A Quick Look at Millennials

Posted by Jack

Today’s Millennials – young adults ages 18 to 33 – are the most racially diverse generation in U.S. history. About 43 percent are non-white, and this is due in large part to the wave of largely Latino and Asian immigration in the last decades.

The Millennial generation is pretty unattached to organized religion or politics, but they are connected through social media. They are socially liberal. And though they worry about the economy, they are optimistic.   The findings are part of a Pew Research Center survey released Friday.

Here are some takeaways on U.S. Millennials:

Social issues, lifestyle and technology:

-69 percent support legalizing marijuana – up from 34 percent 8 years ago

-68 percent favor same-sex marriage – up from 44 percent in 2004

-47 percent of 2012 births to Millennial moms were non-marital

-58 percent say rising share of children raised by single parents is not good

-56 percent believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases

-50 percent say more interracial marriage is good for society

-26 percent are married

-81 percent are on Facebook – their median friend count is 250

-55 percent have taken a “selfie”

Institutions, government’s role and the economy:

-Three-in-ten (29 percent) are not affiliated with any religion, 64 percent don’t consider themselves religious

-Half do not identify with a political party, and just three-in-ten think there is much difference between the political parties.

-Yet half of Independents identify or lean Democratic, while 34 percent lean Republican.

-Just 30 percent view Congress favorably – down from 68 percent in 2004

-55 percent favor a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants

-54 percent think it is the federal government’s responsibility to ensure health care coverage for all

-71 percent say young people face greater economic challenges than their parents, yet more than 80 percent believe they will earn enough money to live the lives they want.

-55 percent say country’s better days are ahead

White versus non-white Millennials

-More than 7-in-10 (71 percent) of non-white Millennials (including Latinos) lean toward a bigger government, while only 21 percent say they want smaller government. Among white Millennials, only 39 percent favor bigger government

-68 percent of non-white Millennials believe government should provide health care for all, compared to 44 percent of white Millennials

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14 Responses to A Quick Look at Millennials

  1. cherokee jack says:

    I’m a believer in reincarnation, but I think I’ll pass.

  2. Joe says:

    Mr. Jack,

    How do you think that survey would go for California millennials? Much worse, I bet.

    Most millennials want socialism. I highly recommend you watch the video below.


    Jack, I hope you get that bananacopter fixed in time…to evacuate us out of Commiefornia…just like Saigon ’75…US Embassy rooftop as the Commiefornians close in.

  3. Tina says:

    Well at least that generation will be the ones to reap what they sew. You would think that more of them coming from failed socialist countries would have a clue but unlike former generations of immigrants, that came for freedom and opportunity, they come for a provided lifestyle promised by socialists in this country.

    • Chris says:

      Do you think they might be more likely to vote for your party if you didn’t always talk about them in such a condescending manner?

      • Pie Guevara says:

        Re Souza’s “Do you think they might be more likely to vote for your party if you didn’t always talk about them in such a condescending manner?”

        HAH! Now that is absolutely hilarious coming from Mr. Condescension Chris Souza. He just inadvertently and obliviously tied into a major reason why Trump won in the first place and will likely win again. This is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is the condescension as well as and as much as the bizarre “woke” politics, idiotic left wing border policies and being fed up with beltway establishment — especially establishment Democrats — that people voted for Trump.

        RULE OF THUMB: Whatever the left accuses conservatives of, they are guilty of twelve fold. Condescension not excluded as Souza has personally demonstrated in the comments section of Post Scripts countless times. Remember this kids (and I am not being condescending here, let that read “fellow kids”), this (insert gender) clown is a completely oblivious and unintentional stooge. I love him.

        Bless you Chris and keep up with the good work. People like Mr. Souza do more for the Trump 2020 campaign than Trumpkins.

        • Chris appended by Pie says:

          [Wherein Chris attempts irony but actually just whines and vents his frustration about the electoral college. That durn Trump should not be president! Clearly Hillary should be president! And, evidently, people don’t even consider Mr. Souza to be “real American!” Someone hand him a hanky.

