Up Schiff’s Creek

By Pie Guevara

Pie Guevara appears in Post Scripts courtesy of Jack Lee and Tina Grazier. Pie Guevara is an unregistered trademark of Engulf and Devour Investments LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Walton Industries which, in turn, is wholly owned by David Walton.  So there!


The entro segment of “The Greg Gutfeld Show”, aired 2019-11-16:

Greg’s hilarious and biting commentary on the Trump impeachment hearings. Tom Shillue as Representative Schiff. A couple media persons and testimony skewered.

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7 Responses to Up Schiff’s Creek

  1. Peggy says:

    Here’s my favorite Tom Shillue as Adam Schiff.


    This hearing is a farce. Can’t wait to get to the trial in the Senate when Schiff and both Bidens are forced to testify.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Absolutely a farce, but a hilarious farce, would you not agree? Where is Shakespeare when we need him?

      “I will keep where there is wit stirring, and leave the faction of fools.”

      • Peggy says:

        Oh it’s a farce alright, but one we’ve seen so many times played out for the past three years it’s become unbearably boring. The hearings aren’t worth watching with a bunch of swamp dwellers afraid the man in charge will pull the plug ending their jobs and their self-appointed power to enact their agendas.

        Where is the news coverage of Obama firing EVERY ambassador the day he took office? Where was the outrage that he did so? Oh he gave them prior notice so they could pack to be out of their offices’ on inauguration day, but he like Trump had/have the authority to fire one or all of them. Every president is incharge of foreign policy, not those who work at his will and direction.

        Here’s a really good video, worth watching.

        Swamp Watch: Cash for Gas:
        Nov. 17, 2019 – 6:12 – The real scandal being covered up by the impeachment inquiry is Hunter Biden’s Ukraine gas scandal.


  2. Peggy says:

    Another hilarious farce by Woody Allen. Must see links to movie scenes.

    The Bananas Impeachment Plan:
    On Woody Allen’s prescient 1971 movie.


  3. Peggy says:

    Mark Levin interviews Devin Nunes.

    Life Liberty & Levin 11/17/19 FULL SHOW:

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