CA Governor Issues Executive Order for Homeless Camps

by Jack


Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an Executive Order last wed. that will open Cal Trans properties for homeless encampments.  The cities and counties that were faced with sanitary problems, health issues and criminal activity were forced to stop their abatement and cleanup activities to remove rat infested camps from State property.

This has severely impacted cities and counties throughout the state in ways that have citizens hopping mad!  Some of the Cal Trans properties in question has so-called homeless camps with all their trash, drugs and crime coming face to face with residents in residential neighborhoods and school zones.  This was the final straw for many

Californians.’  A grass roots effort to recall Newsom is underway and it’s momentum is getting national attention.

Newsom was thought to be presidential material when he was elected by progressives, but in his short tenure even they have had to take pause and question what’s happening in Sacramento.   Literally hundreds of millions of dollars are be foolishly spent on housing for the homeless, while citing a mythical shortage of affordable housing as cause of homeless in CA.

Affordable housing is not the problem,  it’s drug addiction, alcohol addiction, bums looking for a free ride and the progressive’s policies.  We have a methamphetamine epidemic, along with all the other illegal drugs – they are at the center of the homeless problem.  Lack of affordable housing ranks way down the list of things that we should look at first.

Tiny houses won’t solve this drug and alcohol addiction, it’s not even a good first step.  Oh, tiny houses might help 2 or 3% of those we consider at risk, but what about those others, those who really don’t want help,  those who want their drugs, their booze and want to be free from societies obligations?  They represent the bulk of the homeless.

They have made real bad life choices that resulted in severe damage to themselves in ways that no amount of rehab or money can repair.  They are beyond medical or psychiatric help.  They exist at an almost sub-human level and that’s the sad truth.  This is the truth that the democrat lawmakers won’t admit.  Why?  Because they have a personal interest in all those millions being spent on low income apartments, shelters and tiny houses.  There is just too much money involved, too many corrupt people involved in kickbacks and contracts for homeless projects.  Handing out project money equals power for dems, they don’t want to lose that power!

During a recent United Way Outreach to move homeless into safe shelters, as police evicted them from their tent compounds on city property, social workers were met by a lot of hostility and non-compliance.  Despite the eviction notices and the generous offers to help move them into safe shelters these homeless would have none of it!  Why?  Because they can’t do drugs or drink in safe shelters – there are rules.  The shelters have too many rules for them, so they remain outside the system, supporting their addictions by illegal methods and well meaning people who give them money.

In the latest eviction effort, city workers had to get a 16 yard dumpster to haul off the trash from just one woman’s encampment.   It was also necessary to have extensive hauling by dump trucks for the trash from other camp sites.  As for the tents, clothing, bicycles, etc., left behind, the city had place these items in a dry storage for 90 days according to CA law.  A 40,000 square foot warehouse at the City Corp yard now acts as a storage building.

One of the cleanup sites was a 2 acre lot within the city limits, but then it was found to be half owned by Cal Trans and about 70% of the encampments were on the Cal Trans side of the property.  Police and City workers stopped their abatement as a result of Governor Newsom’s Executive Order.

People you really have no idea of what the bums and junkies are costing taxpayers and small business across the state, it is outrageous.   This is a health and financial crisis 100% created by democrats in control of the state government.    RECALL NEWSOM.

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4 Responses to CA Governor Issues Executive Order for Homeless Camps

  1. RHT447 says:

    So, the “homeless” can now literally play in the middle of the freeway?

  2. J. Soden says:

    Unfortunately for millions of residents, Taxifornia is getting exactly what it voted for
    And unless state law has changed, if Newscum has to face a recall there had better be a good alternative candidate or nothing will change!!!!

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