          Souza is sick of being told he is condescending when he is nearly always condescending in any comment he makes in these pages. Go figure. Read on if you want to be bored to death with some more self-absorbed Souza tripe.]

          Of course liberals, including myself, have been condescending to conservatives in general. I hear all the time in the media, including sources like the New York Times, telling Democrats that in order to win over Trump supporters we need to be more civil and less condescending.

          I rarely hear right-wing sources saying the same to Trump-supporting conservatives, who aren’t condescending to just liberals as a political group, but to minority immigrant groups. Where are the articles about how Trump needs to reach out to people who disagree with him in order to win?

          Given Trump’s historic unpopularity, and the fact that he has never had more than 50% support, [and 60% think he is a Russian agent!] I would think such outreach efforts would be more necessary for the right than for the left right now. That is, unless it’s just accepted that Republicans no longer need majority support in order to win presidential elections. Many are predicting that Trump could win in 2020 with an even smaller portion of the popular vote than he received in 2016. That is not good for our democracy. I am sick of being told I’m too condescending and intolerant of people in Trump-supporting areas by people who don’t even consider me a “real American.”

          • Chris says:

            Given Trump’s historic unpopularity, and the fact that he has never had more than 50% support, [and 60% think he is a Russian agent!]

            You make up statistics in response to actual statistics. And you don’t think people should be condescending to you? Why, exactly, shouldn’t they?

          • Pie Guevara says:

            Why is Mr. Souza so upset? I guess he doesn’t like it when I mock his penchant for citing polls.

            Moreover, I recommend he and his ilk keep up the condescension and continue to use it as a political weapon. It worked in 2016, it is certain to work again.

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    Remember, not all millennials are dope smoking/vaping, ignorant “woke” socialist losers who think there are a dozen genders and expect the government to replace their parents (parent) and have been indoctrinated by a left wing activist dominated education system. There are also those who are filling the ranks of the military too to proudly serve their country as patriots and willing defenders of the Constitution.

    • Peggy says:

      Hear, hear Pie!!

      And those who are attending the law enforcement and firefighter academies at local community colleges all across this country to protect and save us and our properties.

      I went out Saturday and watched a live structure fire training course at Butte
      College. I saw kids wearing at least 40 lbs of gear to keep them from burning up alive with an oxygen tank strapped to their backs enter a smoke filled metal container, while dragging 100 feet of fire hose. When they came out they had to drag a 150 lb dummy to safety. Everyone of them were on their knees gasping for to breath with sweat pouring off their faces as instructors helped remove some of their gear.

      Thank God for millennials who are willing to serve in our military, law enforcement officers and firefighters.

  5. Peggy says:

    I just heard a new phrase for the first time. It cracked me up. Hopefully, these people who think they’re really smart will wake up before it’s too late for them.

    Get Woke, Go Broke:
    Get Woke, Go Broke is a phrase coined by the internationally bestselling author John Ringo to express the opinion that when organizations “get woke” to politically correct actions, those same actions usually result in a massive loss of income.

    This is usually because the Twatter instigators calling for the company to “get woke” doesn’t actually spend any money with the company.
    “Hey, I heard that the 2018 GAMA convention was like totally empty”
    “Yeah, man. ‘Get Woke, Go Broke'”

    “So I heard Yeti stopped their NRA discounts.”
    “Yup. Apparently they didn’t realize that the majority of people who bought their shit were hunters.”
    “Get woke, Go broke!”Z

    “Dude, I went by Dick’s last night and the place was empty. What the hell?”
    “Man, didn’t you hear? They stopped selling modern sporting rifles and hired a gun control lobbyist in DC. All of their actual spending customers went elsewhere.”
    “Get woke, go broke?”
    “Oh hell yeah. So much that the board got called out in a shareholder’s meeting!”


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