from the tsunami that follows.   And just when you thought we were past all that nuclear war stuff, come this!


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2 Responses to Russian Doomsday Weapon

  1. Libby says:

    But The Donald and Pooty are buds! Surely this cannot be!


    • Post Scripts says:

      Yeah, its for real and I wish it weren’t. We’ve got enough things to worry about without the Russians creating the worlds most deadly bomb. We may blow ourselves up yet…. we sure keep trying.
      Which reminds me, did you know that for over a decade we’ve been able to create a black hole in the lab? Has something to do with knocking electrons out of orbit around and atom of something like iron or zink, I can’t recall. Any-who the SINGLE atom goes nuts without it’s electrons and suddenly it disappears into a void, for lack of a better term. And then it sucks in everything tiny microscopic thing around it until it explodes; albeit a tiny little atom size explosion, but still an explosion. The first time it was done in a lab setting completely by an accident, the next 20 or so times, it was done deliberately. And with no assurances that it would not continue to grow into a massive black hole sucking in the earth and everything else it. Well, heck, a scientists have to take some chances sometimes, for the sake of, er, science, right? Same thing happened with the first nuclear bomb, they were sure it would set off a chain reaction that would destroy the planet, but again, science said it was worth the risk. However, I don’t recall any of us ordinary people being asked if we minded taking such a risk?

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